Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tutoring The Black Boy


  1. She's teaching him 1+1 = 3, i.e. 1 teen bbc Nigger + 1 white slut for bbc = 1 teen bbc Nigger + 1 white slut for bbc + 1 Nigglet. And she emphasizes this can be repeated over and over with white women in general.

    He's teaching her, "once you go black, you never go back." (Well, maybe she already knew that.)

    Education is a good thing.

    -- bbc turbine

  2. I'd love to see 'Blacking 101' on the curriculum. Every young white girl should be black fucked in front of the whole class to teach everyone that white cunts belong to black men and should be bred as soon as possible. It would quickly transform the world if all white teenagers were dedicated to breeding black babies, as they should be.
    Both my daughters are doing their bit, one is definitely carrying a black baby and the younger one says she thinks she's pregnant but it's too soon for a test.
    Fingers crossed!