Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Drew & Brittany -- The Break-Up

A few days ago, Brittany told Drew it was over and broke up with him.

That's right -- the stupid white bitch dumped her nigger boyfriend.

She's talking about it, but not giving specifics. She's mentioned that they go to different schools, that it's "a bunch of things" that moved her to dump him, that it's no one's business.

Of course, she also keeps saying how she has to be strong LMAO.  So SHE dumps HIM and SHE has to be strong? Her slut girlfriends are telling her how sorry they are and she's accepting their sympathy.

Others are getting on her case and pissing her off, pressing for details. Drew isn't on Facebook or Twitter, so I don't know how he's feeling.

As someone told Brittany, it won't be long before she has another nigger boyfriend, and it won't be long before Drew is fucking some other white girls.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

You Get What You Paid For

She's An A Student

And she loves this nigger.

Nigger Kiss Of The Day

Boner Poppin'

Imagine how many whitebois around the pool are poppin' boners looking at this sexy white girl with her nigger boyfriend.

Twitter Couple Of The Day


Erica is married to a white guy -- check out the wedding and engagement rings. Erica is religious -- check out the cross on her neck.

But neither of those things get in the way when Erica meets a sexy black man. She likes James' tatts, she likes his shaved head, she likes his big full lips, she likes his bull body, she likes his blackness.

As you can see, soon she'll see how much she likes his big black dick.

Let's face it. A black guy like James is not going home alone. Doesn't this nigger deserve a white girl as fine as Erica?

Best Vacation Ever

What She Wants

She doesn't want respect -- she wants black dick, and a lot of it.

Another Happy White Bitch

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nigger Kiss Of The Day

Mr. LaMar Jones, Swimming Coach

10 lessons for Little Susie, at $25.00 per lesson.

Twitter Niggers

Which one of these girls do you want to be your daughter?

Which nigger do you want to show up at your door to fuck the white girls in your house?

Send It To Daddy

Let her daddy see this pic of his beautiful blond daughter doing her life's work.

Let himm see what a nigger loving slut she is.

BlowBang Niggers

Treating white girls the way they want to be treated -- like fucking whores.

Niggers in a group act like fucking pack animals.

Don't Make A Nigger Angry

Nigger Breeding

She Was Bad

So she got choked by the nigger. It happens.

Did she pass out? Who gives a fuck.

Nigger Sperm

Good for white girls who love black boys, as well as for cucks and faggots.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Nigger Kiss Of The Day

That Fucking Nigger

For Your Family Album

Stop For Gas, Pick Up A Nigger

My Buddy Jon Jon

I've gotten to know black porn star Jon Jon online, exchanging private messages with him. He knows exactly how I feel about niggers fucking white girls.

I let Jon Jon know that I love it when he gets rough with a bitch, and he told me he'd get a lot nastier and rougher with the white sluts if the studios let him go and let him do his thing.

Another Gangbang Slut

The Wedding Reception

You wanted a spontaneous marriage -- excitement at any given moment. That's why you married a nigger.

The hour of dancing at the reception was so much fun, and you thought your Negro husband looked good all covered in sweat. Then the nigger in him kicked in and he fucked you right on the dance floor.

Your Daughter Does Porn

It was bad enough when you discovered that your daughter started doing porn. When you found out her first shoot was with a bunch of niggers in a gangbang, you couldn't believe it.

Married With Children, And Bored

A whiteboi got her pregnant at 16, so she married him. Little did she know she'd end up with 3 kids and a fat husband who bores her to tears.

She's not mid-life yet, but she answered her own personal crisis by telling hubby she needed a night out with the girls at least once a week. Instead, she decided to do what she's thought about doing for years.

She knows how to dress and she knows how to spread her legs open. It's gotten even better for her since she was invited to the black frat at a local college. Won't be long before every nigger's had her.

Late Summer Vacation

White people know that going on a vacation with a nigger is always a good time.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nigger Breeds 14 Women, Has 22 Kids

What a nigger.

Not much else you can say about a motherfucker who lives to breed his bitches and won't pay a dime to support the little bastards -- 22 of them. You can bet he isn't done.

The author sounds surprised that this nigger doesn't like pulling out. LOL -- what nigger does?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beach Fun

It was a great summer at the shore.

Before The Filming Begins

It's good to let the talent get to know each other on a porn set before filming begins.

Here you get the classic nigger move of his black hand moving to her sweet ass, while she goes right for his big black cock.

Mr. Russell's Daughter

Mr. Russell better get used to his daughter fucking this nigger and other niggers -- because he can't stop her anyway. He might want to buy her kneepads for that Christmas party.

Another Black Cock Slut

The more niggers, the better.

What Every Prom Should Be