Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Time To Suck

A fucking beautiful sight.

Nasty White Slut

This white bitch is nasty looking, but what the fuck -- niggers can use her to get off and enjoy themselves. She's actually lucky to get a posse that looks this good.

Welcome To Your Future

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nigger Kiss Of The Day

Getting a deep tongue kiss and some perfect white girl booty. What more can a nigger ask for?

Except her pussy, of course.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ruin Her

She's a fucking slut. She's been fucking niggers since forever, and now she does porn.

So why shouldn't a nigger fucking RUIN this bitch?

Nigger, treat her like the cunt she is and wreck her. Let her know she's nothing but a nigger loving whore and that's all she'll ever be. Trash the fuck out of her and get her makeup to run. Shove your big black dick down her cocksucking throat.

Tell her she's a whore and a slut and a CUNT made for use and abuse by NIGGERS. Pull her hair  and choke the fucking bitch out. If she acts up, smack her around. Slap her fucking cunt face hard and make her cry. Keep calling her a fucking cunt whore.

Tell her you're going to beat her slut ass and fuck her up. Then do it, nigger. It's what you're good at. Fuck this bitch up and destroy her.

When you're done, call in your boys to fucking rape her. She's asking for it.

The Cleaning

What more does a whiteboi need?

Why Niggers Rule


Why deny her this monster cock? Why shouldn't she let this nigger know how amazing he is and how much she wants his big black dick? Why shouldn't every fucking nigger get a fine white girl like this?

It's Over

Whitebois lose again.

Dance With My Wife

I fucking love that nigger pussy move. It's a whiteboi cockbuster every time.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Another Hot Twitter Couple

Another fine IR couple. Isn't it great that her parents are so cool in allowing her to take her nigger bf to her bedroom? They love to take photos of their love in her bathroom.

Check out the body language. This nigger is so fucking her. That first pic of his black hand on her sweet sexy ass tells you all you need to know about how they're going to listen to her father about dating.

Your Mom Is Divorced

Look, I know you're not happy that your mom and dad were unhappy and divorced. You didn't realize the marriage had problems and it's tough to see it fall apart.

But know that your mom is happy now, and living the life she's wanted for years. That should count for something.

Niggers With No Jobs

Never criticize a nigger for not working. If he doesn't have a job, that means he's available to fuck white girls during the day while their bfs and husbands are at work.

I think this fucking nigger is doing some good work right here.

Friday, December 25, 2015


I love the sight of niggers manhandling white girls. Fucking niggers can't control themselves -- and I don't want them to. Look at this bitch. Why shouldn't they fucking destroy her?


MERRY CHRISTMAS to every fucking WHITE SLUT & FAGGOT who appreciates a big black dick and everything a nigger can do.

A Sad Husband

Whitebois can be sad and pathetic, as this photo shows.

The Mrs. is getting the black dick she needs, and this big dicked nigger has no problem humiliating this guy while he fucks his wife as hard as possible.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Instead Of Midnight Mass

Why not get a nigger to fuck your wife? Or your gf? Or your daughter?

For Xmas, get her a nigger.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Interracial Winning

College life for white girls is better than ever. She can't get enough of that nigger.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Twitter Couple Of The Month ***UPDATE 1/22/16***

***UPDATE  1/22/16***

Princess said she's happy that they're "both looking flashy." She added "I love you big daddy."

Her parents must be thrilled that she calls her nigger bf "big daddy." LOL  Don't you fucking love it?

Having some fun together.

Princess often says she loves his broad nose and his big lips.

Princess has a sweet smile, doesn't she? Prince has a typical nigger attitude, but you know she loves it.

 Just a reminder of good times together -- hands on. They can't keep their hands off each other.

***UPDATE 1/8/16***

Princess just tweeted this:
 Reasons why nobody likes us 😂 all we ever want to do is sleep, sorry 😌😩😍

***UPDATE 12/30***

A few new pics below of prince and his princess. She got a nose ring for Christmas, so she now looks like a nigger lover more than ever. They look especially good in the last pic -- probably lying on her bed at home while her racist dad seethes.


I talked to "her prince" on Twitter, and although he definitely feels attached to his white gf, he's not the innocent nigger some of these pics make him appear to be.

He told me that her dad is against them dating and doesn't like black people -- and that it doesn't stop him from dicking down "his princess" and getting good head from her. I got the impression that he's fucking her all the time.

He also told me that he thinks her mother needs some black dick, and I have to explore that in the future. I told him it's great to keep it in the family and get all the white females blacked. He laughed and agreed.

Yes -- another great nigger who's getting what he wants.


 She goes by "his princess" and he goes by "her prince."  They've been together for 19 months, and are in love, and then some. Both of them tweet a lot of pics, and to each other. Some of these pics go back to the start of their relationship, and you can tell they were always hands-on with each other, and then some.

After I scanned her Twitter, I went to his and was surprised at some of his graphic tweets.  (Maybe I shouldn't have been, since he is a nigger).

In late October, he tweeted "Treat her good her, give her good dick and stay loyal to her snowflake will do anything for you 😍😋👅💦 

How much more information do you need to know that princess is fucking her prince and getting good dick? More than a few of the pics were taken while they were in bed, either at his house or hers. Do their parents know what's going on? LMAO Unless they're living under a rock, they have to know that this nigger is banging that pretty white girl and filling up her pussy with good black dick.

In between tweets saying he loves her, he also mentions needing and loving good head. I don't htink he had to wait long to get it from princess.

The above pic is the one he posted in July, mentioning that he gives snowflake good dick. Another nigger who loves the booty.

Think they've done it doggy? Or that she's taken it up the ass? I say both.

Prince Nigger posted this pic on Twitter.
Typical nigger, thank God.