Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Young -- So Curious

She may be young, but she looks awfully curious about that enormous black dick. And what little girl wouldn't be curious about a huge cock like that, especially since she's already heard the rumors about niggers from her friends.

Just the right age for skullfucking? What do you think? Of course, I highly doubt that this nigger cares about your opinion. From the looks of things, we've got a future black cock whore on our hands. Lucky girl.

Facebook Status

Your husband wants to update your facebook status and post some new photos of you doing your best work.

She Take It Like A Champ

Good job, you fucking whore.

Pool Boy

The pool boy will watch your little girl while you go shopping for groceries. He has a real hands-on approach.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Wasn't Enough

Karen is a fucking whore when she goes out on the weekend. She works hard during the week, and she thinks she deserves a good time -- and she knows where to find it.

She knows if she heads to the clubs in "the black part of town," she'll never fail to get what she wants, even if it's not until after 2 a.m.   She's been warned that she could get mugged or shot by niggers in this part of town, and she knows she could even get raped.

Look at this pic, and you'll know why she takes her chances.

Club Moves

Someone needs to make a film of a black dude's moves on a white girl. Those motherfuckers know what they're doing, and they don't fail like whitebois do. We could learn a lot by watching a nigga make his move at da club.

Sisters Want It

Shemarque loves hitting on white girls, probably because he's so good at it, and so successful. A nigger like Shemarque doesn't go without white pussy for very long.

Tina and Toni love to do things together -- been doing it all since they were little girls -- sisters who love hanging out with each other. Shemarque has enough black dick for both of them.

Dreaming Black

Ami's dream has come true, and now she makes sure she tries all flavors of black cock. She especially likes the cum from a deep dark nigger dick.

Who Needs Halloween Candy?

Friday, October 28, 2011


Damn, she looks good, and can you imagine how satisfied that nigger felt when he took her down? Another great story to tell his bruhs.

Black Destruction

College, Continued

You can get a good look at the future by attending a college party.

The crowds are mixed more than ever, and when you get mixed crowds, you get pretty white girls who discover their attraction to black boys. Mix in a few drinks and that ppretty white girl turns into a fine little slut who wants to check out the nigger on the sofa.

The whiteboi's not pulling away because he wants no part of her. It's just that he has no chance.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Just another reminder that your whiteboi dick cannot compare to a nigger dick.

For that matter, you can't compare to a nigger, period. Get what you can, but realize that niggers are getting the best white pussy because they can offer what you can't. Face it, when you look at this beautiful slut in this pic, you think about a nigger fucking her.

Tit Fuck

You didn't think this slut's tits could look any better, did you? That is, until you saw that big nigger dick fucking them.

Doin' Diesel Right

One look at Shane's face and you know this bitch is doin' some good work on his big fat nigger dick. A fucking bull like Shane deserves it.

African Drilling

These deep black niggers really know how to drill deep.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Message For Daddy

Daddy, do you think your daughter cares what you think about black bois? Do you think the niggers who fuck her care?

Just in case you're wondering, here's a message to you. And by the way, Dad, your slut daughter might be pregnant.

Upcoming Holiday Parties

Get used to scenes like this at your upcoming holiday parties. Lots of white wives who are dressed to impress, and end up getting sexed by a nigger wearing bling.

Black Bosses

Black men who move into managerial positions exude a special brand of confidence and swagger. They're not only smart, they're street smart -- and no white man is gonna fuck with them.

They love that position of control, that status of being superior. One look at this motherfucker's face and you know who's in charge. Which white girls at his firm will be able to resist that big black dick? This nigger represents.

Pigtail Bitches

Don't know what it is, but niggers love white girls with pigtails.

Soon as this slut fixed her hair like that, she guaranteed herself a Black Invasion.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ample Bitches

Negroes love white girls who are thick, who got that ample shit to hold on to.

Lisa Ann knows it, and she loves spending time at da club, where she can not only see dozens of fine black guys, but also gets a lot of attention. Pretty face, big tits, wide ass -- Lisa Ann gon' get it!

The Moment

She's getting her wet pussy filled by a fine black specimen. He just had to see her face when he filled her up.

It's even better that she's engaged to a white guy. Makes a nigger cum harder.

Romance with DFW

If you're a white girl looking for romance, and you want to do porn, give a holla to DFW Knight.

This is a black man who knows his way around a white girl's body, licking and caressing it every step of the way. He makes sure she feels safe, and he gives as much as he takes. The bitch knows she's the only one in the room when DFW is around. The black bull  is probably the ultimate kisser in IR porn.

Of course, DFW never forgets he's a nigger.

When it comes time to unload, he almost always creampies that hot white pussy All that sensuality, all that lust...just a great mind game to get total control over that white girl so he can make her his slut. Flooding her cunt is an act of control and domination and ownership. And that's what a real nigger does.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Legendary Sean Michaels

Nigger can still get any white bitch he wants.

