Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Nigger Speaks

High School Niggers

Why should niggers go to school?

Not when they can skip it and head off to some white slut's house and get some fine white pussy! He gets treated like the king he is, and he gets taken care of from head to toe -- the way it should be. Niggers are teachers....they teach whitebois who owns the white pussy. They teach white girls what a good fuck is. They teach society that NIGGERS RULE.

He Can Feed 'Em All

Party time. Any excuse for women to suck some black dick.

Think She's Hungry?

Sometimes a black stud doesn't have to assert himself. Sometimes the white cunt is just as hungry as he is.

This sexy blond slut saw this nigger in black and immediately knew she wanted him to follow her home. His magnificent black cock was hard before she even touched him -- he knew he was gettin' da pussy from this one, and he rewarded her with a big thick load from his nigger dick.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Niggas Rule: Proof

Heaven: It's In The Locker Room

niggers probably drop as much cum in locker rooms as they do anywhere else.

and why not? there's never been a cheerleader who wasn't a fucking whore, so they got all the cumdumps they need. girls sign up for cheerleading for black dick, and this is where they can get it easily and often....and where they can get passed around.

wrestling season gives the girls a breather (too many whitebois), but they make up for lost time during basketball and football season. so many niggers you can't see the whitebois. best of all, they also learn to love that smell -- all that hot nigger sweat.

Richard Mann, White Pussy Killer

Richard Mann is always guaranteed to put a smile on a white slut's face.

A nigger like RM deserves to have that huge thick black cock admired before he rams it in a white hole.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She Fuckin Asked For It

You want proof? Check out the pics. Watch the video.

There is no such thing as a nigger rape.

College, First Semester

Some white girls get a late start.

While many of them get their first taste of black dick in high school or even in junior high, some don't give in to the temptation until going away to college. The problem with this course is that they then have no control over that pussy that gets soaked at the sight of a fine black stud.

So what's a girl to do? She makes up for lost time -- and there are plenty of niggers who will help her do it.

Nothing Else Like It

Wives, girlfriends, moms, and daughters all agree....and they can't get enough of it.

He Know She Want It

A nigger waiting for his bitch.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cocksucking Teenagers

This is why it's good to start 'em  young.

Putting Daddy In His Place

This nigger's swag tell you all you need to know.

He busted on your daughter, then his posse followed up. Wanna bet they all fucked her, too? If she's knocked  up, this nigger would be a fine choice for providing good genes.

Pure Poetry

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Give Her Away

Not that a nigger needs your permission, but it's always cool to know that whitebois freely give their girlfriends away.

Not just to anyone, mind you. To any nigger, maybe, but not just to anyone. When your gf is this beautiful, you want her to have the best, and you want every hole fucked good and hard. This muthafuckin nigger is perfect for her.

Before he slams her cunt, he can lick it out with those big nigger lips and make her wet. Shit, the bitch probably got soaked just lookin' at this nigger's body. And that ass on her is gonna get pounded like never before. You probably would want to be around to clean up the excess cum drippin' out of her nigger-fucked asshole.

Afternoon Delight

Notice the caption says "her new black boyfriend."

This ain't the first nigger who opened up that hole. Not to take anything away from the ebony fuckpole in her cunt -- that nigger got game!

Keep On Suckin'

Do your job right, bitch. Make that nigger happy.

And damn, you did find yourself a deep dark nigger, didn't you?

You Can't Trust Her

Once she gets a big black dick, it's over. You can never trust her again.

Look at this slut. If you think your whiteboi dick can satisfy her, you're delusional. She needs black dick now.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daddy's Dream

Your Mom Is Hot

Be proud of your mom, Tad. Your black friends started woofing and whistling the first time they saw her.

You asked them to cool it, but you realize that niggers are gonna be niggers, and your mom seemed to enjoy the attention. Your dad should appreciate her more. Hurry up and take that picture, Tad. Your nigger bro wearing the wife beater already has his black hands on her ass, and she likes it.

The Meeting

Darnell just met Lia.

