Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Filled Pussy

Her husband Thomas is always there for her.

That includes cleaning up her hot white pussy after a black bull has unloaded in her. Thomas proves his love by licking that cunt and making sure she knows he loves it. Of course, all that nigger cum is a grand bonus.

Stop Those Sluts From Lying

When white girls lie and say that they're raped, they should be treated like common criminals.

A girl who would say a nigger raped her is nothing but a fucking little whore who got the black dick she wanted and then was worried about being caught. If they're treated harshly, they'll learn their lesson. The first lesson should be taught by the nigger she named as her rapist.

Enlightened White Males

Reparations, Anyone?

And if you're really fortunate, a black cop will help you make it happen.

How To Be A Good Dad

If you really care about your little girl, you'll make sure her first fuck is the best fuck she can get. Only a nigger can make that happen.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pussy Rubbin'

All those years of being controlled by her parents, trying to please them....she just can't take it any more.

When she rubs her pussy, she knows hwat she really wants. After tonight, she'll be a whole new person.

She Knows What's Good

Beautiful girl. Great tits. Sweet ass. Shaved pussy. Prime Nigger Meat.

Surprised Husband

Phil knew his wife loved interracial videos. What he didn't know was that she'd begin to live out her fantasies at the company party.

Film Whore

Some white girls were born to whore themselves out on video.

See this bitch? She doesn't care if she gets paid to make a movie or not. Her big pussy lips quiver as soon as she sees black dick on the set. She's a pro, too -- doesn't even flinch with that huge black cock up her ass. She does get juicier with thug niggers, though.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog Visits UP!

Visits to this blog have really increased in the past week, so hopefully I'm doing something right!

The increased number of page views and comments pushes me to do more to satisfy IR fans and to keep you cumming back for more. There are a lot of great blog out there with pics of white bitches getting fucked royally by big black cock, so I hope you continue to visit here. Hopefully I won't get deleted again!

This blog wouldn't exist without white girls and guys who celebrate the power of a big hard black dick, or without the niggers who make it all happen. There's just nothing like a big nigger dick in a white hole.

This blog will continue to celebrate all that is great about NIGGERS -- the sight, the sound, the walk, the talk, the smell, the swag, the attitude, the power, the dominance, the control, the cum, the breeding. It's ALL NIGGER, and it's all good.


It's not simply justice. It's NIGGER JUSTICE.

If you dress like this, if you go out in public like this, you should be aware of the possibilities. If you live in an all-white area, you'll be fine, except for a few wolf-whistles from whitebois with blue balls.

If black bois drive by you in a car, you'll get more than whistles -- you'll be called out for being a hot bitch, for being a fucking slut, for dressing like a goddamn whore. You'll be told how much you want a big black dick in your tight white pussy, and you'll hear how much niggas want that cunt.

Sooner or later, either a carful of niggas will stop, or you'll pass some nigga bois on the street. That's when you'll find out what NIGGER JUSTICE is.

DEDICATION for "Tiny Tim"

TinyTim said...
"I would to see a white daughter getting plowed by a black man about to be impregnanted all in the name for Reparations."

Slam Her Fucking Bitch Ass!!!

As much as it hurts, she wants it. A big nigger dick will always find a hole.

Filling Her Up

Nigga knows he's good at it.

3 Minutes After Meeting Her

She was powerless as soon as she saw him walk into the room. She handed him a beer and offered her mouth to him. He's black, and that means he wanted more.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


First you give her the black tongue. Then you give her the black dick. It's how you roll.


Kids are such sexual beings.

Even at a very young age, they just can't help themselves. The feel, the touch, the heat from another body is just too much to resist. Best of all, they have no limits. This young black boy won't think twice before he starts fingering that white pussy, and those young white girls will love it. And yeah, he'll fuck them.

Married Couple

Yes, Janie and James are married. Janie's deeply in love, an so happy to be having James' child. He treats her so good, and she knows he'll be a good daddy.

What Janie doesn't know is that James loves white pussy too much to limit himself to one woman, whether he's married or not. He's fucking two other white bitches regularly, and the teenage white girl he recently fucked just missed her period. James is quite the baby maker!

A Game They Play

A favorite game of black guys is to knock up white women.

Damn, they're good at it, and they're also good at escaping child support payments once the little bastard is born. Of course, we all know that they've done their job to make a better world just be making another nigger baby to begin with.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sly One

And after she squirts out that little black baby, he'll be long gone.

Riding the Ebony Fuckpole

Great to see this black man's level of enjoyment as his big black cock invades a hot white pussy.

And who says an ugly motherfucking nigger can't also be fucking sexy? Bitch must be drippin'.

A Solid Marriage

You pathetic white piece of shit, hold her hand and pretend that she even knows you're in the room.

"Let" her fuck niggers? Bitch, look at her face -- you cannot STOP her from fucking niggers. Keep smiling, though, and you might get cleanup duty.

She Dresses Like A BBC Whore, Too

Kristina knows how to keep the nigger bois happy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Any More That We Can Do For You?

Seriously, wouldn't you want to take care of this fine nigger yourself? I mean, to at least clean off his big black cock after he fucked your girls? Or to bury your whiteboi face up his sexy muscle black ass? Or to at least smell a fucking hot nigger up close?

Sometimes you want a nigger for your women, and sometimes you want him for yourself.

What He Do

Gotta love a nigger who forces his white bitch to use the N word -- and then abuses her for it. She's gonna get her hair pulled, her face slapped, her ass smacked....and because of the Confederate flag on the wall, she's gonna be black and blue.