When Shane Fucks Your Girlfriend

When Shane Diesel fucks your girlfriend, you're seeing a Fuck Machine at work.

You thank him for letting you watch. You praise him for his big black dick. You thank him for giving your girl the best fuck she ever had. You beg him to unload in your slut's hot tight pussy. You think about how good she'd look carrying Shane's black baby. You put your hand on your cock only when Shane tells you to. You agree with Shane when he makes fun of you. You want to lick up every drop of his black cum from her cunt.

You know that Shane Diesel is proof that NIGGERS RULE.

Great Amateur Vid

Definitely worth a download.  This white bitch has writing all over her, and she's a nigger lover through and through. She can't get enough of the 3 black dicks in the vid, and when she talks, you'll know she's completely adopted the black culture -- she even talks like a nigger.

This is a slut who loves her pussy and mouth being abused by black dick, and who loves the black seed. When she gets bred, the white photog spoons that shit out of her cunt and feeds it to her. What a fucking whore.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lip Lock

If he wants to kiss her, he'll have to share her lips with that big, thick nigger dick.

Doesn't look like he minds the taste.


Just imagine how good it'll taste AFTER she takes a big deposit from that nigger.

Uncle Bob Helps Out

A good uncle does more than pat a pretty niece on the head.

He also allows her to bring her black boyfriend to his house because her daddy/his brother wouldn't approve. Bob knows you just can't stop a girl once she's gone black. Bob knows that a different kind of guidance is needed.

It did take Bob awhile before he was ok with his niece getting fucked by her boyfriend without a condom, but now he's cool with it. He knows Donel is probably fucking other white girls, but he knows that's the way it is, and that he can't fight black culture.

Uncle Bob has been so good to his niece that she now not only allows him  to watch Donel fucking her, but to get up close looks and tastes.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tag Team

Why shouldn't brothers share?

This fine piece of white ass is more than happy that these bruthas both love fucking her good and hard, as well as filling up her cocksucking mouth with big nigger dick.

Taking A Run

Hot and sweaty after a hard run, local negro Jamarque has a little refresher. Candie's always been good at taking matters into her own hands, and that means Jamarque will go home feeling good!

The Boss' Daughter

Malcolm's boss doesn't pay him enough, so he decided to get his own fringe benefits: the boss' daughter.

He doesn't care about the young bitch, but he knows his boss would be pissed off if he knew she was getting blacked. When he fucks that tight young pussy, Malcolm makes sure he loads it up with hot nigger cum.

She Thinks She's A Movie Star

Pretty white girl thinks she's a rising star in the "movies."

Luckily, this big muscular black stud knows the real deal: just one good cam and his big black dick will be all they need. Bitch will leave satisfied, that's for sure.

Friday, October 21, 2011

No Chance, Whiteboi

Poor whiteboi -- had to go to a party where niggers were invited. Horny whiteboi sophomores are always thinking about getting off, and they think parties are the perfect opportunity for it.

That might be true at an all-white party, but things are different once niggers are invited. Now this nigger boi is only a sophomore himself, yet he knows how to get that young white pussy all juicy. He also knows how to make the whitebois step back while he works his black magic.

One hour into the party, and he's already got Suzy showing him her sweet white ass. And who wouldn't wanna watch these two fuck?

Because Daddy Cares

Every dad wants the best for his daughter, but he also knows it's important to keep his wife satisfied.

Dads, let me introduce you to the World of Niggers.

Kendra & Matt

The beautiful Kendra Wilkinson with pro football player husband Hank Bassett.

They are smokin' hot together, and as soon as we saw their first photo (of hundreds on the net), we wanted them to marry -- or at least to have a black baby. Thankfully, Hank & Kendra did both. Talk about a great gene pool!


Just imagine how wet her pretty pink pussy must be.

Is Jamal The Baby Daddy?

She doesn't know, and she doesn't care. All that matters is that her baby daddy is black.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Wanna see a satisfied nigger?

Find one like this who's with a white girl who never considered touching a black man let alone dating one. This nigger knows he's not only getting fresh white pussy, but he's pissing off her mommy and daddy bigtime.

Mama, Who's Your Baby Daddy?

This girl is part of a large majority -- white girls who have no clue who knocked them up.

Just how many guys fucked her? Who knows, but if she was fucking niggers, whitebois were out of the picture. Too bad she can't narrow it down because she spread her legs for every black cock in town. No question that she looks beautiful, though.

Black As Night

Those really dark bois get her pussy so wet.

Nasty Girl

Black bois just gotta sit back, relax, and wait for the white girl to move.

Because she will. She can't resist, and a nigga knows a white girl who makes the first moves is gonna be one nasty, freaky bitch.