Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reaching For Pussy

No one goes for the pussy faster or better than a nigger.

Angry Stepdad

You tried to hide it, but your stepdad found your report card -- and wasn't happy when he saw all the D's and F's.

He asked "What the fuck you doin' in that school, bitch? You flunkin' every motherfuckin' class. Me and your mom told you that you can't be doin' this shit."

You tried to apologize and explain, but your stepdaddy wasn't having it. He told you "Bend over, bitch, cuz Ima beat your ass and you goin' to your room til yo mama gets home."

So you bent over. Stepdad lifted your skirt and lectured you even more, his big black hand on and all over your ass. Then he started pulling your hair. He warned you, he threatened you, he yelled at you -- all before the first smack on your ass.

The Happiest White Woman In Town

Her Tits Never Had It So Good

She's feeling good, and this nigger is already sweating because he loves it so much.

Show Him

Show your black boyfriend how much you appreciate him.

Cook his meals, clean his house, pay his bills. And be the fucking whore you were born to be.

Sex Addicts

Sex addiction can be a terrible thing.

Unless, that is, you do something about your addiction and go into the porn business.

If you can't beat your addiction, feed it. If you're a white girl, that means doing interracial porn Start with a gloryhole scene and one black cock, and before you know it, you're getting gangbanged by a bunch of thug niggers.

Your Mom And Your Best Friend

Your best friend is black.

What the fuck did you think would happen when you left your mom alone with him?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Janet Mason's Xmas Gift

Janet's husband Steve is so good to her.

He knows that Janet not only loves and craves black dick, but loves and craves black dick on young black boys. There's just something about the stamina, looks, and power of a young nigger that turns Janet on and puts her white pussy into overdrive.

Steve knows the look on Janet's face, and that only a nigger can put it there. Luckily, there's a huge pool of young black boys more than willing to fuck this MILF legend who acts like she's classy even though she'll fuck any nigger who crosses her path.

Yeah, Janet has white kids to Steve, but they know their mother is a fucking whore for cash and a nigger load, so it's all good.

Daddy's New Camera Phone

So nice for you to pose.

Your daddy caught you and Jamal in the rec room having a little fun. You got a little flustered at first, but all Daddy wanted to do was to take a picture with his new camera phone.

When you leaned back, Jamal couldn't help ut reach for your pussy, which was already wet. That nigger cares so much about you!

Another Present For Your Boyfriend

Your boyfriend looks so good in the new clothes you bought him for Christmas! It's nice that you're sucking him off and trying not to mess up his outfit.

Getting A Bonus From Your Black Boss

You have a black boss, so you need to give a little extra to get that year-end bonus.

He may wear fine suits and smell real good with that Kanye cologne, but he's still a nigger, which means you can work that white pussy and get what you need.

If his suit pants are fully distended, you're doing it right.

FUCK The Holiday Outfit

A Negro has come to visit.

Friday, December 21, 2012

When White Guys Offer You Up

It will be to a nigger.

Nigger Kisses Of The Day

For The Perfect Wedding Album

A Boz Choke And Fuck

Load up her pussy with black seed. Choke her out.

Result? One happy white girl.

Wedding Day Destruction

Just one look at this bitch and you know her pussy is already soaked.

Just one look at this nigger and you know he is gonna fucking DESTROY that pussy.

Your Slut Wants You To Watch

She Had Dark Yesterday

Today, she gets some light. After all, all niggers named Tyrone aren't black as coal.

Finger In

He is so getting that hand into her pussy.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Fuck You, America!

You don't like seeing white girls with black boys? Then FUCK YOU, AMERICA! White girls like this one KNOW what they want, and they don't give a shit what you think.

She dressed for black boys, so why do you care that this nigger is gonna slide his hand and feel up some of her tight and already-wet pussy? She wants it, so fuck you.

You think she's mad about him grinding his throbbing black dick up against her fine phat ass? She's grinding right back. She knows this nigger can get an number of white girls at the club. In fact, there's probably some white slut ready to kiss his black ass and lick his black hole if his pants fall down any further.

