Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Your Daughter's Late

Too bad your daughter is so late coming home from school. Her bf Dre showed up, but no daughter in sight.

You let him in, thinking she'd be home shortly. It took you awhile to get used to the idea of your daughter dating a nigger, but what could you do?

After a half hour, you decided to do what you had to do. You invited Dre to see the rest of the house, including your master bedroom. You saw the way that nigger was looking at you, and you knew he wouldn't say no.


  1. Hopefully both mother and daughter will be late next month!. Then they can start a black breeding factory.

    1. Beat me to it! But, now the race is on. Who will be the first to pop a Nigglet? Of course, twins trumps speed.

      -- bbc turbine

  2. Mothers, daughters, friends: White women don't seem to mind sharing the attentions of black cocks. There just isn't the same sort of jealousy about the idea of all being fucked by the same guy. I think it's just they understand it's the right of the black man to use any white girl, no exclusivity applies.