Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Thursday, July 31, 2014

When A Bitch Misbehaves

Actually, it's ok for a nigger to hit a bitch anytime he wants.

This slut is losing some of his hot nigger load, so she deserves a hard smack across her face. White whores have to do a better job.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sitting In Your Car

You're a white guy sitting in your car, and you see this.

You don't try to stop it. Not only because you're afraid of niggers, but because you wnat to see this sexy blond bitch get fucked right.

Breed Her Anyway

Niggers don't take no for an answer.

Minority Report

It happens in every white family -- the daughter wants to go to the mall to meet her friends, and doesn't want you there with her.

She's old enough, and you have to start trusting her sometime, right?  Well, here's what happens. Your daughter meets her friends there, but soon they're joined by packs of niggers out looking for fun. In some malls,niggers even have the run of the place, scaring off old white people.

Soon those niggers are following your daughter and her friends around, calling out to them and letting them know DAT ASS is sweet. Niggers know how to give a white girl attention, and you're daughter loves it.

Look at this pretty white girl. Her parents dropped her off at the mall and told her they'd pick her up in 3 hours. That's plenty of time for these four young nigger boys to leave an impression on her. In fact, one black boy already has his hands on her.

This is how it starts. White parents can't stop it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Black Gangbangs

Party At Your House

When your parents were away and you decided to have a party, you were hoping at least one black boy showed up. Instead so many niggers showed up there were at least two for every white girl there.

Great party? What do you think?

Cum Dump

White girls make good cum dumps for niggers, don't they?

Don't worry about this young slut. She's used to it, and used to the sound of niggers laughing as they bust all over her face.

What White Girls Be Like

Enjoy The Show

Nothing wrong with watching a hung nigger fuck your wife while you enjoy the show.

The First Time

Shouldn't it always be black for a pretty white girl?

There's not a nigger alive who wouldn't love to fuck this white girl and turn her out.

Support All Nigger Athletes

Thank goodness for school spirit. Cheerleaders are the best at it, and no one knows that more than the niggers on their schools' teams.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bitch Knows

Yeah, this sexy ass bitch knows who owns her ass.

Fine White Girl

Christ, she's fucking sexy. No wonder this big fucking bull of a nigger wants to fuck her. With any luck, he'll breed her. Niggers exist to make white sluts out  of girls like this.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pain Can Teach A Young White Slut

Something To Yank

A white girl who wants to be a great piece of ass for a nigger needs to worry about her hair length. She needs to grow it long so that motherfucker has somethiing to yank and pull when he's fucking her mouth, slamming her pussy, or even when he's just letting her know she's a fucking slut.

She Begged

Exciting Our Girlfriends

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hanging With Bieber

You might think Justin Bieber is just a little bitch, but you can't criticize his circle of friends.

You'll never find him without an entourage of niggers, because he knows who can party hard and well, and he respects everything about their game. Bieber is the ultimate Nigger Lover.

More Bieber with niggers. They give him street cred, he gets them weed and drink.

First Date

More Street Justice

Just fuck the bitch.

What If?

Another Brittany Sleepover

Brittany had her black bf over for another sleepover.

Brit looks peaceful, but she's really into Dmondre, so it's tough to know when this pic was taken during the sleepover process. Dmondre definitely looks satisfied, though, and all that swag tells you he's happy with his white girl. My guess is that D is getting some. Don't all niggers get some?

Not that Brittany is a slut. She doesn't sleep around on Dmondre, and she didn't fuck around on other black boys she dated. She doesn't go long between boyfriends, however, and a new bf is always a nigger. Her type? So far, they've all been dark with a broad nig nose and those big nigger lips.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Smile For The Camera

Your mother has had a good life, even though the sex is wanting.

Fortunately, your parents live in a mixed neighborhood, and the word is around that your mom gives great head.  The look on this nigger's face tells you that she does good work, and you know she swallowed his hot load of black jizz.

Your mom is a nigger lover, and she's not sorry.

Strict Parenting

Does strict parenting work?

Her parents didn't allow her to date or even talk to boys when she was in middle school, and it didn't get any better in high school. Her computer and phone were monitored every day, and her parents were intent on keeping their little girl sweet and pure and innocent.

And then she turned 18 and met a boy named Jamal.

No Chance

One of the guys below has no chance. None at all.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dakota James

Dakota James looks so pure, so perfect, so amazing -- and that's why seeing her defiled by a nigger is so fucking hot.

Jason Brown nails this pretty young cunt good, and when you see her spread her legs, you know it's nigger dick she wants and needs.

Whitebois Hate This

When a white girl meets a nigger, it's all over.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whitebois Know

Whitebois know what makes their white girlfriends happy. Get a nigger for your gf today.

Send That Pic

This nigger knows his bruhs will love seeing the latest bitch he nailed.

Look at the ASS on that slut! Christ, only a muthafuckin nigger could take care of that properly. Black dick always goes viral.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dress Like A Slut

Daughters Know Why

If you walked into your daughter's bedroom and saw this, you know you'd want that nigger to keep on fucking her til he busted in her tight hot young pussy.

You'd hear her moans and cries, and you'd see his bubble black ass pumping and pounding her so fucking hard, and you'd know that everything you heard about your little girl was true.

You'd also know that everything you heard about niggers was true.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Best Party Ever

Fine ass white girls, a bunch of niggers, and not a condom in sight.

Your Mama's New Boyfriend

When your parents divorced, no one knew why. Now that your mom is out with her nigger boyfriend, everyone knows.

He makes sure he puts his black hands all over her in public so that white people, including racists, know that he's not only with her but fucking her brains out. Not that she minds -- look at that smile on her face. Bitch is happy. And why wouldn't she be? She's fucking a nigger.

You might love your daddy, but he can't compete with this.

Another Nigger Turns To Porn

Nate Turnher is working non-stop. Just another nigger doing what he does best.

The Halls Of High School

More and more, every fucking year.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Daddy's Girl

Does it even matter who knocked her up? The fact is, even though she's ready to have her baby, she still needs black cock. She still needs big nigger dick in her pussy to feel whole.

What a fucking nigger-loving whore.

A Good Husband

Always cleans up his wife after a nigger fucks her.

Something tells me this hubby isn't objecting.

Perfect Wedding Night

Why Your Daughter's Late

Your daughter told you she was going to a girlfriend's house. Well, technically, she did walk past it, because her gf lives next door to Charles.

Charles has been flirting bigtime with your daughter for awhile now, and apparently it's working. Charles was her first, and now she's infatuated with him. Every time she says she's going to her gf's house, she's really going to see Charles, because she's fallen in love with hi and his big black dick.

She's young, but look at her -- no one had to talk her into letting this nigger fuck her.