Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Monday, October 31, 2016

Your Daughter Just Got It

Your little girl has a hole that isn't so tight any longer.

This nigger fucked her good.

Daddy Diesel Gets Another One

And doesn't Daddy Shane deserve all the white bitches on his big black dick? This nigger can never get enough white pussy.

Pale & Dark

I love the mix of pale white and deep nigger black. So fucking hot.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nigger Pussy Grabbing

Pussy grabbing is in the news because of racist moron Donald Trump, but the fact is that niggers have been grabbing white pussy for years and getting away with it. IR porn simply shows us what already happens in life.

Look at these fucking sluts with Prince and Shane. Does it look to you as if they object? Instead, they spread their legs open even wilder so these motherfucking bull niggers can do their thing.

There's OWNERSHIP in grabbing a cunt, and niggers know it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It's good when they know they're fuckin whores to be used by black bulls.

Love to see a room full of niggers write on her and then fuck her brains out.

Black Cock Breeding Program

As the meme says, WHAT THE FUCK DO WE CARE?

Will It Fit?

Goddamn right it will.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

She Makes Sure

All Carol wants to do is make sure everyone sees her wedding ring, including the whiteboi who married her. She's in the "me" phase of her life, and that means getting what she wants. That means getting as much nigger dick as she can.

This nigger didn't have to sweet talk her or convince her of anything. All he had to do was look at her and her pussy got wet. At that point, it was inevitable that he'd be getting some fine white pussy.

Make Your Marriage Better

A Good Husband

When Black Daddy Shane gets involved, white husbands get in line. This nigger makes it all different.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pussy Reach

When a nigger does it, it's all good.

You Cum On You

Queen Of Spades

When a good fucking whore follows through.

Morning Moisturizer

Bust on the slut's face to keep her skin clear.

(NOTE: This works only with niggers.)

Ordering A Cuck

No one can order a fucking cuck around like Black Daddy Shane.

Faggot Marcello will do anything for his Daddy LOL

Monday, October 17, 2016

Squirting Whore

Ignore the racist caption where someone tried to write like a nigger.

The only thing that's real is that this white cunt is squirting because she's with a nigger who's making her feel better than she's ever felt before. So fucking beautiful.

Your Black Daddy

Get on your knees like the whore he wants you to be -- and like the slut you know you are. Look up at your Black Daddy and gaze into the eyes of the bull giving you his prized possession.

The better you make him feel, the more of his big thick nigger dick he'll give to you.

Jesus Saves

She'll need Jesus once this nigger slams his dick in her tight white pussy.

The Majesty Of Black Cock

And you wonder why niggers get the pussy?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

UPDATE: Josie & Tay

Still going strong. Jos says he's the love of her life.

Good to know this cocky nigger is getting some good white pussy. This pic makes me bust a load.

A True Slut

Look at this bitch. Is there any doubt that she loves black cock? This has to be a great nigger loving whore.

Monday, October 10, 2016

This Nigger

How would you feel about your daughter dating this thug nigger?

Cocky Fucking Nigger

And why wouldn't he be? Look at that fine piece of ass he has.

Hubby Is Happy

And why wouldn't he be when his honey is getting what she needs?

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Today's Young Marriage

Most At Home

Where niggers are most at home -- in front of an audience of white sluts and white wanna-be sluts while they fuck and get some good head.

A fine bitch gets a load of some good nig spunk while the front row is enthralled. The girl on the left is lovingly waiting her turn while the girl in the middle is ready to give this nigger a standing ovation.

Tinslee Will Get It Good

So many feels from this pic of Tinslee Reagan and some great porn Negroes. It's an older vid, but it's still hot as hell.

Tinslee is a good whore who's always ready for anything, and this recalls just what a great thug porn star Wesley Pipes is. Christ, that nigger is missed. He gets a kiss and goes right for the pussy -- a sign of a nigger who's used to owning white cunt -- and he sags as good as any young thug out there.

Meantime, Rico Strong is feeling her up and his enormous black cock is already hard and ready to take Tinslee down.

Getting Pounded

Love this pic of another white wife getting slammed by some big thick nigger dick while another nig waits his turn. It's a combo of being in pain and loving it.You want to see control? Look at the coon in the second pic. He owns this fucking bitch.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

At Da Club

What an amazing picture. Seems very ordinary at first....nothing special, except you might be surprised that a fine white girl is with a rather large nigger who's not GQ material.

That is until you look closely at her beautiful tits and see that this big fucking nigger has his BBC out, and it's hard as fuck and ready to go. Then you KNOW why she's smiling and why this lucky motherfucker feels so smug.

Seriously, I hope this nigger tore her pussy up.

How To Own A White Pussy

Negro hand on pussy. It's just the beginning.

A Brittany Flashback

Our girl Brittany has dated more than a few black boys (and is with one now), but today we flash back to the first nigger she "dated."

Brittany just started college in September, but here we see her in early high school, clearly a girl who knows it's all about the swirl for her. So young and fresh, and putting a big smile on that young black boy's face. Could you blame him for getting hard?

And as always, major props to Brittany's parents for allowing her to explore, even in their own home.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

How To Fuck A White Girl

Fuck that slut and breed her black. Daddy Diesel knows how to do it.

She Never Said No

Another nigger loving whore.

Saturday Night Party

Are there any whitebois at this party?

LOL These white girls sure don't care, and every one of these niggers is saying "We got this."

Fine white girls need and want big black dick. I give these nigs a free pass to all the white pussy they want.