Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lying To Parents

You'd lie, too, if you loved big black dick and your parents hated niggers.


  1. My little princess wouldnt have to lie to me,i would love to see her take that big black cock in her sweet white pussy.

  2. Easy to do?
    Can she call them when one Nigger after another is fucking her face?
    Can she call them while she's screaming as she's being penetrated vaginally and anally?
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    ... sucking toes?
    ... performing analingus?

    Just when is this wsfbbc going to call her parents to lie to them?

    -- bbc turbine

  3. I hope that my princess knows she would never have to lie to me about any cock she ends up with. Especially a BBC.

  4. Death for dishonour nigger.

  5. I wonder when my sister is going to start lying about where she is. Movies? Nope, she's getting bukkaked by those black guys down the street that let her star in their "music video".

  6. Its a powerful incentive. I remember I didn't really have to lie about where I was until I was sneaking off my senior year of high school to get more Black cock in me. Thank G-d it was before cell phones and I had a good friend who would always alibi me.

  7. It's always better when Dad's a niggas hater. Lil daughter enjoys it more and the black breeding's certain. Dad will become mad lol


    1. That is a very interesting way to look at it BLACK POWER. I was always a little more accepting of what black guys were doing with my daughter which makes me wonder how much more would have happened if I totally objected to her interactions with blacks.