Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Truer Word Were Never Spoken

Saggin' Thug Nigger

This white girl looks like she's been ready for black dick for years. Nice full body, great tits, sexy ass, and undoubtedly a wet pink pussy.

She'd look good with any black dude, but she looks especially hot with a thug nigger.

Monday, November 28, 2011


It's happening all over America.

You can't stop it. Don't even try.

Lawn Boys

Maybe you shouldn't have let your house when the lawn boys showed up to cut your grass and trim your shrubs.

Yeah, your daughter was at home, but a lot of niggers quit working at the first opportunity, and it turns into "time for some weed" or taking someone else's shit and selling it. Or, because your daughter doesn't know what it means to cover up, it turns into "Goddamn, look at that fukkin hoe! She gon' get all the nigga dick she askin' for!"

These niggers will do the work they were born to do.Your lawn won't look good, but your daughter will smile all week long. And you can say goodbye to your flat-screen tv.

Wreck That Cunt

This nigger doesn't need advice about how to destroy a white girl's pussy. Look at the way he positions himself and gets his black bubble ass ready to make its move. Damn nigger should make a how-to video.

She Loves His Smile

Yeah, like that's the only thing.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


She's looking awfully smug, but no one can blame her.

She got herself a strapping Negro who knows how to satisfy a white girl's darkest desires. Those big black hands on her ass feel as good as he smells, and damn, she loves that nigger smell.

Take Her

Rape the bitch.

Step Dad Of The Year

That's how she voted, anyway.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Gravy

Open up, you fucking black cock whore. Your master needs to see his cum dump at work.

Never Again

She'll never want her white husband's little dick in her ever again after feeling the power and strength of the Negro Cock.

She's beautiful, and she's also one lucky bitch.

Holiday Kiss

A kiss from a nigger will make your day.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

That Smile

She smiles even bigger once those big black lips hit her pussy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Typical Nigger

Can't keep his hands off a white girl's phat ass.

Young & In Love

She doesn't care what her parent think.

The truth of the matter is that she never did. She was always rebellious, always fighting back, always pushing. She never really gave in to anyone until she met him. One look at him and she knew he could have her.

She loves his big, beautiful brown eyes and the way he touches her milky white body with his big brown hands. She loves his tattoos, his rings, and his sexy pierced ears. She loves the way he sags his jeans to show off his boxers. She loves the way his big, full lips feel on hers.

He loves to rub his hands all over her sexy white tits, and they feel extra good to him since he knows her mom and dad would hate him.

He knows she can't resist him when he sags, and that it's never long after that when her clothes start coming off. It makes him feel like The Man. His older brothers would approve.
He loves taking photos of the two of them together so they can share their love for each other on Facebook. His friends tell him how hot she is and that they'd like to get some of her. He just smiles. Of course, he also hears fro a lot of other white girls who tell him how fine he is.
He even got one of his friends to record them going at it. He loves the way she looks at him right before he slams his hard black cock into her tight pink pussy.

He loves to kiss her, because he feels her getting wetter every time he does, and that makes his dick throb even more.

He loves driving his big black cock into her pussy as hard as he can, using his round and phat black ass  to provide the push.

He loves knowing that his big black fuckpole stretches her tight pussy until she moans and whimpers, her eyes filling with tears because it hurts so good. He loves fucking her without a condom, feeling his hot black seed blast into her sexy white pussy. She loves it, too.

They'll watch the video after they're done fucking. Maybe he'll send a copy to her mother and father.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ringside Seat

Whitebois who love seeing hot sexy white girls get blacked aren't the only one who enjoy a scene like this.

Whiteboi faggots get off on it just as much. Wouldn't be easy to find a faggot who had a problem with a body like this nigger has. He's fucking incredible, plus he's got one helluva black dick, too. The topper? Look at his face -- he's a fucking nigger in every possible sense.

Faggots dream about a man like this.

Remember Back In The Day?

You know, back when you had to beg your girlfriend to even THINK about black cock? Or to watch an IR movie?

Those days are gone, white boy. 

Your gf is now a power slut for black cock. She loves her some niggers! Your 4" dick must get so hard when you get home and see her riding a nigger like this. Gotta love the way that negro is lookin' at you. He knows he not only owns your slut girlfriend, he also owns you. His big black dick gets even harder when he takes anything from the white man.

