Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Almost Done

She's not going anywhere til the load is inside.

Polar Opposites

She is so beautiful. He is so fucking ugly.

But when Wesley Pipes gets his mean on, you know you want to watch.  He couldn't look any nastier if he raped a white girl. What a fucking nigger.

Get her, Wes.

They Don't Ask

Niggers don't ask questions. They don't care what a white girl's story is. If the bitch gets on her knees, out come the big black dicks.

So Fucking Fine

Look at that white girl -- is she a fine piece of ass or what?

Beautiful body on her, and thankfully she's giving herself to a black boi. You can't see much, but it's clear that she wants him and knows how to please him. You can just imagine the look on that nigger's face. Whitebois don't stand a chance.

White Bitches Love This

Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Day In The Life

Only a nigger can get a white girl to drop to her knees with just one look. In a hurry? Don't worry, nigger, just pull down your zipper and pull out your big black dick. That's it. The fucking whore will take care of the rest.

It's only what you deserve.

Room Service

Gotta have it before the wedding. A hot load of nigger jizz in her pussy will lube it up for her white husband.

Niggers Know

And that's why they're such arrogant, cocky motherfuckers.

Her Boss Hired Her

And he taught her how to dress.

Like a fucking whore.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another One

Another married white girl who wants to make money on the internet by doing porn.

This bitch likes them BLACK, doesn't she? Love to see one of these deep dark Negroes knock her up. Looks like she loves her job.

Office Parties

They're more fun for niggers than anyone else.

Visiting Malcolm

She just had to stop off at Malcolm's house on her way home. It's all her husband's fault. He's the one who became good friends with Malcolm. He's the one who invited him over constantly. It's his fault that she felt electricity every time she got near Malcolm's hot body. It's his fault that Malcolm is now fucking her.

The Cab Driver Gets A Tip

If she blows him, even better.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sometimes you have to negotiate with a black man to keep him from beating the shit out of your white boyfriend.

This beauty knows that a smile goes a long way, especially if she touches a Negro and lets them move in on her.

Sometimes negotiations take a different turn, and you end up back at home. As usual, whiteboi can't get anyone to pay attention to him. Girlfriend knows she has to lift that skirt to save his pathetic white ass, but that smile on her face tells you she's likin' what she sees and smells.

These muthafuckin' thug niggers will pound her soaked cunt so good. I only hope they beat the fuck out of whiteboi before they leave.

Was She Raised To Be A Black Cock Whore?


Another Clueless Whiteboi

Fucking dumbass whitebois. They talk about how stupid niggers are, but they can't keep their white girlfriends and wives from going black.

Niggers get off on putting the white male down as much as they love slamming that white wet pussy.

This girl's about to get blacked real good. Check out the jeans of the black guy handling the slut's ass. Major props to a nigger who sags and shows off his black ass. He knows everyone checks out his bubble butt, from the white whores to the horrified older crowd, to the whiteboi faggot who loves hot nigger ass.

Here the dom nigger tells whiteboi to get the fuck in the corner and watch. Time to fuck.

Playgrond Pickup

Go past the playground with your white bf and your bound to run into some niggers playing basketball or smoking weed.  If you're lucky, you get fucked.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Professor Sean Michaels

The older Sean gets, the younger white pussy he fucks.

Sean Michaels is a fucking legend, and any white girl who gets his big Negro dick slammed in her is one lucky slut. I don't care how fuckin young she is.

The Work Crew

So you hired a crew to do some home remodeling.

You were surprised when three niggers and a white guy showed up, but you weren't surprised when the niggers had barely done any work before they started hitting on your girlfriend. Maybe they'll give you a discount after they fuck her full of hot black seed.

Her First Date

Wanna bet he fucks her?

They'll Suck BBC Anywhere

Saturday, March 24, 2012

As If

As if this fucking whore has to advertise.

Dress like a slut, hair and makeup like a slut, ass up in the air -- girl, niggers KNOW what you want!

Reparations Fuck

It's what a nigger do.

Daddy, You Raised A Whore

This nigger won't even have to unbutton his shirt to get his bbc in her. Every year, more and more white girls turn into the sluts their mothers were afraid to become. A black guy would be a fool not to take advantage of this -- and black guys aren't fools when it comes to white pussy.

Memo To Hubby

See that look on her face? You're never getting her back.

Blog Post Takedown Notification

Got an email from Blogger. At first I thought they were deleting my blog, then realized it was just ONE post -- about Kim K fucking Ray J.

Because of the studio's marks on the photos, I'm guessing the studio called foul. It can't be Kim herself, because I've called her a nigger loving whore (which she is) in other posts, and put up other photos of her with other niggers like Reggie Bush. Besides, if you google images of Kim K, you get dozens of pics of her with niggers. When you go from one nigger to the next, it all adds up, and it's pretty clear that Kim is a fucking slut when it comes to bbc.

Here's Kim in her fuck bed with Ray J.  She should give him some of her millions, because that nigger made her a star. Her porn tape got her noticed -- and when Ray had his black pole in her holes, she didn't have to act.

Ray J giving Kim the tongue. That nigger always knew where the camera was.

Ray J slammin' home his big hard black dick in Kim's soaked pussy. Is there any doubt what black dick does for her?

Ray J puts the choke move on Kim at the pool. If ever a white bitch needed to be kept in her place, it's KK. Ray J kept her in line and made her love it at the same time.

Ray J out on the town with Kim. When you look at them together, all you can think about is wanting to watch them fuck.

Ray J is one nigger who knows how hot he is and how good he is. Whitebois, you got no chance when this fucking nigger is around!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nigger Kisses Of The Day

I still say it's hard to beat a photo of a white girl kissing a nigger.

Beauty in Black & White

Jack Request

Got a pleading request for Jack Napier from a white girl who is so hot for him that she says her pussy gets soaked just looking at him. Something tells me Big Jack knows he has this effect on white sluts -- and the white women he turns into sluts.

Here's Jack doing his "I'm a nigger and you know you love it" thing with two white whores. Hope this honors your request ;)