Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thugs & Gangstas

Your slut wife doesn't just like it black, she loves her some thungs and gangstas -- real niggers who will fuck her cunt anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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  1. Ode to Thugs & Gangstas Humping WSFBBC:
    Take 'em in the street,
    it really can't be beat.
    Fuck her in a car,
    you'll be her idol star.
    Gang 'em in the hall,
    they'll drain out every ball.
    Bang her on a boat,
    when you've used her throat.
    Nail her on a plane,
    she'll pull a Nigger train.
    Ram her in the grass,
    she'll take it up her ass.
    Spooge her in the box;
    she'll be a pregnant fox.

    -- bbc turbine

  2. You should include any ugly, homeless, obese black men who have the right fuck any white girl when they want without any resistance to carrying their black baby inside her white pussy!

    1. I personally believe that although blacks are better physically and sexually for white women, that there are still definitely some blacks who are less desireable for them (the mobirdly obese, homeless, non-showering, drug addicts etc.) that should have to fuck only the bottom of the barrel of white women, while thugs in their prime like the above picture should be the ones to get free reign over our wives, girlfriends, sisters and daughters.

  3. who cares if se like it, black men should take every white female anyway anywhere anytime he want

  4. every time i go to a house party with a lot of black guys from the next town over, i silently hope i see my little sister in the corner grinding a thug, sucking him off, or getting pinned to the wall and reamed just like this. she's on her way there and sucking cocks, but still tries to keep it quite in school, save for the hot black thugs she wants to blow. one day she'll proclaim her need for BBC by servicing one in public, but until then i'll make due