Only By Niggers

He's Gone

White girl just dumped her boyfriend.

What We Gotta Be

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who Says Niggers Don't Have Jobs?

There's a lot of fine white pussy around -- so niggers got plenty to do.

Just look at this bitch. The work has been done and the seed has been pflanted. So what that she doesn't know who the baby daddy is. She's gonna hava a nigger baby, and that's all that matters. Nothing will stop her from wanting more black cock, and her fertile pussy sure won't keep the niggers away.

A nigger's job is to FUCK & BREED. If he does that, he's my motherfuckin' hero.

DEDICATION for "Totaldischord"

Totaldiscord said...
"I'd love to see a post with a picture of a white girl with a really hot ass and a BBC about to plow her with a caption about how white bois only get to eat out hot girls assholes, but real men get to fuck them =)" Beautiful ass on this white slut, and only a nigger can have it. If her bf is lucky, when he gets home she'll bend over and offer him dessert -- hot nigger jizz from her loaded up asshole. And damn, she did get a real fucking NIGGER to slam her ass, didn't she?

DEDICATION for "Anonymous"

Anonymous said...
"i'd love to see a post with a tiny-dicked pathetic whiteboi faggot hubby humiliated by his wife and a Nigger with a Real Man's Cock" This fucking slut can't even FEEL her husband's tiny white dick in her pussy. She's been filled up by so many nigger boys that she needs something more than his pencil-thin semi-hard penis.
Fortunately, their nigger lawn boy is available and ready. Her husband is embarrassed, but yet he can't stop looking at that big black dick -- the dick of a REAL man, a REAL fucking stud. If it takes big hot niggers to keep his wife happy, he'll gladly open the door for them.

DEDICATION for "Anonymous"

Anonymous said...
"I would love to see a fit white girl getting fucked by two muscular black guys and saying something that contains the fact that she's like an oreo cookie with her two coworkers and her boyfriend is finally a faggot cuckold who is going to clean it up." She's an Oreo, all right -- althought these big niggers will do more than lick her. Treyshawn is choking the bitch and telling her she asked for it. She's afraid, but powerless to stop him. He just laughed at her when she said that her hubby would be home soon.
"You think I care bout your faggot man, slut? You think I won't beat the shit out of him if he says something to me? I'll be sending that bitch right to your loaded pussy to lick it up. Gonna laugh at that motherfuckin faggot."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cheerleaders Need A Caring Coach

Coach Thompson keeps his cheerleaders happy by caring about them -- how they train, how they get along, how they win, how they look....

The parents of this all-white girls' team were unsure of a black coach at first, but the gold medals around Coach Thompson's neck allayed their fears. They know he's out for the girls' best interests.

Coach gives every girl "Coach Time" -- individual time and training so she can be the best she can be, and so she knows that someone cares about them. Girls like Sami are a perfect example. Coach trained her before she even started to develop tits. Sami felt bad that other girls had fully-developed tits, so Coach assured her that he loved her as she was, that she was sexy and fine, and that her tits would come in time.

Coach wiped away Sami's tears and gave her one of his famous Coach Thompson kisses --  his big full lips on hers, his black tongue worming his way into her he pulled her close to him and planted his big black hands on her tight little white ass.

"You're fucking beautiful," he told her, and Sami just melted into his arms. As you can see, Sami is now a happy white girl cheerleader. That kiss led to her first fuck, but Sami wanted it -- as do most all the girls on the team. Coach loves to protect them, and he also loves that young white pussy.

Congrats On Your Black Cock Slut Daughter

You were naive if you thought niggers would use condoms to fuck her.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Election Day

Big Black Cock wins again.

Those Motherfuckers Can Satisfy!

White Cunt Rippin'

Every nigger needs a hobby.

Suntanning Daughter

That low fence allows passersby to look into her backyard. Sometimes, though, the lookers want to do more than watch.

Good thing she lives in a black neighborhood. Good thing for her pussy, that is.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Big Hurt

Yes, he's hurting her. But too fucking bad.

Once you opened the door and let him in to use your bathroom, you made it clear that you wanted him. After all, no white girl's ever turned him down before. For all that "no, no, no," you sure did get those pretty white sheets ready, and I see your toes are turned up. If it hurts, it must hurt real good.

You always wondered what it'd feel like to get fucked by a black man, and now you know. Did you expect romance? Because this fine motherfucking nigger doesn't do romance -- he does white pussy, and like just about every nigger, he does it well.

Don't be upset because he's calling you a fucking white whore and slamming your cunt as hard as he can. It's just the Nigger Way. You should BE so lucky as to get knocked up by this Black Stallion.

Hubby's Away Making Money

And you're making babies with a nigger.

It's Bath Time, Bitch!

She knows the taste of Nigger Jizz, and she loves it. So ladies, while your local nigger is defiling your face, enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Older Nigger With Swag

Good to know that black bois don't lose their swag when they get older. Just look at Mr. Johnson. This motherfucking nigger can get any white pussy he wants, and he can satisfy it.

Tits Advertising

Doesn't take long to attract a nigger when you got tits like this and when you know how to advertise and sell.

Even better, this one's got a good face to go along with those fine white girl boobs. I see some big thick nigger lips about to have a feast.

Spit Control

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sign Up For A Dedication Post

Sign up (with a comment below) if you want a blog post dedicated to you -- just to you.

If you'd like, make a request as to what kind of photo and/or caption you want. For ex., if you love a white slut getting gangbanged by black bulls, I'll try make a post you'd love to see; if you want to see a white bitch's face covered in hot black seed, I can blog that for you.