Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Wrong Bathroom?

Nah -- your daughter knew what she was doing. She walked into the men's bathroom and 3 niggers followed her. You think these nigger boys had to even ASK? LOL

No wonder it's great to be a nigger.

The Sun Is Shining

And she's ready to suck some big black dick. Line up, nigger boys.

Fine Detroit Girl

It was destiny that she'd end up with a nigger.

Moe Gets Another Young One

Moe Johnson, amazing nigger who loves him some white pussy.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hailey & Cuddy

One prom pic told me I wanted to see more, and I was glad that Hailey documents her relationship with Cuddy.  Her pale blonde skin contrasts perfectly with Cuddy's deep black skin. She wanted a nigger and she got a nigger.

I wonder how many guys in her family and in her neighborhood are thinking about this black boy pounding Hailey with his big nigger dick?

K Baby & Jonas

Together one year. Fuck yes.

Real Women

You're cheating on your husband? With a nigger?

Good girl.

Mom Gets Blacked

Another black cock whore in the fam.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Just An Average Nigger

Because average niggers deserve white pussy too.

Your daughter grew up knowing your next door neighbor. Your wife worried about the real estate values in the neighborhood, but you always said, "For niggers, they're not bad." The fam was nice to your daughter, always inviting her over. It was just a matter of time before Mr. Next Door Nigger pulled out his big black cock and told her to suck it.

Just Like Her Mama

A fucking black cock whore.

Her dad is worried? Fuck him.

Lying White Slut

Just another porn whore who can't act -- pretending she's never seen a big nigger dick before.

Time To Kiss Your Whiteboi

That bitch will lick your slut lips clean.

Blot Out The Blue

Straight Or Faggot Cuck?

In this case, we clearly have a faggot who loves watching white sluts get blacked. As long as a nigger is in the scene, he's happy.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Happy White Marriage

Progress in Race Relations

Niggers are making slow, steady progress.

It Hurts

And no one fucking cares. Spread your legs, you fucking whore. Nigger at work.

Your Wife

No more wondering if you can get your wife to go along with getting with a black man.

It took two years, but it looks like all those messages you sent her and lessons you taught her worked. Yout teenage kids are out for the evening and your black buddy Roy is visiting, having already said he'd be glad to give your wife her first black dick.

How great that you decided to picl up the camera as soon as your wife sat on Roy's lap. You saw that she adjusted her big ass on him intentionally, and you knew what was coming. She slid down on his lap and she and Roy shared their first kiss. She forgot you were even in the room, and Roy forgot that you are his friend.

Pulling her top down, she offered her milky white tits to him -- as she'd seen so many white sluts do in photos and vids -- and Roy shoved his black hand right between her legs, feeling the heat and soon to feel the juiciness of her cunt.

"That fucking nigger is going for it!" you thought. Your whiteboi dick got hard as hell, and you couldn't wait for Roy to fuck her and load up her pussy.

I Get Emails

Husbands AND dads email me to tell me they get bones thinking of walking in on their wives and daughters getting fucked by some big dicked nigger. I guess two niggers would make them even harder.

Message For Whitebois

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bitch With Attitude

This bitch got a lot of attitude, but that's more than matched by the swag and attitude her nigger bf has.

They're in the bathroom at her house, and her parents know she'll walk in with her nig any time she wants. They close the bedroom door and fuck like animals, and they don't care who's home.

Your Daughter's New Boyfriend

She's so sweet, so we're all glad it's a nigger. He'll fuck the sweet right out of her.

BIG Niggers

This white bitch doesn't even feel the weight of 250+ lbs. of nigger on her.

All she knows is she's getting some hot Negro Love.

The Most Racist Crimes

Look at her. Only niggers should get that pussy.

Cum Dump Bitch

LMAO at this fucking young white slut taking black loads on her face.

She's a cum dump for niggers, and I love the satisfaction a nigger gets when he busts on a whore's face.

Whiteboi Job

Get your gf fucked by a nigger and you'll get a nice dessert of your own.

This whiteboi cuck cannot wait for some nigger jizz down his throat.

Jessi & Adrian

Another fine IR couple. Jessi is a "big girl," but we all know that many Negroes love big girls with curves. These two have been together for awhile, so Adrian definitely is a nigger who likes some meat on his white.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Aly Is In Love

Aly is a pretty white girl who's in love with her black bf, and is happy her mom and dad like him.

She also likes to take pictures with her licking his black face. Apparently it's a new thing for white girls to lick their nigger boyfriend's face,


Just a fine ass white girl with her nigger. Believe it, he gets the pussy.

The Picture Taker

Whoever took this pic -- man or woman -- loves the sight of a heated kiss. Most people would feel uncomfortable walking in on this. In this case, the cam person either has a wet pussy or a hard cock watching these two make out.

Cameron & Rachel

Rachel's dad took this pic. According to Rachel, her dad was taking photos of them when he told Cameron, "Let's get a kiss of you giving Rachel a kiss."

Rachel posted that matter-of-factly. Something tells me that her dad loves seeing nigger Cam with his hands all over his daughter and with his tongue down her throat. Just another happy white dad who is happy some nigger is fucking his little girl.