Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, May 1, 2016

She Said Yes

Not just to going to prom, but to everything he asked for.


  1. Your freedom has been finished! I'm so sad for you :(

  2. Proms & Graduation or Commencement

    Well, prom is a shortened form of promenade; hence all the sartorial finery. Graduation refers to the giving of a degree -- could be a diploma from high school, a bachelor's from college, or an MA, MS, PhD, etc. from a university. Commencement refers to a beginning, eg, the race (pun alert) has commenced and Secretariat is in the lead.

    Commencement, at first, seems like a strange word for HS (or college) graduation; after all, it is the end of HS (or college), not the beginning. But, the idea is that it is the beginning of the rest of the participant's life.

    So, in seeing the prom pix jockboy has posted and considering the underlying theme of this blog, I started thinking about commencement in it's sense of a beginning. In particular, (bfg) I started thinking about the commencement of Caucasian cunt - hung Nigger sexual relationships that would occur in school and how appropriate sex ed (not to mention enlightened parental mores) could foster these relationships. In other words, appropriate post 6th grade counseling could encourage White Princesses to be more receptive (they are, by nature, already receptive, but in benighted areas there may be social stigmas -- for shame) to the bbc.

    So, I thought that I would provide educational video information that could be used by school counselors (and the AV squad -- LOL) to inform and encourage their pale-pussy pupils to embrace the bbc for the rest of their lives (commencement).

    The beginning:
    The introduction of an inexperienced, barely legal, horny Hispanic hottie (who would want to build a wall to keep sluts like this out?) to the bbc; she is gorgeous, but is not inseminated and doesn't swallow so as not to intimidate the soon-to-be-sluts:

    After the intro, moving on to demonstrate normal, healthy progress in b/w relationships:, and (ignore the first 20 seconds of intro)

    Then on to the mature bm/wf relationship, where the wf is submissive and subservient to her Nigger God/Master:, and, and, and, and
    there are lots more submissive white slut, dominant black stud educational training videos available:, and, for example.

    And, just in case mom opts to drop pop and hook up with a hung Nigger, these vids will offer the student solace, indicating that a Nigger Stepdad need not be a bad deal:

    -- bbc turbine