Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Saturday, December 31, 2011

That's OK, She Liked It

You should have seen the signs....the way he played with her cute little pigtails, the way he rubbed her back, the way he'd pat her little bum and tell her to do her homework, the way he'd hold her when she sat on his lap....all in front of you and your wife.

You knew all that lap-sitting got him hard, because you noticed that big bulging black snake when he stood up. Yet you said nothing, just as you said nothing when he kissed her goodbye on the lips.

So don't be surprised now when you find out he's been fucking your little girl.

Takin' Orders

The only message a white girl needs:

Cougar Fuck

Niggers are equal opportunity fuckers. Give 'em a hole, they'll fuck it. Not that anybody would turn away this bitch, a cougar only to the high school negro who shot a load of black jizz all over her face.

For this vid shoot, looks like the slut got two real niggers who couldn't care less about the condition they leave her in:

You think she can smell those niggers behind her? I guarantee it, and their big thick lips are ready for her big tits.

Now we get that look of surprise when she pretends to be shocked that niggers are so bold and move so fast.

Niggers can always detect a whore, so why not move for the pussy a.s.a.p.?

The bitch is a lousy actress, but no way these motherfuckers care -- not when there's juicy white pussy to fuck. Always great to see bbc get so fucking hard. Dream on, whitebois.

 One big black dick in her mouth and another up her ass. Maybe some white guys will decide they don't want to touch her, but niggers will share her with all their friends. And that middle finger from Wesley Pipes? That's a big FUCK YOU to every whiteboi out there.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Wishes

So what do you want in the New Year 2012?

List those wishes here -- from wanting to see more black dick in white watching a nigger fuck your seeing black men become even more superior.

Hell, I don't care if your dream is that your wife get held up at gunpoint and raped by a nigger on her way home from work. No one can stop you from thinking about what you really want.

It's All Worth It

He's loud, he's aggressive, he's always grabbing or grinding, and he cheats.

But he's a nigger, so it's all worth it.

Photo For Daddy

Daddy loves photos of his little blonde princess, and she likes to make him happy. This will be the first time Daddy knows that his little girl is "trending black."

Just look at how hot these two are together. What father wouldn't want to see his beautiful daughter defiled by a fine black boi like this? Fucking incredible.

Her First Gangbang

Little white girl got quite the collection of bbc for her first video gangbang. I hope she prepped that hole with a big black dildo before she went on set, because not only are those niggers hung, they fuck like animals, starting with Wesley Pipes, who never met a white pussy he didn't want to destroy.

In other words, she's a lucky bitch.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Feeling

Getting a creampie from a sexy nigger who knows how tto piledrive a pussy. White girls were born to be black bred.

Every Night

Since you can't please her, it must be gratifying to know you can find a black man any night of the week to fuck her and load her up. There's not a nigger alive who will turn down a white pussy.

Catch The Drippings

Whitebois, suck it down and be the bitch every black man knows you are.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The View From Behind

The camera doesn't lie.

Not about how pitiful a lil-dicked whiteboi cuck is, not about how his wife wants bbc, not about the driving force of a black bubble butt.

Whiteboi Loses AGAIN

What a pathetic piece of shit this whiteboi is.

He's not only tied up, but he's wearing a collar....and you can bet his tiny white dick is locked up. Not that it would compare to that big black snake if it weren't. That nigger is about to fuck her into next week.

Xmas Kisses

What could be better for a white girl than getting kissed by a nigger for Christmas?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Early Xmas Gift

Some guys really love their young trophy wives. So much that they'll get them the finest Xmas present of all.

The Blame Game

White parents always blame the black guy when they find out their little girl is fucking around with Negroes.

But look at this photo -- is there any doubt about how much this white girl wants that nigger?  Case closed, Mom and Dad. Your daughter's a whore for big black cock.

They're Just Friends

As if anyone would believe that.

In Your Daughter's Room

And he's gonna fuck her.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hot Or Not?

I showed this picture to one of my white female friends who "dates" black guys and asked her what she thought.

She told me she thinks this mandingo is "one ugly nigger" but that her pussy was getting wet just looking at him. She loved his body, and said that even though he's not good-looking, he's "hot as hell" and that she'd pay him to fuck her. She also loved his big black lips.

As she said, "Sometimes you want a nigger who looks like a nigger. This boi is fucking sexy."

White People Don't Get It

Look at this nigger's face. It's all about the pussy, all about the sex, even when he's out with his "lady" for the evening.

He can't resist grabbing her tits or grinding into her ass, resulting in that look on his face -- the look of a fucking wild animal who cannot wait to fuck a white girl like the whore she is.

White people just don't get it.

Her First Nigger

And she ain't goin' back.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

How To Electro-Charge A Pussy

Two words:  Nigger lips.

Watch The Hands

You can always tell what's on a black boi's mind if you look at his hands when he's with a white girl.

This strapping black buck obviously likes what he has in his lap, and if he hasn't had her yet, he will. Of course, you might also notice that our sweet young white girl is grabbing his big black dick through his jeans. Girls these days!

Their First Christmas

Kelly is so happy. College is going well, and she's picked up a whole new style of dressing and a whole new attitude thanks to Sam, who thinks Kelly should show it off. At first, Kelly just wanted to please Sam, but now she likes what Sam likes. She's taking him home for the holidays, and never told her family she's dating a nigger. His name won't give him away, so it'll be a big surprise!

From that cocky, smug look on Sam's face, he can handle whatever happens at Kelly's house.

Ho Ho Ho

Santa is a black man, and he likes those naughty but nice girls who get their first present when they sit on his lap.

Christmas Shopping With Darnell

Sherri Lynn knows that no gift is too big or too much for Darnell when she's in his arms. Those big black lips perform such magic!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Cocky Nigger

White people hate niggers like the one in this photo -- you know, the ones who act like they own the whole fucking world. The fact is, this nigger is everything those white people aren't....and that's why this white bitch looks so fucking happy in his arms. Negroes like this just got what they need.

Happiness Is 10"

Cuckolding With Shane Diesel

Two soft dicks, one black and one white. Guess which one she laughs at. A bull like Shane Diesel has nothing to worry about when it's time to compare cocks with a whiteboi cuck.

Shane loves those sluts at his feet, especially when he can destroy them with his big black cock. Watch on, cuckboi.

Shane invades her tight white pussy, and he doesn't care how much it hurts the fucking slut. Does she even need any more payment than his bbc?

Shane forces the loser cuck to watch him blackfuck the slut's cunt. Whitebois need to see how a real man works.

A Master Nigger who knows exactly how to treat a white whore. Her pussy will hurt, but the hot nigger load will ease the pain.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't Answer Back

Bitch should learn to watch her mouth. A nigger doesn't have to put up with her shit. He's in good position to spit on her, too.

Get Ready For The New Year


The nigger who knocked her up is long gone, but she has the memories that can't be taken away from her. Can she stop at just one?