Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Comments Awaiting Moderation

No censorship intended -- I had to start moderating comments because I've been getting overrun with SPAM.

The filter catches some of the spam, but not nearly all of it, and it was taking too much time/too many clicks to delete each individual spam message.

I can't leave the spam on the blog entries, because it's annoying to visitors. I just wish I understood the purpose of the spam that hits these blogs -- it's stuff that NO ONE would click on.

If the spam ever disappears, I'll go back to no moderation mode.

A Helping Hand

Here's what it means when a nigger lends a helping hand to a white girl.

The Smell Of Hot Sex

Not only black boys and white girls, but hot and sweaty black boys and white girls.

There's nothing like the smell of nigger in a room full of white girls.

Flying Coach

The airline messed up your first class ticket, but before you pulled the "You're keeping me out of 1st class cuz I'm black" card, they gave you a perk you couldn't resist.

Even better, the bitch didn't get any black jizz on your suit.


Always protect the identity of the nigger who's fucking you.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

You Caught Her

...but you can't stop her.

Club Kneel Downs

Go to any black club and you'll find white girls on their slut knees ready to take care of the black boys.

Black Owned Mommy

The little white bastard is in the back seat playing with some game. He's already used to Mommy being around niggers -- talking to them, touching them, kissing them. He knows she does things with the black boy's big black monster dick.

The little boy thinks Jamal is a nice guy, except when Jamal says stuff like "Get the fuck outta here, boy" and "What the fuck you want now, you little bitch?"

Not that it matters to Mommy. She loves that bbc on Jamal way too much to care what her kid thinks.

Whether You're A Dad Or Boyfriend

The One-Two Move

White girls know to keep their arms above their hands so that the niggers fucking them can practice their one-two moves. This slut's closed eyes tell you that Mr. Negro is successful at his craft.

Your Defeat Can Be Your Victory

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Taking A Photo With A Nigger

When a nigger takes a picture with a white girl, the truth is that he doesn't have to be her date, her bf, or her husband -- his big black hands are gonna roam.

Motherfucker can't keep his hands off this fine white slut, and it's a beautiful thing to see. You just know her pussy is already wet.

Quoth The Niggers Evermore

It's All You Got Left, Whiteboi

Bitch Is Noisy

Typical nigger move during a rape.

Time To Get A Second Job

Knock Up Of The Day

For All Racists

Amazing how many racists have been visiting and posting at the blog lately.

Hey, whatever gets you off. While you might hate niggers, the rest of us know that you can't go without your daily fix of white girls turning into sluts for those nigger boys. The rest of us know how hard your tiny white dick gets when you see a big motherfucking nigger slam his bbc into a white bitch.

Your wives and girlfriends are either black cock whores already, or you want them to be.

So blast away at how much you hate niggers. Just shows how much control they have over your pathetic white ass.

Better Than Cable TV

Why They Started

Friday, January 18, 2013

It Happens All The Time

From the first time Rashard walked into her house, Anni knew something was up.

While he held hands with her mother, he locked eyes with her. Anni was flushed and embarrassed at first, but couldn't deny what she felt -- or how wet her sweet young pussy got.

Her mother was pretty clueless, which only made Rashard bolder, and it didn't take long before Anni was comfortable around him, laughing and joking and teasing. When her mom would go to the kitchen to prepare something to eat, Rashard would sit back and ask Anni how her dating life was going and if she liked black boys. Over a few visits, she talked openly with him, and noticed that he'd spread his big legs an give her a perfect view of his dick. She couldn't help but look, especially when Rashard rubbed his own bbc.

Her mom thought it was sweet that Rashard called Anni "baby girl" and would hug her before he left. And then he added a kiss to the forehead with that hug. When her mom wasn't in the room when Rashard left, he hugged her so tight she felt his big black cock grind against her. She had to admit she liked it -- and Rashard knew that.

Then Rashard showed up while her mom was at work. When he walked by her, he said "Damn, girl, you got a fine ass! Yo mama better watch you!" Anni just laughed nervously, but she loved the attention. When Rashard said "You need to come sit on my lap and tell me what's goin on wit you," Anni listened.

And that was the beginning.

Twenty minutes later, Rashard was fucking Anni in her bedroom. She didn't care that he was her mother's boyfriend....he was fucking HER. No condom, of course. Rashard never used them. Anni never fucked a black boy before, but she felt really good with him, and she wanted to please him. Anything he did with her and to her was ok, and she found herself screaming "Fuck me! Fuck me harder!!"

"You want my nigga load in you, baby girl?" asked Rashard -- as if he cared about the answer.

Moments later, he blasted a hot load of nigger jizz in Anni's tight virgin pussy. Maybe her mom was on the pill, but Anni wasn't.

The Reality Of College

Nig Kisses Of The Day

Amazing how that nigger kiss is always accompanied by that black hand making moves on your white pussy.

Advertising For A Gangbang

No words needed.

You're At Work

She's fucking black boys, but it's not because you work too hard or too much or too many hours.

It's because you're white.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

How To Label A White Girl

No limits with a slut like this, and niggers know it.

Your Job Isn't Finished

How To Keep A Negro Happy


You hired an investigator to check out your wife, who you think is having an affair. She's pregnant, but you're suspicious since you haven't had sex with her for months.

Didn't take the P.I. long to find your wife out on the town with her lover -- a big badass motherfucking nigger. When he shoved his Negro tongue down her throat, you knew it wasn't just a friendship, and even though she wore her wedding ring, she was dressed like a total slut.

All you can think of is how many times your wife fucked that nigger before he knocked her up.

Abused White Whore

God knows what this bitch looks like in 2013 when she looked so fucking bad in '08.

Talk about being used and abused by niggers. Jesus Christ, what a fucking whore. No doubt these nigs picked her drug-abusing ass up off the street, took her to their crib, and fucked her within an inch of her life. This is nothing but a cunt to these bulls, and there's nothing they won't do to her.

You Might Be Racist

Cleanup In Aisle Three

Degrading the Whiteboi

If your little white dick gets hard when a nigger humiliates you, you're ready to be a cuck.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Unhappily Married

Jon Jon put his big nigger lips on her and it was all over.

Motherfuckin nigger really knows how to nail a white bitch.

Calling All Niggers

This won't be her first Negro rodeo.

You Can't Stop THE NIGGER

And why would you want to?

The ONLY Porn To Watch

His Dirty Negro Hands

Admit it. It's fucking hot to see those dirty Negro hands on a white girl. The bitch is lucky to have a nigger handling her.

A Sweet Wife

So loving and giving....

Anything to keep the guy who pays the bills happy.

It's Not Gay, Faggot

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Photographer

Hubby takes the pictures.

Someday they'll want to show their kid who the baby daddy is.

Too Many Hours

Working too many hours is hard on a marriage.

Taking your wife for granted leads to things like this. Who knew that the gym membership you bought her for Christmas would lead to a Negro in your bed even before the decorations were down?

Coach Jackson

Carly wanted to be the first girl on her basketball team to get the coach.

She knew he was married, but she also knew what was bouncing around every day in his workout shorts. She wasn't a started on the team before, but she is now.

Lamar Isn't Hurting Her

She's screaming at her pathetic husband because he can't fuck her that good.