Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cucks Serving Their Master

Whiteboi cucks are willing to do whatever a nigger tells them to do these days, as evidenced by this pic.

Wifey looks pleased that her husband is being a good little cocksucker for her big nigger boyfriend. I'm sure the faggot swallowed that black load.

Niggers Fuck Better

Think her pasty white husband is feeling any regret about gettin her blacked?

Look at her face -- she's loving every minute of this pounding by a black bull who's built like a tank. Her legs are spread open wide, and you know she wants this fucking nigger's seed.

White hubby gets to watch, and he can't stop this nigger even if he tries. Beautiful white pussy belongs to beautiful fucking niggers.

Prom Kiss

She's so pretty. He's so black.

Gotta love it.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Your Wife's Black Boyfriend

He came to visit when you were still at work.

Yeah, the fucking nigger slammed her cunt again. You have good friends.

Open Dem Legs, White Girl

A nigger has to say it only once. In fact, sometimes he doesn't have to say a word.

Her Husband Loves Her

So much, he brought home some niggers for her.

Suck It Down, Bitch

Put a white girl near a big black dick and she's going down on it.

Just The Right Time

Your white bf took you for a walk in the park at just the right time. It's good that he was there to take care of you when this nigger fucked you up the ass.

Her Fault

This nigger is now in jail because of this photo and what happened. Is that really fair???

IR Time At The Prom

White seems to be the go-to color for niggers at the prom, especially when they're deep dark black.

This one is quite a contrast to both his date and his tux, as will his big nigger dick when he pulls it out in the limo and gets some good head from this fine girl.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Our Girl Brittany is BACK!!!

Longtime blog fans should remember Brittany -- the white girl who started dating niggers at a young age and never stopped.

It was one nigger after another, one blacker than the last, and all approved of by her parents. They know they can't stop her.

I found her again, and she's apparently been with this latest Negro boy about a year, which means he's been fucking her for about a year. He graduated last year, and I believe she's a high school senior now, although she didn't wait to spread her legs for black dick.

Let's start with a couple prom pics. The nigger is hard to see because he's so fucking black, but Brittany always liked the darkskins.

Brittany gets prettier all the time, and it's good to know her taste in black boys hasn't changed. She loves em real black with the big nigger lips and the wide-spread noses.

Any dount that he's fucking her?

I need to see those big nigger lips on hers.

On the bed. No wonder Brittany looks like a fucking slut and he looks like a fucking animal ready to slam his big nigger dick in her.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Daddy Diesel Gags Another One

Shane told me these young sluts never get out of there alive.

Fuck Off

Is this nigger pissing off her white boyfriend? Not really -- he's probably looking at this photo and fapping because his slut gf is giving another nigger some good head.

In the meantime, why shouldn't this fucking nigger enjoy himself?

Approving Hubby

Her husband knows she's getting good dick. He wants that nigger to get in deep and bust in her cunt so he can lick it out. Hubby also wants him to cover that wedding ring in nigger seed.

Prom Time Couple

I don't know the names of this couple, but yeah, he's fucking her. That pretty white princess would look really good on her knees in front of him, sucking his big black cock.

Micah & Breaunie

This great looking couple has been together a year and just went to prom together.

They claim to be in love, and from the looks of their Twitter feeds, it's very believable. Of course, all the fucking they do would help their relationship. Another amazing girl gets herself an amazing nigger.