Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Jay & Ellie

Something tells me her parents hate this nigger and that their little girl doesn't care because she's just a nigger lover at heart. They look fucking hot together because they have so much attitude and defiance. You think she cares what anyone thinks of her dating a nigger, let alone her parents? LOL

Ellie knows she got Dat Ass, and Jay gets it any time he wants.

Check out how Ellie is dressed and the way Jay has his black hand on her big booty. She learned young, and he's livin' life as the nigger he is.

Lots of pics of this couple, because Nigger Jay loves pics of himself. He might be a fucking nigger, but she's happy to be his hoe.

Love to see her parent's faces when Jay showed up at the house looking like...well, like a fucking nigger. White pussy everywhere loves it.

Big tits and a big ass. No wonder this nigger got so much swag. Get it, motherfucker!

Still in high school, but renting hotel rooms. Fucking love it.

Her phat ass definitely belongs to him.

Look at her face -- the kind of girl parents can never say a thing to without getting attitude back. I'm just glad she turned into a fucking little whore for this nigger boy.

Gold grill for Ellie, because she secretly wants to be black.

Jay says this is his favorite photo. LOL Every nigger wants a fine white girl to ride him.

Like most niggers, he knows he's got what white girls want and need.

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  1. This Ellie is a daughter any white parent would be proud to have. White parents now want their little girls to go black, breed black. It's the coolest thing to do.