Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Monday, January 30, 2017

Like A Bitch In Heat

Fucking nigger is diggin in good!!

Get her, you mothefucking thug!!

Niggered Up

Madison knows good dick.

Porn Thug Jake Banger

Was talking online to this porn thug named Jake Banger. Motherfucker dicks down too many black chicks, but he's cool as shit.

He did tell me that when he fucks white girls, he loves to get rough. That's a fine nigger.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

White Parenting

Her parents taughter her to respect black men and black power.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Friday, January 27, 2017

Is This A Fucking Nigger?

Does this nigger piss you off and have you calling him a fucking nigger? Or does he make you hard?

To me, he's a fucking nigger. I also want him to fuck the shit outta that white girl. I want that fucking nigger to destroy her white pussy.

Sucking Black Cock

It doesn't get any better for a white slut.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thanks, Dads And Stepdads!

A big THANK YOU to all the dads and stepdads who are emailing me about their daughters!

It's great that you're willing to share your experiences , and you can continue to trust me to not share your emails unless you give permission!

Whether you're guilty about wanting black boys for your daughter or wanting them to fuck every black boy they meet, it's been eye-opening. The great thing is that they love niggers and their big black dicks. You know they won't quit being nigger lovers, nor do you want that, and you eagerly welcome Negro boys into your home.

Some of your wives know and some don't, which is fine. As long as you support your little girl's choices, feel free to beat off as much as possible -- knowing your daughter is getting the best dick and the best fuck she'll ever get. Visitors here know that no one can fuck like a nigger, and no one can do what a nigger can do.

It's a motherfucking nigger's world, and we're all just living in it.

As long as your daughter or stepdaughter trusts you, you'll get to see her with niggers, because she'll invite them to the house. Then it's a matter of time before you either hear them having sex or catch them in the act. If you catch your girl on her knees in front of a nigger, you know that both of them are getting what they want. If that makes you hard, you're as addicted to IR as she is LOL

It's also great to know you're on your daughter's side if other family members have a problem with her dating a coon. They're fucking racists, so fuck them. Niggers deserve the best. and since you know your little girl is precious, you know that a nigger deserves her, whether it's one-time pussy or a regular fuck.

Best of all, every dad and stepdad I heard from is fine with their daughter getting knocked up by a nigger, even if it's a thug who seeded her. You obviously learned something from my blog :)

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Fucking niggers. Just can't beat 'em.

Beat Off, Whiteboi

Your wife is getting some good nigger dick.

First Date

Good sources tell me this was her first time out with a nigger.

Fucking perfect. You know she swallowed.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

Two Holes Are Better Than One

"Fuck the bitch as hard as you can."

Now that's a direction you never have to give to a nigger.

Raining Black Cum

What a beautiful sight.

It Takes Only One

One nigger + white girls = A Fucking Hot Party

Slay Her, Jax

Jax Slayher is an up-and-coming nigger in the IR porn world. All types and sizes of white girls are welcome in the world of Jax, but it's especially nice to see him with a tiny little white girl so he can tear the bitch up when he fucks her.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Who's Your Daddy?

Pregnant White Girl

Doesn't stop niggers from fucking her. Good slut. good nigger.

No Condoms Today

Or any day for a nigger.

And Christ, look at how black that nigger dick is! Everyone will know the baby daddy was a nigger.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A White Hubby Who Cares

It's so sweet the way this white husband takes care of his wife while she gets pounded by big black cock. These black guys gave her the full Nigger Treatment.

Her Father Is A Racist & Hates Her Nigger Boyfriend

Interesting article about a fine young white girl who refuses to listen to her racist father:

This first photo shows you how pretty Allie is, and what a catch she'd be for a black boy.

Here we see pretty Allie with Michael, the nigger of her dreams. Excellent contrast, isn't it?

Michael is a soccer star at Clemson. Clearly, this nig is intelligent and athletic, and a perfect catch for a smart white girl like Allie, who is still in high school but knows that black is what she wants.

Here we see Allie with Michael at Christmas. All eyes were on them, as you can imagine. Her father is a piece of shit racist, as is typical of a Tennessee dad.

Well,  fuck you, Dad. Your little girl is getting all the black dick she can handle -- and you can't stop her. All you did was push her even closer to Nigger Michael...where she belongs.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Off The Bus

And filled with hot black seed.

Embarrassed? Only for a short time. She willingly spread her slut legs and opened her mouth for every nigger on the bus -- and they all had a turn at her. She'll be at it again shortly.

Ass Like This

Nobody but a nigger deserves to get ass like this. Fuck her into next week.

Rebellious Teens

Is she messed up? No. I think she has her head on straight.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Condoms Are For White Men

Blonde Girl Kerri King

Great vid with her and some nigger whose name I don't know. If you Google her name and clips4sale, you'll find it for free on a tube site.

