Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Monday, February 28, 2011

Security Guard

Lisa's husband is a bigtime business executive with a lot of money and connections. He also has more than a few enemies, so he's hired the best security money can buy.

While the hub is out of town, Deion makes sure the Mrs. is well-protected and well taken care of. He knows just what she needs.

Of course, Lisa knows how to dress for success, with her tight dresses and fuck-me pumps. She wears plenty of make-up and no panties. Gee, I wonder why.

Lisa's really taken to Deion, and especially likes him all in black. As she told him, "A big muscular nigger in black is a powerful sight. So is Deion's big nigger dick.


Lisa loves backing up her hot tight ass on Deion's big bulging dick. Deion knows how to move in, too. He knows Lisa can't resist that scent...that beautiful musky nigger scent. Deion knows he has her as soon as he kisses her and slides his black tongue between her beautiful lips. With his huge black dick in her throat, he can see how gorgeous her eyes are....and when he enters her from behind, he knows that pussy is his. 

Gag That Fuckin Slut

Gotta love it when niggers make a white bitch choke hard on their big ebony fuckpoles.

The bitch wears all this eye makeup and mascara, and as soon as she tries to go down on that 10" black pole, it starts to run. She starts gagging and the spit and drool run out of her mouth. That doesn't stop the nigger, though. He puts his big black hand on the back of the whore's head and forces it down. Bitch is gonna SUCK even if she chokes!

Your Husband's Friends

Your white hubby has a lot of black friends, so it was only a matter of time before they all came to the house to visit.

You served them dinner and had some good conversation, but then the vodka kicked in, and you realized what you had in front of you. So many niggers, so little time. Your husband knows he has it good with you, and he's not going anywhere. He'll like that pussy even better when it's filled with hot nigger jizz.

She Wants Him Bad

One of the hottes sites in a dance club -- a pretty and sexy white thing is dancing with a nigger, and the next thing you know she's overcome with the close-up look of the hot sweat all over his muscled body and that intense nigger smell.

She sees those big and thick nigger lips and she loses control. She wants him so bad she can't breathe.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

They Know Early

Darci is only 15 yrs. old, but she knows what she wants. Daddy's gonna be surprised if he finds this.

All White Girls

They're all the same when you get right down to it.

And no one knows that more than niggers. They know that fine white bitch is a slut and a whore for big black cock, and they treat her like one. So what if she cries? She'll be back, and the niggers know it.

Whitebois Can't Compete

Timmy's going to cry a lot in life, becasue white girls like the big black dick too much to stay with his tired ass.

He should've known it was over as soon as he saw his gf making out with Troy -- that nigger had his hands all over her. Now he needs to make it clear to Troy that he knows Lisa doesn't belong to him, or Troy will kick his white ass.

It's not wise to mess with a nigger.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

She's Not Getting Raped -- So Enjoy It

New Year's Eve At Cyndi's House

Cyndi had a New Year's Eve party since her parents were out of town.

She invited only about a dozen people, but when her old bf (whiteboi) showed up with a nigger, everything changed. Before she knew it, there were as many niggers at the party as there were white people. At least all the black guys were male.

Does Daddy Know?

These fine young white girls are out for  the evening with their fine black boyfriends.

Wonder if their daddies know they're dating niggers?

Friday, February 25, 2011

High School Is So Much Fun

Bonnie loves high school. It's been even better since she starting dating Darnell, who;s a senior.

Yeah, she's only a sophomore, but Darnell has so much to teach her.

You Know The Answer

No way is the whiteboi gonna miss this.

Wonder if the nigger will mind it if the whiteboi gets hard?

Get Your Game On

If you're a nigger, you don't have to go to a fancy club to get a white girl.

Even at the local Pizza Hut, a nigger can get plenty of play. Order a beer, dress like a sexy-ass thug, talk like you motherfuckin own the place, call the waitress a bitch, and you, too, will have white girls all over you and acting like sluts.

If you're a nigger.

