Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

High School Girls

They love attention, don't they?

All Jawon and Tiki had to do was smile at them when they saw the girls at the mall. Then Jawon told the blond girl "U a fine bitch" and that's all it took for an invite to her house. These girls want exactly what they're gonna get. Isn't it ridiculous to blame niggers for hitting on young white girls?

Marriage Can Be Fun

Especially when you let a nigger control both of you.

Big Ben not only gets to fuck this horny white MILF any time he wants, he gets her rich hubby to clean her up. As long as the faggot's payinbg him, he doesn't mind if that white piece of shit buries his face in his black ass.

Before Black

Before discovering the joy of big black dick, Cheri never dressed like this. She wore no tight clothes that showed off her hot body and her phat booty. She always wore underwear and never a thong. She never wore makeup.

All that's changed now.  And look at how fucking happy she is.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh, How They Love It

Niggers love fucking pregnant white girls, and more and more white girls are fucking blacks during their entire pregnancy.

How great it will be to show her kid the photos and video of mommy with this gang of big-dicked niggers who fucked her, slammed her cocksucking throat, and treated her like the skank black cock whore that she is.

Ready To Feed The Baby

The fact is that many white girls just hear names like these and get wet.

Drunk Slut

Alcohol lowers resistance. It makes you do things you don't want to do and things you DO want to do.

She drank on her own -- nobody forced a drink down her throat. So why shouldn't this nigger fuck her? Why shouldn't he slam her pussy when she's so clearly offering it to him? Security cams won't record this as a rape, that's for sure.

The slut watched him dance while he got all hot and sweaty, she started playing with her clit, she slid her panties off, started playing with herself, then spread her legs. This fine black bull didn't have to do anything but grind and sweat in front of her. When a white bitch offers a nigger her pussy like this, he won't say no.

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Is He Black Enough?

Her husband cheated on her, and she wanted to get back at him in the worst way possible -- which became the best way possible when she met Marcus. Any black guy would've pissed her husband off, but a deep dark nigger like Marcus would do it in spades.

As soon as he touched her, she knew she made the right choice.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

To Be Destroyed

If this photo doesn't get your dick hard or make your pussy wet, you ain't alive.

She's one sexy, built, horny white slut who takes off her clothes at the first sight of black. He's a fine-looking nigger who knows he can soak her pussy even before he takes his own clothes off. Just put his big black hands on her ass, kiss her deeply with those full nigger lips and tongue, and let the bitch grind.

Dark 'N Light

That plump white pussy was crying out for some hot black seed, and this nigger definitely filled her up. His deep black dick should make a pretty nigger baby that some whiteboi can raise.

Makin' It Known

It's clear when a white girl wants some big black dick long before you notice her ankle bracelet, but I have nigger friends who tell me they love seeing them. They think the anklet makes her seem like even more of a fucking whore.

Ain't That The Truth

Thursday, February 23, 2012

He Said....She Said

Jodi asked Darius if he liked her. He told her he did.

She asked him for a kiss. He told her he  wanted more.

Jodi asked Darius to use a condom. He said he didn't have any.

She said he'd have to be careful. He said she shouldn't worry.

Jodi asked Darius to pull out before he came. He said of course he would.

Her dripping, loaded pussy tells you she didn't get her way.

Black Cock Sluts

The engagement ring is from the white asshole she's married to.

This nigger didn't have to buy her anything. She bought the heels and stockings with her husband's American Express.

Black Booty Power

Just Look

Look at her. Do you blame Jamal for wanting to get all up in her? And look at him. Is there any doubt that he's superior to your lame whiteboi ass? Your little dick is rock hard because you WANT him to get her, you WANT him to fuck her.

You'd clean up her cum-drenched pussy, too.

She Doesn't

Who needs long, extended foreplay when there's a nigger around?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daughter Debi

If you think you can keep your daughter away from niggers, this pic should relieve you of that notion.

You're the racist, not Debi. Debi appreciates everyone for what they got, and for what they can give. Debi appreciates this black bull for his deep dark skin. And oh, yeah, for his big thick nigger dick.

Debi loves gettin' her pussy wrecked.

Special Treat

It's always a special treat to watch a beautiful and sexy white girl get fucked by an ugly nigger.

Face it, this black motherfucker never won a good looks contest, yet he gets the hot white chicks even before they see his huge black cock. The white pussy gets all wet for him.


Black, strong, and powerful. Knowing they got what white women need. Knowing they can take it any time they want, and FUCK the whiteboi who got a problem with it. That whiteboi can clean her up if he wants to play.

Jack Strikes Again

Even when Jack Napier goes to the mall, he's always shopping for a slut. A nigger like Jack never has to work too hard. At the doghouse? She's gonna find her pussy filled with a big black hotdog.

She Knows What's Good

With that pussy, she won't have a hard time finding a nigger to fill it. Won't be long before she's begging for a black baby.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

No Need

No need to be jealous of your girlfriend. That nigger will fuck you, too.

The Entire Family

Does any family deserve the Nigger Lover label more than the Kardashians? From the mother on down, they're fucking WHORES for big black dick.

Daddy, Here's A Picture For You!

Deep 'N Dark

First time she saw him, all she could think about was how black his big nigger dick is. She wasn't disappointed.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love At First Sight

Mary Alice met Tre at the club, and the attraction was immediate.

She liked his shaved head and his big, full lips. When she moved closer to him, she liked the way he smelled and the heat she felt coming from his big black body. She liked feeling his big black hand on her ass. She liked feeling his big bulging black dick against her.

Mary Alice never dated a nigger before, but now she and Tre are inseparable.

Brian Pumper, White Pussy Pumper

The nigger can FUCK!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Treat

Every nigger should have one.

A Real Whore

Definition of a real white whore?

Her white husband knocks her up, and then she proceeds to make interracial porn vids during her entire pregnancy. That is a true nigger lovin slut.

Thug Fuck The Bitch

White bitches love it when Jack Napier does his thug thang. All the motherfucker has to do is put on some shades and a knit cap, and the pussy gets soaked.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Best College Parties

You'll find a nigger feeding his big black dick to some white girl who became a whore the first day she walked onto campus.

Assisting The Negro

It feels good when a whiteboi cuck can help out his wife and her negro fuck machine. The nigger doesn't need any help finding that slut's hole, but the cuck money is worth it.

He Loves Both

Husband Tom has grown to love not only his wife's hot pussy, but also the big loads left in it by her fine nigger boyfriend. Keeps him busy.

Jealous Bitches

Whenever a white girl is getting fucked in a public place by a nigger, you can always count on some jealous white bitches watching -- and hoping to be next.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Your Wife Likes 'Em Young

Fortunately, she's a hot slut MILF and fine young niggers have no problem giving her the bbc in all her holes.

Hubby, take those pictures so you can see what a real fuckin bull looks like when he hits a pussy.

Memory Loss

This white slut has no clue that her husband is holding her and kissing her -- not when she's getting slammed by a nigger with 10 big thick ones.


Dad wanted to help his little girl go black, and he was honored when she agreed to let him watch. Dad has a feeling she's been doing this for awhile, though.

So Who Is The Baby Daddy?

Bitch has fucked so many niggers she has no idea who knocked her up.

Luckily, Maury Povich called and two black guys who pounded her have shown up to be tested.