Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Friday, January 31, 2014

Is It Abuse?

If it is, so what? It's not rape. It's what niggers do.

Engaged But Realistic

She got engaged to the whiteboi she's been seeing for two years, but that hasn't stopped her from getting what she really needs -- some big nigger dick. Look at the dick on this fucking nigger. Would you really expect her to walk away from that?

The Rec Room

Or should it be called the Wreck Room?

Ever since your daughter started dating that nigger Jamal, your rec room couch has seen a lot of action -- and has been cleaned three times. Hard as he tries to give Lily all his black seed, sometimes Jamal just busts way too much and she can't swallow it all or take it all in her well-fucked cunt.

Super Bowl Plans

No reason you can't enjoy the Super Bowl and some fine white pussy, too. If you can fuck the bitch during a soccer match, you can fuck her during the Big Game.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wedding Photos

It's always good to take a few photos before the actual ceremony.

Darnell and Sheila wanted a photo that recalled the first time they met. She'd been talking to him for only a few minutes when he shoved his hand up her skirt and realized he'd already made her pussy all wet.

And They're All Niggers

Is this nigger the daddy? Who knows.

Big Black Cock Worship

Why the fuck would any white girl say no to this?

Your Daughter's First Nigger Boyfriend

Kissy Kissy

White husbands everywhere are learning about the power and taste of hot nigger jizz.

Are You A Fucking Racist?

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Loving Father

You're lucky to have a dad who loves you so much.

He's not only ok with you dating black boys and bringing them over to the house, he's even willing to hold your hand when a nigger fucks you. Says so much about how your dad cares for you.

He's even nice to the nigger who's fucking you, yelling things like "Fuck her harder!" and "Fill her white pussy with that hot black seed!"

Life As A Fuckhole

For a young white girl? It's a good life.

As long as that fuckhole is getting filled by niggers.

Kodak Moment

Hubby's on the left, taking pictures as he stands in the doorway. Too many niggers in the bedroom itself taking turns with his wife. It started with one and she liked it black so much it's now a regular thing.

Niggers have no problem sharing fine white pussy.

Twitter Honey

That is prime pussy for a black boy. And with every nigger she dates, she goes blacker -- fuller lips and broader nose, with hands that just don't stop.

If You Love Her

If you love your wife, you'll get her a nigger. Everybody wins.

Married To A Whiteboi

Yes, she married white, but getting knocked up by a black man was inevitable. Her lust for niggers never went away.

Now the baby daddy gets to enjoy her fine white pussy while her husband pays the bills.

Your Daughter Is Doing Well

You worried so much about your little girl not finding her way. You tried your best to get her to do well in school, but all she did was rebel. The home situation got worse when you found out she was dating black boys, or as you called them, "those fucking niggers."

Little did you know that those fucking niggers would provide your daughter with a nice living. Now she's getting paid for fucking those fucking niggers. And look how they're taking care of her!

When A Nigger Doesn't Care About You

And you're glad he doesn't care.

You Were Late

Your black boyfriend stopped at your house to pick you up, but you weren't home from school yet.

Fortunately, your mother kept him company. Lesson? Never keep a nigger waiting.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Once?

Really? You think this white girl can stop after this?

I don't care how much money her whiteboi has or how many diamond necklaces he buys her. He cannot fuck her like this nigger or look like this nigger. He cannot put this look on her face.

Absolutely beautiful.


Shane Diesel prepares a white bitch for the full Nigger Treatment.

What's The Story?

I don't know what her story is, but she clearly wants this nigger bad -- and he's going to give it to her good.

Why Undress?

Why should a nigger have to undress when a white slut is more than willing to suck his big black dick as soon as he pulls it out?

This way, she can return to her husband right after she sucks him dry and swallows his hot nigger jizz.

Sunday Suck

Alyssa hasn't had any black dick since Thursday, so she's making up for it today.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another Married Nigger Lover

Look at her face. You think there's much chance that she's done with niggers after this fuck?

Only a nigger can do this to a white woman.

Your Mother's Fucking A Nigger

Bitch found herself a good one.

BlackBred Magazine

It Can Happen Anywhere

If you live in an area that's diversified, this can happen to  you.

Niggers are more than willing to fuck you quick and hard before your husband gets home. Who needs a bedroom? He'll just bend your phat white ass over the kitchen counter and fuck the shit out of you right there.

Your kids are in the living room? You won't fucking care once you feel that big nigger dick in your pussy.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Family

I learned on Twitter that Alexis loves her mom a her stepdad. 

From her pics, looks like she's into niggers as much as her mother is. Gotta love it. Wonder if stepdaddy wants to fuck her?

Imagine This

Cuckold Magazine

It Tastes So Good

Her girlfriends told her how good it was, but Lisa didn't know if she'd like the taste of black jizz.

Since she loves the nigger boys, it's good that she does. And she's so fine and pretty that there are plenty of niggers ready to give her the nig seed.

Nigger Bait

Gift Card

Your wife used her VISA gift card wisely, and she even invited you along.

Miss Independent

You raised your daughter to be independent, but then you tried to apply the brakes when she started showing interest in black boys at a young age.

By that time, she was unstoppable.

And face it, niggers aren't going to ignore a hot sexy white girl like that -- not that she wanted to be ignored. You believed other people when they told you it was a phase LOL.

And now she's moving on and moving up. She has a job and she's still independent. And why should she fuck one nigger on camera when she can get paid to fuck a bunch of thug niggers?

Porn Stash

Your daughter found your porn stash. At least now you know why she started dating niggers.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Black Dicking A Slut

She's a fucking slut, so why shouldn't these niggers treat her like a cumdump?

Motherfuckers are getting the white pussy they deserve. Wreck the bitch.

They're Forcing Her

And who the fuck cares? Bitch is lucky to get some nigger dick.

College Party 101

She's not a good drinker. After just a few beers, she gets on her knees and takes care of the boys.

Of course, all the boys are black. Why would she want a little whiteboi when she can havee a nigger with a big dick?

No Wonder

No wonder niggers are so fucking cocky. Look at this hot white bitch -- she's not going anywhere no matter how much he's on his phone.

She likes that nigger swag.

Yeah, He's Fucking Her

This nigger is definitely fucking that white girl. No doubt. She's wasted,but she still knows she got herself a nigger.

First Date With Darrell

She knew what she was in for. Darrell fucks every white girl on the first date.

Anyone who knows niggers knows that.

Cuckold Application

Every whiteboi cuck should have to fill out one of these cards.

Happy Birthday, Honey

Dan got his wife just what she wanted for her birthday -- a nigger gangbang.

He's so happy to stand right by and watch her get fucked the right way.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Don't Keep Calm

Found this on a nigger's Twitter page.

The interesting thing was how many white girls RT it.

What She Wants

White girls know what they need -- and what they don't need. This nigger knows who she belongs to.

So You Heard

So you heard your daughter was promiscuous and hired a private detective to find out if it was true.

All it took was one Friday night and it was pretty clear. No, not that she likes Hawaiian themed parties, but that she likes niggers. If she'll grind a nigger against a bar, she'll give herself up to a black gangbang.