Nigger Kisses Mrs. Matthews

LeShawn stopped at the Matthews house to pick up some clothes Mrs. M. wanted to donate to Goodwill.

Of course, she never imagined that such a strapping young black buck would show up at her door.  Her husband was well aware of her cravings for black cock, and they often had niggers to the house while Mr. Matthews watched his wife get it in every hole.

Mrs. Matthews never indulged her fantasies without her husband before, but she just couldn't resist. It wasn't her fault that he wasn't home, and she wasn't calling to ask for permission. Before she even asked LeShawn if he wanted a glass of iced tea, she noticed his big bulging cock in his jeans -- and he saw her staring at it.

The game room couch seemed to be a good place to talk, a good place to start. Once she experienced that beautiful nigger kiss, she knew she wanted LeShawn to fuck her and dump his nigger load in her cunt.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Husband Is Out

So just let that muthafuckin nigger do his thang!
This is why NIGGAS RULE

Nigger Kisses

I think we need a new website called NIGGER KISSES.

Not much hotter than seeing a nigger kiss a white girl, whether it's in porn or in public.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Really Matters

The word "dick" is missing from the caption, but what really matters is right in front of your face -- that big, thick, hard nigger dick.

And isn't that what really matters?

So Much Nigger Cum

for one black cock whore.

In a porn shoot, I love seeing a gangbang like this, not only to see the white bitch get slammed in all her holes and to take load after load of hot thick nigger jizz, but also to see and hear the way she's treated by those black bulls.

They laugh, they laugh at her, they make fun of her, they pound their big nigger dicks in her, they tell her what to do....yeah, they treat her like a fuckin whore. That stuff's not scripted -- it's the way niggers roll.

Diesel Fucks Your Wife

So you want your slut wife to be happy? You want to keep her pussy well-fed and satisfied?

Then bring the Diesel to your house and pay the man, you cuck bitch.

You can sit right there while Shane talks sexy to your bitch, making her feel like the only pussy in the world. Don't be surprised when her hands start crawling all over him and end up in his lap. Shane's big nigger dick starts boning up as soon as he's in the room with a white bitch, and she's not gonna be able to miss it. Massive motherfuckin nigger.

Watch your whore of a wife as Shane pulls back her hair so he can watch her go down on his big black fuckpole. Yeah, it is hot, so Diesel won't mind if you have to play with your own little white dick. He might look at you and laugh, but he won't stop you. He knows you love what you're seeing, and he sure likes your black cock whore of a wife on his dick.

After he gets the bitch naked, it's guaranteed he'll slam his big black cock in her hungry holes. Nasty talk? Why not -- she's a fucking white whore, so he might as well call her on it. "You like my big nigger dick, don't you, bitch? Say it...say it....say you love my nigger dick."

Another Excellent Nigger Kiss

Does it ever get old seeing a nigger kiss a white girl?

Especially when that white girl is so fine and the black boy can't keep his hands off her. Look at the way he's kissing her. You know her pussy is already damp.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who Da Baby Daddy?

Does it really matter?

Blondie found herself some very hot and handsome black bois who go to college. She always wanted an educated nigger to fuck her.

A Bahamas Vacation

I told Lou he shouldn't leave his hot wife alone at poolside while he made some business calls.

With her new tits and itchy pussy, she just wasn't going to sit there and mope or stare into space. Once Malcolm sat down next to her and intro'd himself, SLUTWIFE made an appearance.

When Malcolm leaned in her direction, she looked at his fine thick nigger lips and opened her mouth to offer him her tongue.

Lou, you better get off the fucking phone!

Your Daughter's Getting It Tonight

You want your little girl to be happy, don't you?

Just look at that glowing smile on her -- she's more than happy, and soon she'll be fulfilled. He's tall, he's strong, and he can get any white girl he wants. You're so lucky he chose your daughter.

Imagine her getting her vigin pussy popped by such a fine and sexy nigger.

Train & Destroy

She just knows that any whiteboi who sees a nigger dick will realize why white girls get damp at the sight of a negro boy.

