Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Mass

Why go to church when you can worship right at home? She doesn't need Jesus -- she needs a big black cock.

Of course, she can also join a church with a black pastor, who knows how to do two things: pray and fuck. Those niggers have more illegitimate kids than players in the NBA.

U.K. Sluts

Lisa looks like a perfect whore to appreciate a good breeding session from a bunch of hot black bulls. With 10 loads in her, she won't have any idea who da baby daddy is!

Lisa The Nigger Lover

Pregnant Gang Bang

Nothing stops a nigger from fucking a white pussy, including a big knocked up belly.

First A Rape, Then A Smile

Most gang rapes end this way.

Friday, July 27, 2012


It's progress when we no longer refer to the WHITE TEACHER OF THE YEAR or the BLACK TEACHER OF THE YEAR.

Now it's the TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARD, and that's it.

Of course, looking at this picture, you know that a nigger will always win.

Southern Crackers Get 'Em First

Nigger babies, that is.

A Fast Decline

Didn't take long for the black man to rise up and dominate the white man. Even national magazines are reporting on the truth. Want to sell more copies? Put on a photo of a nigger fucking a sexy white slut -- you'll hear that cash register ring!

Gangbang Parties

You never know what the white bitch is gonna look like after the night is over.

Prelude To The Olympics

White females at the Olympics perform much better if they're loaded up with hot nigger sperm.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Niggers On

More every day. You just can't escape niggers.

Teaching Your Girls To Pay It Forward

Staying In Shape

Join a gym with a black fitness trainer.

Extra membership discounts are given to married white girls. See your body and your complexion change overnight.

New African Woman

In other words, another white girl with a fat ass who's been fucked by more than one nigger.

Look at this bitch. Do you really want to see her wasted on a whiteboi?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

When Major Publications Go Black

Sales skyrocket.

All you need on the cover is a sexy white girl and a hot stud nigger.

As Long As They're Legal

Yeah, right.

A Great Nigger Magazine

Would be so great to work at JET magazine, with all those niggers in charge (where they belong), making the few white guys do the work, and fucking every white bitch in sight.

Ah....the life of a nigger....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

At The Gym

While I showered and dressed at the local fitness center yesterday after a hard workout, 4 black guys came into the locker room.

I laughed when two pathetic white guys hurried to leave -- either afraid or feeling inferior -- but I  took my time and enjoyed the show. Those 4 niggers, all in their 20s, I'd say, were having a typical nigger conversation filled with black slang and talking over each other and fucking and bitches.

It didn't take long before every other word was "fuck" and for the entire discussion to be about sexy hot white girls they were slamming. Every white girl was a fucking slut and a fucking whore, and the white man was never mentioned.

My dick got so hard listening to them it was unreal.

All 4 had great bodies and huge cocks -- typical of niggers. They're all getting so much white pussy it's unreal, and they love treating white girls like fucking whores. I didn't want to leave, because I wanted to smell that room when those niggers finished working out -- the scent that drives white girls mad.

They ignored me as I walked out, my gym bag in front of me to cover my throbbing cock. Fucking niggers are incredible.

Get Ann Romney Some

Let's see that rich bitch smile when some nigger fucks her.

Ruling The World

It's all about the Big Black Cock.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keeping The Models Happy

Esquire magazine obviously knows how to keep their models happy.

Nigger Lover Paris Hilton

The Moment

Now show it off for the camera, you fucking slut.

Right before your boyfriend cleans up the excess.

Come Back, Shorty Mac

Shorty Mac should return to IR porn.

That motherfucker knew how to treat a white bitch. The more he treated a white girl like nothing but a cunt, the more she liked it.

Writing On A Whore

Is it abusive, degrading, and demeaning to write on a white woman like this?

She's a fucking whore, so why not?

She's actually lucky this nigger wanted to write on her. He should've spit on her while he did his thang.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That Black Ass

She fell in love with that black ass.

This nigger has a lot going for him, but all he had to do was show off a little of that bubble black ass and she was his.  Of course, she also loved his muscled black body and that big black dick.

Prelude To A Great Fuck

One kiss from this nigger and her legs will open.

Game Face

James has his game face on.

That means that in short order, this slut's dress will be lifted up and he'll be shoving his big black cock into her cunt.

She's used to it.

Youth Group Leader Marnell

Marnell takes all his young people under his wing. After so many years of running the youth group, he knows that bonding makes the group work best.

In an age where people are afraid to show affection for one another because it might be misunderstood, Marnell instead thinks of his youth crew first. He knows they love that he cares about them and understands them, and he wants their parents to know they are safe with him.

Of course, the girls love the attention he gives them and think he's very sexy. They understand why so many women like him.  At one of their many parties, Traci was happy to have her picture taken with Marnell, and you can tell she appreciates all the love Marnell gives the youth crew.

She Was A Good Girl

...until her black boyfriends started passing her around.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nigger Superiority

When a man is superior, he gets the finest pussy around.

These fine white sluts know a superior man when they see one. This motherfucker knows he's a king.

Luckiest Bitch In Town

Every white girl should be this fucking lucky.

Can you imagine how much her pussy is drippin'? Can you imagine how much she loves that scent of black swag? Or how much she loves those big full lips anywhere and everywhere on her?

And that's even before they all fuck her.