Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It Won't Be Long Now

Give her a couple more beers and she'll be following Troy to the changing room. Gotta love how his big black hand has a death-hold on her while his thumb is lightly fingering her tit....the nigger got game. Of course, he's also got an amazing body, and this white girl won't be able to resist it.

Her first black dick? Doubtful.

Hot Outfit

Sheila knows her black bf likes her body, especially her phat ass. She also knows that Darnell likes it when she dresses like a whore, so she does what she can to please him.

Happy To Get The Part

She was happy as hell when Blacks on Blondes hired her for a video gangbang -- especially when she saw the 6 black bulls who would be fucking her. Looks like the thug niggers have taken over!

Sign Of The Times

Every black bull should slap this sticker on his white bitch after he's used her....make her let the rest of the world know what she is.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Starting Young

Just amazing how young these white girls are when they take their first load of black seed. Little Susie has done a great job, and it looks like she'll be asking for more. She's only sorry she waited so long.

Bred Like A Bitch

Every white girl should be bred like the bitch she is -- by a big fuckin nigger dick. Niggers are deservedly proud to leave this kind of huge load behind, even if they're not around 9 months later.

Public Sighting

So hot to see a young interracial couple in public, ignoring all the haters and curious. All they know is that they're hot for each other. This fine white girl knows that rubbing her clit up against baby boi will get him nice and hard.

Her Birthday

Her husband told her, "It's your birthday gift, baby. Enjoy."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Working Hard

Who says niggers don't work hard at their job?

If all they do is fuck and breed, that's enough. That's more than enough. This bull's pumped and muscled black body is glistening with sweat, showing just how hard he's working to deliver. He's sweating all over her, and I'm  sure she'll go home with more than her pussy smelling like nigger. Lucky bitch.

The next time you hear someone complaining about niggers not working hard, show them this photo.

How To Breed A White Girl

Why not get the best for your daughter? If you want your daughter to have a kid, get Shane Diesel to knock her up.

Shane is the Ultimate Fucking Machine, and there's nothing he likes more than hot white pussy, especially a sexy young white girl like this. You can tell she's getting the fuck of her life, probably begging for him to slam his hot nigger seed into her cunt. She WANTS his nigger baby...and Shane will comply.

Here Cums The Bride

And it'll be the best kiss he ever had.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dating A Younger Boy

Stacy is a college junior, and this is the first time she's dated a younger boy.

Dontell is only a high school freshman, but his thug hip-hop look caught Stacy's eye. Dontell's friends all think he's the man for getting that sweet white pussy, especially since Stacy's family has money and she spends it on him. Now he gets all that pussy for free while she buys him everything he wants.


Too bad if you're unhappy.

You think your wife cares? Better yet, you think that nigger who's fucking her cares? You're invisible to both of them. She dressed up like a slut just to please him, letting out the animal in him that's always barely beneath the surface. There's a lot of thrusting power in that nigger's black ass. Maybe he'll breed her.

Cheerleader Meets New Baller

Cheerleaders are often accused of being stuck up bitches, but it's just not true.

Consider how she treats Jamal, the new bsketball transfer to her school. She was so sweet and so welcoming to this tall handsome Negro. She knew he'd make the team a winner, but she also has a loving and giving personality. She was so in awe of him when she saw how huge his black hands were as he showed her some of his ball-handling skills.

Jamal thanked her when the went inside her house by giving her a big kiss, knowing how much white girls love his big thick nigger lips. She really liked it, but told Jamal her father would be angry if he knew she "let a nigger in the house."  Jamal just laughed and said "Then you better not tell him how much I like your little white titties" as he mouthed them. When he felt her wet pussy, he knew he was home.

"If your daddy is gonna be pissed anyway, then you might as well suck my dick, baby. Be the first at your school to try it out."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tit Lovers

Black bulls love white tits, don't they? So hot seeing a big black hand on a nice white boob. A tit smack is also cool...keep the bitch in line.

Yeah, She's Innocent

Sitting and waiting for her white bf to pick her up? No -- she's waiting for some hot interracial action lol Of course, white people looking on would call this a potential rape. Little do they know how many times this sexy bitch has been raped.

Nigger Kiss Of The Day

Fucking beautiful. Hope she tells her husband about it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It is if your boyfriend's a nigger.

All Over America

The music is thumping and blasting at da club. Good stuff happening inside, but check out the parking lot, too. You're guaranteed to find a bunch of white girls, in various states of undress, sucking off or getting fucked by a fine nigga who needs to unload.

Don't Deny Her

Telling your daughter she can't do this and do that won't work. Too much control never works. She'll end up slutting herself around town with anyone and everyone, keeping especially bust with all the horny black men in town.

Nigger In Your Bed

A hot mandingo buck gets to relax and rest any time, anywhere, any place he wants.

Not his fault that you got home early from work and found him in bed, alone with your wife. And by looking at this thug motherfucker, I doubt if you're going to order him out. Try it and he'll kick your bitch ass. Besides, you don't want to deny your wife the hottest sex she ever had. Nigger will treat her like a mattress.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Would It Come In Handy?

Can you think of a place where a sign like this might come in handy?

Public Abuse

It's a typical scene: white girl acts up, black boyfriend shows her who's da boss.