She wears her religious medal when she goes out to proclaim her love for Jesus, and she thinks it's great when guys like Darnell do the same. Darnell loves Jesus, but he loves white pussy even more, and besides, Jesus wants him to be happy. Gonna be quite the religious experience when Darnell slams his big black dick into Lia's tight pussy.

Niggers On The Beach

Amazing, but niggers always attract the hot, slutty white girls on the beach. This is easy pussy.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yeah It Is

It's so good to be a nigger.

On Da Street

One minute you're taking a walk and minding your own business....the next you're at home with a couple thug niggers.

Nigger Lickin' Good

She's just off to college. First parties are so much fun.


Go ahead and make jokes to your Nazi friends. You're just upset because you caught your sister sucking off a nigger.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daddy's Lawn Crew

Daddy hired a new lawn crew for the spring season.

He's always had a white crew before, and all the latino crews are booked up, so he decided to give the blacks a chance. "Niggers deserve a chance to do it. I'm not prejudiced, and maybe I should've hired a crew of niggers years ago. I want to put in a new pond and landscape it, so I need strong guys, and the niggers I hired look like they can do it all. They know I demand excellence, so I'm not worried about them slacking off, not showing up, or smoking weed. The fact is, if they do their job right, I don't care what those niggers do."

It's a good thing, Daddy. 'Cause on Day One you were outta town when the niggers arrived and were met by your lovely daughter. Just look at these bull niggers. Let the fucking begin.

Pregnant White Slut

Who knocked her up?

Did her white husband get her pregnant, but so hot that she can't stay away from the nigger boys? Or did a nigger breed her, and she simply needs her daily dose of big black dick?

One thing's for sure -- this nigger had nuthin to do with that big belly. If a nigger bred that bitch, he's long gone.

More Nasty Thug Niggers

You just know these nasty thug niggers will fuck all day on a porn set and then fuck all night at da club.

Motherfuckers don't care about anything but gettin' off -- inside a white bitch or on her slut face. They love treatin em like the fuckin whores they are, and they leave their hot nigga seed everywhere they go. It's called territory.

Niggers got it all.

Weddings Can Be Fun

It happens at every wedding.

Bridesmaids drink a little too much -- or at least use that as an excuse to check out the black boys. This nigger didn't even have to try. All he had to do was show up and his mere presence and scent did the trick. In a minute, white girl will be on her knees suckin on his big nigger dick.

Beautiful Nigger Kiss

Every Irish lass needs a kiss on St. Patrick's Day, and this sexy white girl found herself one fine nigger to give it to her.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

They Can Take It

Who says white teen girls can't handle it? Who says they're not ready?

Fuck it. Doesn't matter who says it -- the niggers are gonna take it anyway. This bitch looks pretty content to me, pussy all filled up n bred. I doubt if any nigger had to threaten her for a fuck.

In Da Hood

The best thing that ever happened was when niggers started moving into the neighborhood about 10 years ago.

First it was one family, then another, then three more....and now the niggers are everywhere. It's made it all so normal and comfortable for your daughter. Don't worry, Daddy, those niggers will take care of her.

Kiss & Clean

He's allowed to kiss his gf while she gets nigger-fucked and filled.

Soon he'll be cleaning out her cunt.

Shane's Gonna Hit It

This blond bitch is gonna get destroyed.

When she signed up for IR porn, she had no idea her pussy would take such a beating -- or that she'd love it so much. And how about that last pic of Shane's big black hand covering her entire pussy? One incredible nigger.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lick It Up, Cuck

If you're a cuck for your gf or wife, sooner or later you'll be faced with a situation.

You can either try to resist it, or enjoy the hell out of it. If your bitch is lucky enough to take this many nigger loads on her face, you should consider yourself a lucky man to be there to clean it up. Lick it up while it's warm. Taste its sweetness and know how potent it is in  her pussy. Let that black man know how much you admire him. Swallow it all to show what a great cuck you are.

No sense trying to resist anyway, because that nigger will force you to lick it up.