Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kiss Her, Cuck

It starts with a kiss.

OF course, that's after she's been sucking the bbc for awhile. Then the big stud Negro decides he wants to degrade and humiliate the cuck even more. When that whiteboi bitch tastes his big black dick, he feels even more powerful and superior than he did before.

To a cuck, this kiss is an aphrodisiac. If he's lucky, he'll get to lick up all that black jizz when the slut gets her creampie.


Two icons of intteracial porn, Shane Diesel an Richard Mann, stretch out a bitch.

Neither bull cares how she gets twisted and bent as they ram her ass and skullfuck her throat. Why should they? They're getting paid, and they're getting off. Besides, no one is going to feel sorry for her, not with two magnificent niggers in her at the same time.

How They Roll

This is why NIGGAS RULE.

Improving The Economy

Getting your wife to fuck niggers on film is the way to go.

Shit, she's already fucking them for free, so why not get paid a little?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You're Fucked

Niggers know how to take care of every part of a white girl's body. Doesn't take long before she thinks of herself as a full-fledged black cock slut.

A Watchful Hubby

Flash Brown Nails A Blonde Whore

Super smooth Flash Brown pounds some more white pussy as only he can in this new BOB vid.

Missing from these pics are the outdoor scenes at the vid's beginning. Big black Flash and Slut walk around in public, showing off their affection for each other. Very hot seeing Flash grab her and kiss her deeply no matter who's watching, no matter who goes by.

Master Flash is Mr. Cool, but there's no denying his passion once he gets this fucking slut on her knees and in his bed. His huge thick dick is bone hard and he pounds that honey cunt so good.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy New Year, Whiteboi!

While you're out on the dance floor acting like a crazed drunk, your wife is in the restroom -- getting from one of the niggers she's been flirting with all night.

She'll be back shortly. In fact, you probably won't even miss her. It's not like the bull wants take the bitch home. You might notice the big smile on her face, and the fact that she now smells like nigger.

The Park

Such a great place to see sexy white girls have a mid-day snack with a hot fucking nigger.

Sometimes Sharing is Fun

When your baby girl invites you to share a big black cock with her, make sure you check with the owner of that bbc.

You might get an ok, you might get your ass kicked as you get near his dick, or you might get both.

The Party Gets Jumpin'

Never trust a nigger around your wife at a party where there's alcohol.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Loving It

Hubby is loving it as much as his wife is.

A nigger can make your life so much better.

The Size Of His Hands

Look at the size of this black bull's hands. Jesus Christ, they're huge!

Of course, this trashy white MILF loves those big nigger hands on her, and I'm betting she likes big things in her, too.

Fucking Choke Her!

Niggers, give your bitch a real special orgasm.

Make sure you choke her while she's getting fucked. It heightens the experience for every black cock slut. Does it matter if you hurt her? Fuck no. She's a fucking whore, so do your thang.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

College Boy Negroes

Even black dudes who go to college manage to hook up with white girls. Neither of these girls dated black boys in high school, and probably never thought about it. But now, mommy and daddy aren't around, and inhibitions are gone. That black/white attraction is there.

Mid-Week Pussy

Just show up.

That's all a nigga gotta do to attract  fine white girls like these two. First slut must love getting that pussy eaten.

Dog Her

Niggers love treating their white sluts like fucking dogs. You think this slut minds? LOL

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shorty Mac -- A Great Nigger Pornstar

You gotta love Shorty Mac.

He's all Nigger from head  to toe, from the way he looks to the way he talks to the way he moves. He knows who he is and loves sharing it with the white whores in his scenes.

The great thing about Shorty is that you can tell he just doesn't give a fuck. When the camera starts rolling, it's all about Shorty and the white pussy. Not the best-looking black dude, but he's got that thug nigger look that's hot and gets a pussy soaked. Just look at the first pic below. That's a sneering, snarling nigger who attracts sexy white girls, and whitebois get off thinking about him fucking their wives and girlfriends. Who wouldn't want a fucking thug nigger pounding their woman?

Of course, the Shorty Mac bbc is also legendary, and he knows how to use it.

The Trainer Works You Hard

Looks like your personal trainer wants you to work on your arms.

You might as well suck his big black dick while you're at it.

Daddy Paid

Daddy paid for  the limo. He had no idea you'd be stopping at da club to pick up da bois! Looks like everybody's getting what they want except Daddy.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Home From Work

Imagine getting home from work and walking in on this.

Your wife is on the living room floor getting fucked by some nigger. The baby's not in the high chair, so at least the kid isn't watching. Of course, you don't know whether to yell at her, call her a slut, or just dive in to eat out that fine nigger bubble ass.

Eat Her Up, Prince Yahshua

You just know he slapped her tits while he kissed her. A nigger always knows what a whore wants, especially a nigger like Prince Yahshua.

Kike Sluts Love Niggers

3 Needed For A Bang

You need more than two black bulls for a gangbang.

However, I think these fine young nigger bois can take care of this pretty blonde bitch pretty well on their own, and maybe even breed her.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

BOB Series - Shane Diesel Fucks Pregnant Black Cock Slut

Time to drool over this knocked up white slut named Hydii, who hasn't been able to stop riding black cock  throughout her pregnancy.

I talked to Shane and he told me she's a "fucking whore" who's "creamy and fertile." In the video, she claims a black guy knocked her up, but Shane told me she was impregnated by "a little dicked white boy." Of course, Shane laughed when he mentioned the white boy.

From the pics below, you can see what great shape Shane is in and how much he loves fucking this pregnant blonde bitch. He plays "Dr. Diesel" and it's fucking hot seeing her move her feet between his jeans-clad thighs as the foreplay is on. It's not long before Shane's referring to her as a trailer park white trash whore, and he makes her repeat it.

You'll have a hard time not busting when you hear Shane tell her to call him a nigger -- and then calls her a racist when she does. Diesel's the motherfucking' king.

She might be pregnant, but Shane gives her a good hard fuck in that nigger lovin' pussy. If these pics don't get you off, you're not a real lover of niggers and interracial sex!

BTW, in our conversation, Shane told me me he's soon going to be seeing "my bitch Katie" (Katie Coxx). Katie's husband Rick Barcode actually wanted Shane to move in with them because he loves watching Shane fuck Katie so much. Shane owns her pussy and he knows it -- and so does Rick. Shane's also told me previously that he wants to breed Katie.

Not only can you see the photos, but you can download the video from Filesonic here: