Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Thursday, July 7, 2016

She's Not Coy

Good girl.


  1. They had coal burning mudshark hoes being promoted back in the 1980s!

    Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

    See that music video and notice the white girl had to film with a nigger and do scenes together. Promotion of race mixing was done even then by degenerates in control of certain media.

  2. "They had coal burning mudshark hoes being promoted back in the 1980s!"

    Yes, they did, and they showed up in porn, too:,, and,
    for example.

    There wasn't as much porn back in the '70's and '80's, of course, and, in particular, it was not easy to find bbc/wf interracial porn; one might say it was a niche market, but it did exist -- witness the above pioneering classic "loops". Now, however, one cannot walk through an on-line virtual porn emporium without tripping over white sluts on their knees, sucking black cocks or having all their holes plugged in a white girl/all Nigger gangbang, or rimming black asses, or oozing Nigger semen from their cunts, or ..., or ....

    Ain't it great that progress can be the fruit of even the degenerate?

    -- bbc turbine

  3. Great vintage clips. I especially like the last one....fine white girl who's lusting over that nigger from the beginning. He ate her pussy like it was gold, and he more than deserved that pussy, driving his big nigger dick into it.

    1. Since the last clip lacks audio, I wonder what the ho says when she calls up the 7-11. Something along the line of, "Oh, say, when I left the store I forgot to bring home the big, black cock and the hot attached Nigger. Please send them over right away."

      My personal fave is "Branding Iron," in part because I think Chelsea Manchester is really hot and the dialog is pretty good, e.g.,
      (King Paul is being interviewed by C.M. for a cowboy job.}
      C.M.: Do you punch cattle?
      King Paul: Yeah, I've punched cattles before, and womens too.
      C.M.: What's your name?
      K.P.: My name's Long Poker
      C.M.: Why do they call you that, Mr. Poker?
      K.P.: (Rubbing his cock thru his jeans) Because I've got this big branding iron between my legs. (Acting her heart out, C.M.'s face expresses surprise and desire.)
      Big branding iron right here.
      C.M.: Can we see it? [LMAO]
      K.P.: (C.M. starts to suck his cock.) Oooh, yeah. I hafta use it to brand a cow. (More sucking.) Ooh, this branding iron of mine is gettin' bigger. Keep on feeling this brandin' iron, I'm gonna brand ya.
      C.M.: Giggles.
      C.M.: You've got the job baby.
      K.P.: I thought I was qualified.

      -- bbc turbine