He could've just slapped the bitch, but this works even better. Pull her top down, show everyone what a fucking slut she is, then put a choke move on her. All the white people in the room will give off their horrified looks while all the black men in the room say, "Yo, nigga, be hittin' that bitch again." Her pussy will be soaked before she even starts choking.

Hungry Whore

A daily shot of protein keeps her happy.

Can't Resist

As Tyrone moves in, Alicia has no power, no control, no will.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Deep & Dark

Some white women love those ink black niggers, the darker the better. These African studs sure fit the bill. Imagine what those babies will look like!

Chocolate Attraction

He's not the best-looking nigger, but even this bull holds plenty of attraction for white girls.

First of all, that smile that tells every innocent girl that he wants ONLY her (white girls are dumb when it comes to ebony). Then there's that tight hard body. Then there's that big package that's obvious even in those boardshorts. Then there's all that swag. See that thumbs up?

The result is that he's plenty good-looking enough for this young sexy blonde. His big black hand will be crawling all over her ass before he lets those fingers slide into  those willing jeans shorts. Next thing you know his scent overtakes her.

Mom Enjoys Herself

How ice for your mother to throw you a sweet 16 birthday party! What she didn't know was that the invitees would be just as interested in white MILF pussy as they were in young white pussy!

Shane Goes For It

Time for some Shane Diesel pics, since he's the Ultimate white pussy wrecker! Shane loves it all about white women, including licking that white ass and eating out that white pussy. And no one has a hungrier look on his face when he's slamming his big nigger dick into a white bitch!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Niggers !!!

This black man knows how important he is to the breeding of America.

More than anyone, niggers should be celebrated on Father's Day. So much of that black seed they've implanted into white pussy has given us so many beautiful nigger babies, with so many more to come. Niggers never get tired of knocking up white girls, no matter how young or old.  If her pussy is open, a nigger will fuck it bareback, and she'll probably get knocked up.

To all my nigger friends -- keep it up. We need your babymaking skills now more than ever! And once again, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, NIGGERS !!!

Whiteboi Sign Of The Times

This is how whitebois know they're in trouble.

Loser On The Right

Is there any doubt?


This is the kind of young bitch who goes home and tells her parents she's been assaulted by a Negro.

Does this white girl look like she's being forced to do anything? Looks like she's loving it to me.

Big & Thick

Big and thick nigger lips work well on so many levels, and in so many places.

White Girls Can't Help It

Give a white girl a beer, and it doesn't take long for her true nature to come out. This bull knows it won't cost him much to get her on her knees or on her back.  She's already grinding her sweet and tight white ass against him...and you know that big nigger dick is throbbing.

A happy nigger who has that animal look. What more could she want?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

She Loves Thursday Nights

On Thursday nights, her husband attends his weekly church meeting. Sheila was never much into the church thing, finding that she'd rather worship a different god. Meet Hank, who lives across the street. On Thursday night, he knocked on Sheila's door to borrow a hammer, and he ended up hammering Sheila with his big black cock.

Now Hank waits for hubby to leave every Thursday so he can go over to Sheila's and borrow her slut wife pussy.  Her husband might not be happy about living across the street from a nigger, but Sheila sure is.

Her Outfits

Look, if you're going to let your daughter out of the house wearing a top like that, she's going to attract the dark skin. By the look on her face, she's pretty content with what she ended up with.

Playin' With Pussy

It's a Negro thing.

Sightseeing In The Inner City

The landmarks are very interesting, and sometimes you get to see the best of what the city has to offer.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Your Hubby Loves You So Much

Freshmen Year

Congratulations to your daughter, who finished her first year at college!

You told her you were proud of her, and told her to have a good time at the end-of-the-year party. Of course, you didn't know she'd be going to the Negro Fraternity party lol  She found herself a fine chocolate boi, who decided to sext her parents.

How Could She Resist?

The looks, the attitude, the swag, the scent....his tongue down her throat is only the beginning.


I'd pay to watch this sexy ass nigga fuck that white slut.

Top 10 Athletes With Most Illegitimate Children

You gotta love this:

Every single athlete on the list of "Top 10 Athletes With Most Illegitimate Children" is a nigger. Gee, who would have thought? By my count, you're looking at 86 nigger kids with over 50 women -- and I assume most or all of the women are white.

Is this a problem? No. These are big, strong, handsome alpha bulls who attract the most beautiful white girls. Once they get that big black dick in that hot white pussy, the bitch is gonna beg for him to unload in her, and I've never known a nigger to pull out under those circumstances. Some of these sluts were probably looking for a payday, but most of them just wanted a good hard fuck from a good hard nigger.

Just niggers doing what niggers do best. Here's Ray Lewis, #7 on the list with "six children from multiple women." Ray has a checkered past, from carrying a gun to hanging with murderers. In fact, a lot of people think he got away with murder himself. Good thing he got off -- it'd be a shame to lock up a nigger who's so good to white pussy.

I've seen Ray in person. He's a giant of a man, and a real bull. The combination of good looks, deep voice, and a rock hard muscled body attracts white women like crazy, so Ray has his choice of the finest. What nigger would pass up white pussy like that?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Racist Website is a well-known nazi-loving racist website.

Of course, when they post images like this, you've got to wonder if they're railing against interracial sex or getting off on it.

Public Suck n Fuck

A white slut will suck and fuck a nigger anywhere, as this photo proves. The power of a black bull means he doesn't need to take his clothes off to have your woman.