Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chocolate Superman

He goes by Chocolate Superman on Twitter.

He gets some grief from whitebois, but turns it right back on them. He knows the haters are jealous because he's taking all their fine ass white girls. This nigger got the swag and the white pussy.


  1. he is right, he is a Ruler
    viva Black Power

  2. Stop filling this site will bullshit you homo! Way to post a picture of a nigger who is not even into white women!

    Chocolate Superman (on Twitter) is a nigger but he has an all black kid!

    Look at his images you can see the kid in the car seat in a few of those.
    That 'super hero' does not like white girls nor get white pussy.

    1. LOL the small dick whitey is angry LMAO !

      besides this Black Superior has obviously a lot of white girls according to his twitter pics and messages. So keep whining :-) but you should think about sucking Black Cock too.

    2. whiteslve admits he is a sorry fag. Ignore that poof.

      There seems to be 20 niggas who use that 'sexual chocolate' tag so the commenter was correct in saying the Twitter was from a PROUD BLACK MAN WHO LOVES STRONG BLACK WOMEN!

      No interracial homosexual nonsense as from whiteslve.

      Also, most whites have way bigger (longer and thicker) cocks then blacks do. Stop buying the disproved stereotype that it is otherwise.

      How do you know the penis size of some poster who is on annon, whiteslve? Weirdo queer.

    3. Sorry, dude, but you're wrong. His bio claims he likes white, Hispanic, Asian, and mixed girls. Nowhere does he mention black girls.

      I talked to him on Twitter and he loves white bitches -- he specifically told me he was always looking for a hot white girl to slam.

      As far as dick size, if you know most whites have bigger cocks, why so defensive about it? It's a stereotype that niggers have bigger dicks, and we all know there's truth to stereotypes.

    4. @Jockboy


      If not, STFU you liar. I think you are mixing up some guy's Twitter handle for someone you met online elsewhere. Mistaken identity.

      Where does it say he likes Whites and Asians? NOWHERE in his bio.

      What it does say is:
      "Nippleologist, Shower RnB singer.
      Fort Hood,TX
      Joined June 2011"

      Concerning dick size: Read the post by whiteslve that he wrote to some commenter. No one is being defensive, simply it is a matter of calling out the tired retort of 'small white man' as the knee jerk reaction to any post that does not agree with the faggot/cuckold nonsense most of the IR porn supporters are backing.

      I know Bill Gates and Carlos Slim HelĂș make more money then most whole nations do. I am hardly "being defense" by sharing that correct fact when someone is talking about earning power and wealth. Same with setting the record correct over the attempted dick size insult.

      No drama...

    5. LOL sure the "streotype" is precisely that : a common truth with some exceptions. Besides as a white slave i have a good knowledge of our Black Superiors' majestic Cocks.
      It's funny how these cavebois get "angry" when the Black Male dominance is jutting into their pale faces.
      Plus the links are showing this Black God with a lot of white etc. female bitches.
      Black Power always

    6. The pictures are of THIS guy:

      Read his bio. I'm not here to argue with people who don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

    7. Laughing hard. Why are you here there?

      whiteslve needs a reach around but aside from that,why?

      Who the fuck is this annon? Is it all from the same guy or do a flock of fools keep the flaming alive?