"That's how I roll," he said.

She's Angry

Your daughter is angry that you never came through with the money. Just imagine how pissed off that nigger is, and how bad he's gonna kick your pathetic white ass.

He'll beat you and bruise you good, then he'll throw you out and fuck your little girl again. And again .She loves this fuckin nigger, don't you know.


You know you'd love to watch your daughter getting molested like this. Her tits are huge, and yet his big black hands more than cover them. Whatta fucking black bull.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Competing With Leron

Your girlfriend's been unhappy for a long time. That's why she cheated on you, you pathetic whiteboi bitch.

Now she's met Leron, and she wants you to know exactly why you'll never get her back. That black dick on Leron goes in her pussy and comes out her fucking mouth. That's how big that nigger is, and she loves it.

You want to watch her take it? That can be arranged, pussy boi.

Smash Mode

The more niggers you put in a room with a white bitch, the more likely her pussy will get smashed. The first thing you think of when you see a slut like this is a big black dick in her cunt, a big black dick in her ass, and a big black dick in her mouth.

Nigger Lovin' Whore

Her daddy needs to see a picture of this.  Getting black bred can be so good!

Staying Late At The Gym

The whitebois clear out early, but this sexy babe gets the black bois to stick around til the air is filled with the smell of hot nigger sweat. Keep 'em happy, you fucking whore.

Your Slutty Daughter

Why should a nigger pull out? You think this slut wanted him to? Soon as she looked at this guy -- a real nigger -- she wanted his nig jizz in her cunt. As you can tell by her satisfied face, this nigger knows how to beat up a pussy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Nigger Is An Artist

White sluts love to be spray-painted, and it's easy to see why. How could she resist that big beautiful nigger dick right in her fucking face? A magnificent nigger dick like this delivers the goods.

A Big FUCK YOU To Daddy

You'd think that racist dads would've learned by now.

More often than not, their hatred of blacks leads their daughters right to the Negro Village, where they not only feel the heat of the black but also find a way to get back at Daddy.

Maybe we can't end racism in this country, but we can do our part to get back at those racist motherfuckers. Be happy every time you see a black boi with a white girl, and even happier when you see her hungrily kissing his big full lips. Enjoy it when you're in public and see a nigger with his hands all over a white girl. Enjoy it even more if you know she's married to a whiteboi. Love it when you see a white girl who's been black bred. Love it more when her racist father finds out she's been knocked up by a nigger. You get the idea.

There's no end to the ways you can celebrate a nigger and send a big FUCK YOU to racist dads.

It's Always A Good Time

Especially when the contrast is so stark.  No wonder she's a dirty white whore.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Whiteboi Nightmare?


More like a whiteboi fantasy. If she's gonna cheat on your pathetic white ass, it's gotta be with a nigger.

How Good It Feels

What white girl would pass this up?

This is NP -- Nigger Perfection -- and that tramp-stamped white bitch knows it. She should BEG him to knock her up.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There's Nothing Like It

Doesn't matter how a white girl defines "regular affairs." Once she gets a taste of black, she's likely to continue cheating on her white husband. Look at how beautiful these two are -- would you keep them apart?  Just standing there, he can feel the warmth of her pussy, and she just loves feeling that black bubble ass.

Fucking Beautiful.

Is That Nigger Gonna Rape Her?

White people on the beach would call this a rape-in-the-making. It's not. That white girl knows full well who's following her, and she knows it's a nigger. Who can blame her?

Monday, November 14, 2011


Wet pussy.

Who's The Daddy?

Any one of a dozen black guys who's already gone.

First Choice? Black.

And it's gonna be a beautiful nigger baby.

This Good

You think she ever feels this good when a whiteboi fucks her? Talk about a young white girl who was born for nigger dick!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Who Wouldn't?

Black As Coal

But he sure smells and looks nigger loving sluts. While you're noticing the bitch in the middle having a hard time keeping her hand off his black dick, don't forget to check out Mr. Suave Negro's itchy fingers. Motherfucker lives for white pussy.

Dorm Security

Always on guard to keep you and your roommate safe. He likes to get to know all the girls in his dorm.