It's almost an hour long, and it's good because it has a lot of foreplay. It's almost 10 minutes before Kerri's bra comes off to show her beautiful tits and get those black hands all over them. It's minutes longer before our Negro has his hands all over her bare ass and reaches for her pussy.

The 2nd pic is almost 17 minutes in -- when they're finally both naked but still passionately kissing. She has a perfect porn body and can't keep her hands off his big dick at this point. You can also see that this nigger has his own phat booty.

When Kerri finally mounted this motherfucker's big black cock, I admit I was disappointed to see the bitch had him wear a condom -- which no nigger should ever have to do. The rest of the vid was decent, but not great, because I really wanted to see this white trash bitch get bred.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Negro Taste Test

For cucks, kissing their gfs and wives is better when they can taste the nigger dick she just had in her mouth.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

UPDATE 5 JAN. 25 : Email Me About Your Daughter Or Future Daughters

I've received some messages from dads and stepdads about their daughters and will share some with you. I change the names in the messages, of course.

You have to HIGHLIGHT the "black area" where the update should be seen. For some reason, a copied email doesn't show up on this site -- haven't been able to figure it out.


Do you think about your daughter going black? 

Yes I do. My daughter has been dating black boys since her sophomore year in high school. She is a senior now and just turned 18.Do I feel guilty for getting hard thinking about my daughter with her bf?

Yeah a bit. I've caught her and her bf's more then a few times going at it.
Went on a week long trip to aruba with my wife our daughter and her bf. They had their own room. We heard them every night having fun. That led to some fun nights with my wife.

Are you good with other white daughters getting black dick but not yours?

That's fine. But I'm pretty sure my daughter will be only with black men for her life.

Do you want your daughter to have a sweet solid relationship? Be a whore for black men? Or in between?

It's in between. She has dated 6 black boys from school. According to my wife she has had sex with 11 black boys overall.

Do you care if your daughter got knocked up by a black man?

No not at all. Surprised it hasn't happened yet. She is on birth control but takes her bf bare.

Do you offer encouragement?

Yes I do. But who she dates I always will. I love my daughter and she loves black men.

Is my wife on board?

Yes there has been no issue at all with her. We have swapped with other couples before and my wife enjoys black men.

How does the family feel?

No comments have been made as far as I know. Our sons get along with our daughters bf very well. 

The type of black boys?

My daughter enjoys the black guys from the track team. They all seem to be very confident in shape lean type of guys. I've seen her bf naked while we were at the gym working out together. I must say he's impressive good amount of muscle, a 6 pack and a big black dick that pounds my daughter every other day.
Should be interesting this upcoming weekend. I'm taking my daughter her bf and one of his friends up to my cottage for a weekend away.


 Do you think about your daughter getting blacked?

YES, and not only blacked. Also, BROWNED because there is an increasing amount of Muslims and latinos where I live, and in many cases, it is more worrying for a father if they go BROWN because at least BLk guys are usually American citizens

-- Are you guilty about getting hard when you think about your daughter fucking a black boy?

YES also brown guys, and of course depending on the kind of black or brown guy ... the more ghetto or criminal the guy who dates my pretty daughters looks, the more hard I'd secretly get
-- Are you good with other white guys' daughters getting black dick but not your own?

Mostly yes although it's very different when it's another dad going through it and when you are the one with a daughter dating non-white guys ( thats my case recently)

-- Do you want your daughter to have a sweet, solidd relationship with a black boy, or do you want her to be a slut for niggers? Or something in between?
It varies depending on my mood, sometimes the 1st sometimes the second but eventually if they get married it has to be the 1st option, right? But of course, in my secret fantasies, it's a thug, kind of like a drug dealer or petty criminal who somehow gets the pretty middle or upper class white girl and turns her into his slut
-- How would you feel if a nigger knocked up your daughter?
Now we are talking serious.. probably bad and ashamed because all the implications. Living in a upper middle class place and so on. But at the same time, strangely excited to see her knocked up by a ghetto nigger or barrio guy or even an illegal arab.

-- Do you ever offer words of encouragement to your daughter as far as dating a nig?
Not really, no encouragement, but if you know how teens and young women are these days you will learn that they think that daddy's opinions and advice are crap and they don't need encouragement from us to date niggas or spics or muslims or asians.
-- If you don't have kids yet, do you know if you'd want a daughter to get with niggers?
Hve 2 daughters and as I pointed above, I'm secretly okay but with some reservations. Besides, they've dated whites, blks and brown so far


Hi. I really enjoy your blog and believe in the truth that it reflects. I don't have daughters but my stepson has a wife that I would dearly love to see addicted to Black cock. She is worthy of it, I believe. She wants children and my stepson doesn't, so having a Nigger baby or two might be a perfect solution. I know she would be delighted having a baby. My problem is that its a minefield trying to get anywhere near the subject. I like my stepson, but he got himself hooked up with a pussy that is too good for him, to be honest. She deserves Blacks and Blacks deserve her, of course. It seems to be an impossible fantasy for now but I would do what I could to make it a reality. Thanks again for spreading the word. Black sexual supremacy is a fact I believe most white males recognize without much fight nowadays.


