Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ass Appreciation

Niggers have always been respected for the size of their dicks, and now it's good to know they're being appreciated just as much for their black bubble asses.

Indigo Black

No one will doubt that your baby is black.

Fish Nets & Niggers

They go together.

See that nigger's look in the last picture? That's for you, whiteboi.


Some girls do porn because they're unemployed and have to pay the rent. Others, like this white girl, do it because they're fucking whores for black dick.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Daughter's New Boyfriend

So your daughter brought her new bf home for the weekend. Jesus Christ, he's really BIG. And double Jesus Christ, he's really BLACK.

It's easy to see why you're running up the stairs to whack off.

Nigger Lover Katie Kox

This fucking whore has a good life. She married a white guy who loves watching black bulls pound her holes, and she loves bbc as much as any white slut in the business.

Shane Diesel says there's something special about Katie -- which means he loves that white pussy on her. He loves fucking her in front of her husband because he knows Katie forgets the whiteboi is even there and holds on to him like he owns her.

I told Shane I'd love to see him breed Katie. He said he wants to.

Dumbass Whitebois

They're always on the outside looking in whenever niggers are around. Black bois don't need to beat up a piece of shit like that. They can just laugh at his white ass.

Why Bitches Should Behave

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shane And His Cuckboi

Shane Diesel likes meeting the white bitch he's gonna fuck before the shoot. Face it, he's always horny, and these sluts can't resist that nigger.

Shane enjoys the cuck videos he makes, because he likes humiliating the whiteboi bitches who defer and submit to him. He knows he's superior, and he lets those pussybois know it.

The ultimate degradation is when Shane tells the whiteboi faggot to clean up his hot nigger load from the white slut's cunt. A good time is had by all, and the cuck certainly looks like he's in a daze.

How To Hold On To Your Wife

Get her some black dick. I bet you'll enjoy it, too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bitch, Know Thyself

It's always cool when a white girl knows what a fucking whore she is for black cock.

Walkin' Da Beach

Sometimes a white girl can get so lucky when she takes a walk on the beach. This one found herself some sexy ass niggers. Her pussy's gonna hurt tonight.

Before Or After?

So has this black boy already fucked the white bitch, or is he about to slam her tight white pussy?

Chances are he's already fucked her, and is about to fuck her again.

Who's In Danger?

I guarantee you that the white girl is in a lot more danger than the black bitch.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trusting Your Daughter

You and your wife are going away for the weekend to celebrate a wedding, but they're leaving their daughter at home to care for the family pets. They trust her implicitly to walk and feed their 3 dogs, and they know she won't go anywhere.

That doesn't mean she won't invite a couple bruhs over. Hope she cleans the couch before Mom and Dad get back, because niggers be nuttin'.

Gettin' Her Game On

She's asking for it, and you won't find a nigger alive who wouldn't fuck a white bitch in this situation. The truth is that many niggers don't even know they've knocked up white girls.

They Just Wanna Make Love

Yeah, right.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet White Pussy

Nothing hotter than seeing a deep black motherfucker set his sights on a pretty and very white girl. The size of that nigger's hand tells you how big his black dick is.

Open wide, you fucking whore!

The Rock Has Competition

The Rock isn't 100% Nigger, but he knows that smell, and he knows when he has competition for some hot tight and white pussy. When he's competing with a nigger, he knows he's competing with the best, and that's when he goes into destruction mode!

She'll Be Ruined

God help this slut when those four big niggers are through with her. They just might kill the bitch.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Scorcher

Words don't do justice to how fucking hot this photo is.

A Whore Who Pretends

What an actress.

Love this first pic, where the white slut "actress" pretends she's never done this before. Bitch might as well have NIGGER LOVER stamped on her forehead.

The rest of the pics make clear what a fucking whore she already is.

Da Club Is Hot

Temperatures are rising at da club, and it's literally and figuratively hot in there. Big black Jamal is so hot he's sweating like a motherfucker. That attracts sluts like Aileen, who love that smell and live for it. When she's done using her tongue on him, that nigger won't even have to get a shower.

Baby Daddy Choices

So who's gonna knock up your little girl?

You have your choice of 10 hung niggers to show up at your door to take your cute white daughter out on a date. Of course, to a black boi, a "date" means her pussy gets pounded and filled up wih black jizz.

Which one of these fine young niggers do you want to fuck her?











Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Negro Breeder

Name a white bitch who'd turn this down.

Mr. Jenkins Knows

Mr. Jenkins knows how to make a history lesson meaningful.

He makes REPARATIONS a unit in every chapter he teaches. If it's August, why wait until January to teach reparations? From Day One, every black student in his class should know that he has their back, and every whiteboi and white bitch should know what it means to pay for their sins.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and it takes Mr. Jenkins a while to get through. The black boys get it first, and start showing off even more confidence and swag. The whitebois see what's happening, try to stop it, and can't. They might call these black boys "fucking niggers" in private, but in class and elsewhere, they defer to these kings of the jungle. They know they can't compare or compete, and they see their white girlfriends picked off one by one by one.

Reparations get paid in many ways, but a perfect way is to know a white girl is giving up her cunt and her ass to a nigger, perhaps even getting knocked up with his baby.

Hope She Gets What She Deserves

Better believe that nigger teacher will get her back.