Black guys need bring nothing to the table but that big nigger dick.

Another Pregancy

Janie's smiling now, but soon she'll have to tell her husband who knocked her up.

Until then, Mel makes regular visits to her bedroom and deposits to her pussy while her belly gets bigger. Sanie doesn't mind it if Mel wears his wedding ring, because she wears hers. Besides, all Mel does is complain about the black bitch he married.

Check out the nice watch Janie bought Mel. She knows the kind of bling niggers like.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lick It All Up, You Motherfucking Cuck

White cucks who watch are one thing, but sometimes a nigger really wants to know how in control he is.

If you're told to eat up that hot nigger seed, just do it. You gotta make your gf and her nigger happy.

It's not as if you need to be coerced.

A Black Male Cheerleader Coach?

Yes, it's rare, but when Coach Johnson was asked to take over the cheerleaders after their coach quit, he couldn't say no.

He felt a responsibility to the girls, plus he knew they needed discipline, which they didn't get from the last coach. They ran all over her, and the team was a hot mess.

Coach Johnson is applying everything he knows about coaching, and 3 weeks into his leadership, the girls seem happy.

White Whore Breeding

Is there any other kind?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fuck Her, Kanye

Taylot Swift. So young, so sweet, so innocent.

What she needs to keep those lyrics she writes so true-to-life is to give up that pussy. Doesn't have to be a thug or a street nigger. I'm sure Kanye West has dreamed about fucking her dozens of times, and it'd be excellent smelling nigger all over Taylor.

Newspaper Story Of The Day

This side-by-side photo of a white girl and a nigger was a front-page story.

So what happened?

Out With The Girls

Time for a nice relaxing weekend, and getting a head start by enjoying a few drinks with the girls from the office.

The text from your husband reminded you that it's getting late, and that the kids were hungry. You were pissed, but decided to leave the club while all the other girls stayed.

But who's that getting into his car next to yours? You don't know him, but you like it when he winks at you and says, "Hey, baby."  You give him a half-smile, and that's all a nigger needs.

"You can't leave before you have some of this," he says. You hesitate, look around to see that you're alone with him, and drop right to your knees. You don't know what's gotten into you, because you've never done this before. But damn, he's a fine-looking nigger, and you don't even mind when he keeps repeating, "Suck it, bitch."

Cum Lickin Good

Yeah, the bros banged this slut good, all right. Fuckin whore got just what she wanted.

Wonder if her boyfriend's there to lick up all that hot nigger jizz? If he is, it's time to pay some respect.

Keep Talking

Just hang on the street corner and talk to all the white girls who go by.

In a few minutes, a pretty young thing will like your voice, your swag, and your style. There's something hot about being called a sexy bitch.

This girl doesn't yet realize this nigger is gonna fuck her in public.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It Went Through My Mind

You were going to call this a rape, weren't you, you fucking bitch?

You didn't like being handled this way. You didn't like being choked and you didn't like being called a nasty fucking whore.

But then something changed, didn't it? He was fucking you just as hard and rough, but it wasn't a rape any longer.

That's the Nigger Way.

After Class

After class, Andi leaves campus to see her boyfriend, who's hanging on the street corner. She feels lucky to be dating him, because he pretty much controls the area with his swag and his gun.

She also loves his big nigger dick.

Janitors Do Well

It's not just a rumor that black janitors get a lot of young white pussy.

Why do you think so many janitors are niggers? They know they'll be around the young stuff. Most of the day can be spent fucking off and pretending to push a broom around while checking out that young sweet ass.

Janitors know just how to talk to young girls, just what to say to engage them in conversation -- and to get them to follow them to the furnace room.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Another White Girl Gets Knocked Up

Isn't it sweet when a nigger breeds a white girl?

The only surprising thing here is that she's pretty far along and the nigger's still around. Baby Ty better have a grandfather who pays the bills.

A Kiss And A Fuck

Don't ever accuse a nigger of not having manners.

Hell properly kiss your slut girlfriend before he fucks her cunt.