Saw your post on Niggas Rule. Found that blog a few weeks ago while I was looking for some information on trying to get my step daughter interested in dating black guys. I left a comment on one of the pics but never saw any response.
I know my step-daughter is seeking to be sexually active if she isn't already. I would really love to see her sneaking out of the house to be with a black guy (or more) at night. Her mom (my wife) thinks she is sooo fucking perfect and puts her on a pedastal above all others. I think she needs to be taken down a few notches and it would totally devastate her if she found out her "perfect" daughter was dating and hopefully fucking a black guy (or two). My wife is somewhat racist, and ultra-conservative. I'm just the opposite, and ultra-liberal. Funny how opposites attract.
My step-daughter is a good kid. We get along great and I think she likes me alot more than she likes her mom right now, (typical mother/daughter love/hate relationship that teen girls have with their mother at that age).
So, I couldn't think of anything better than trying to convince her to date black guys on the downlow. At least on the downlow for now. But I haven't had any luck on finding out anything to help me convince her to try black (maybe for the first time, I hope).
Hope you have alot of people responding to your request, and maybe someone will be able to give me a few tips to get her going in the right direction.
Let me know what you think,

I set up an alias email address to include ( for any comments that anyone might want to suggest directly. Hopefully something will work.


 I saw your post on "Niggers Rule" website and thought I would drop you a quick email. 
My daughter is not 20, she started going with guys when she was 14 and at 18 she went black guys only, she made this descion along with my wife who also made the same choice with her, both now only fuck black guys and have not allowed a white guy near them in the last two years, that includes me, I have not had sex with my wife in that time. 
I am OK with their choice and I support them both, I am a supporter of white girls only going black, I honestly believe that white guys should be publically  castrated so they can not reproduce, only the selct few should be allowed to breed. 
My wife and her bulls sometimes allow me to watch them and I find it a huge turn on, she gets so excited way more so than she ever did when I fucked her, but then I am only 5.5 inch long when erect. 
I was very happy when my daughter told me she was going black only, she said she did not want to have "white babies" and would only have black ones, I supported her in her choice and said she could use our house to bring her guys back to if she wanted to, I love to hear them upstairs going at it, it really turns me on when she screams with pleasure. I have told her if she gets pregnant not to worry about it, I have told her I would support her and the child financially and if her bull wanted to move in together then I will buy them a house and pay their bills and costs of the childs upbringing. 
I have never seen my wife or my daughter so happy as they have been over the last two years. I have not had sex in all that time, if I wank my useless cum goes down the toilet, I will never have another child or fuck a woman again. 

Doing some research about dads who follow this blog and who appreciate black boys getting white pussy.  Email me at      if you want to share your story. It will NOT be mentioned here unless you want it to be mentioned....I never violate that trust.

-- Do you think about your daughter getting blacked?
-- Are you guilty about getting hard when you think about your daughter fucking a black boy?
-- Are you good with other white guys' daughters getting black dick but not your own?
-- Do you want your daughter to have a sweet, solidd relationship with a black boy, or do you want her to be a slut for niggers? Or something in between?
-- How would you feel if a nigger knocked up your daughter?
-- Do you ever offer words of encouragement to your daughter as far as dating a nig?
-- If you don't have kids yet, do you know if you'd want a daughter to get with niggers?

Email me.

This Won't Stop Niggers

Send me all of these memes you like -- it won't stop niggers from fucking white girls and won't stop me from posting about it.

You won't do this in public because you know some big bull nigger will kick your fucking white ass across the goddamn street. I know I'd pay to see it.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fuck Her Harder

Can a nigger ever really fuck a white bitch hard enough?

I'd love to be there telling this motherfucker to slam her cunt until she screams....just fucking wreck the slut. I want the nigger to be in complete control, treating her like the whore she is. If she showed up and spread her legs, she gets what she gets -- no do-overs, no telling the nigger "no."

She's LUCKY a nigger wants to fuck her like this. I hope the fucking nigger breeds her.

The Future

Whitebois are learning.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year, Dad

She wanted to give her dad something special for New Year's, so she sent him a photo from her NYE party. So many niggers paid attention to her and treated her good. So many fucking niggers.