When A White Girl Doesn't Listen

A nigger always knows how to get a white girl in line when she doesn't do what she's supposed to do.

As my friend Jamal told me, "I'll choke the bitch out if I have to." In  the end, she's gonna get fucked regardless.

Preparing For The Gang Bang

Whiteboi Goes To Jail

America should think twice about putting so many niggers in jail.

Some deserve incarceration, but too many blacks are jailed simply for being niggers. Put a nigger in jail and he's not going to stop doing what he does best -- fucking.

No white girls around? Then the white boys better watch out. Look at this whiteboi, obviously a product of the gym. Doesn't matter how big or how strong he is. He knows he'll be a bitch to a nigger when he's thrown in jail.

Dieting Before The Holidays

Want to look good at the office party?

Take off a few extra pounds before Xmas and stay in shape by going on the BBC DIET.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Already Hurting

This nigger is barely in, and already she's in deep pain.

That face tells you she's on her way to being a black cock whore. He's gonna destroy her pussy.


Black babies. So good.

She Knows

Bitch knows she messed up, and she's gonna get it good across that phat white ass before she gets fucked.

Every crack across that ass will make this nigger harder, which means she'll enjoy the fuck even more.

Proud Of Your Daughter?

You know you are.

Brides Getting It Good

White brides just cannot resist a big black dick.

                                    Nice to see this wife's hubby guide her to that Negro cock.

Ceremony starts in 5. Just enough time for this nigger to make a deposit.

The bridal dance is always more fun with a nig around.

Get your subscription now.

Does this bitch even want to get married? Because she's looking at that nigger like she 
can't get enough of his black ass.

Your fiance is dumb, but give him time. Soon he'll know just who
the baby daddy is.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dogfart Behind The Scenes

Great 10 minute BTS video from Dogfart -- new black cock slut

Bella-Nikole Black

Even after the main shoot, this fucking whore couldn't stop. Every nigger who put his big black dick in front of her got some action while her husband watched.

The main shoot is great, too. Shot around election time, and this bitch opposes Obama and socialism. You know what that means. Once we get to the house, it's filled with black boys who yell FUCK ROMNEY and more.

7 black guys in a room with a white girl? Enter the nigger in every one of those motherfuckers, led by Jack Napier.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Room Service

Sometimes a bride wants room service before the ceremony.

An on-staff Negro will always provide the service she needs.

Fucking Whore

No one had to talk this white girl into sitting next to this nigger, let alone put her hand between his Negro thighs.

She's a good white whore, and good white whores want black boys.  Luckily, she found herself a handsome black boy, all dressed up in his nigger-finest. This amazing nig deserves all the white pussy he can get.


Sometimes the contrast between a white girl and a black boy is so stark and so strong that I blast a whiteboi load even before I can post a picture to my blog.

Some White Girls

Some white girls will fuck every nigger they meet.

No wonder niggers rule.

DFW Knight Hits It Again

DFW Knight is an amazing nigger fuck machine.

He's got foreplay skills that make a white girl know he wants her, and her pussy is SOAKED before she even gets on his bbc. Kisses like a motherfucker and owns her cunt before his big Negro dick is inside her.

That is a fucking MAN.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy White Brides

A happy white bride fucks a nigger on her wedding day.

An even happier one does a nigger right in front of her new whiteboi husband.

Make Her Beg

Another Gangbang

Gotta love these white sluts who crave black dick so much that they sign up to do gangbang porn.

You'd think it'd be enough to take one nigger, let alone a gang of fucking five! But not this bitch. She's ready for anything and everything these black bulls got.

Not a pretty black boy in the bunch, either. In fact, we got some ugly motherfuckin' niggers here -- making it all even hotter.

In Awe

Even if you're 100% straight, you gotta be in complete awe of that big black dick.

I mean, that is one fucking amazing cock -- big, thick, BLACK, hard, and ready to feed. And look at this nigger's huge balls while you're admiring....the motherfucker got some serious nuts to empty on and into this pretty white bitch.

He's just a perfect representative of why niggers got it all.