Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Offering

If a white guy has a black friend, it's always good to offer her up to him for some good sucking and fucking. He knows she's going to get some good dick.


  1. You always need to offer beautiful gifts to your wife, if you want her to stay with you. And what could be more beautiful than a BBC? Maybe a black baby in nine months...

  2. Jockboy,thank you for posting this. I have seen a couple of these photos but not all 3 together. Very fuckin hot and definitely is how the world is today with the young white millennials. The young white males today have been exposed to the Power and Dominance of The Black Man from the very beginning. With the integration of our schools, sports, media and especially with the internet there is no lingering doubt about the Physical and Sexual Superiority of the Black Man. The old days us older white men could deny that the Black Man had a Huge Cock and could Fuck Better than anyone. We blew it off as a myth,or a joke. Now it is so Fucking obvious that it is just a fact,common knowledge and no one can deny it anymore. Now,our sons,grandsons,nephews and little brothers have grown up everyday of their lives seeing the difference between being a young white male and and a young Black Buck. The difference is staggering and life changing. They know very early on that they can't compete with their young Black Male counterparts. They understand that at an early age, they all do, the young white males, the young Black Bucks and of course the young white ladies too. So that is why they are so willing to turn their Gfs,wives etc over to The Black Man. They have been conceding their inferior white male Masculinity to the Superior Black Male for most of their lives because they have been exposed to it their whole lives. That is what is so great about these pictures. He is a good looking, young white male, masculine and muscular but he is has accepted his inferiority to his Young Black Friend. He has turned his Gf over to the Young Black Man. He is like many young white men today, they have know for a long time this is the way their world would be.

    1. Little t, thanks for your input. This is a GREAT post that says it all, and I hope you post much more on this blog.

      Many whitebois know the power of black boys and black men over whites, but very few express themselves as you do. The world is so much better with black men and big black dick, and you get it.

      Feel free to comment more or drop me a line at

  3. Thank you,jockboy! I appreciate your nice reply to my post. Niggasrule is a great IR blog, one of the very best on the internet and has been for many years. You do a great fuckin job! There are many,many whitebois,Black Men and white woman that appreciate you. I have posted on niggasrule off and on over the years. I will try to be more regular with my posts. Thanks for the encouragement. I do like posting and promoting the Power of The Black Man And Big Black Cock. This post "The Offering" really hit home with me. I really do think the younger generation of white males have entered the dating/fucking scene at a severe disadvantage compared to previous generations of white men. They are really the first generation of white males that have been around and exposed to Black Males pretty much from the beginning. I didn't grow up with or was never really exposed to Blacks until high school. Wasn't that I didn't want to be around them, I just never had the opportunity to be around them. I do remember the first time I had to shower with my Black Teammates after baseball practice tho. That was definitely an eye opening experience for me and a lot of my white teammates. Fuck! Talk about culture shock. I always knew I wasn't well hung but I had never felt uncomfortable or intimidated showering in the past, but that day was definitely different. Most of my Black Teammates physically, were definitely on a whole different level than most of the white guys on the team. I didn't know it at the time but that was the first time I saw someone with Swagger. They had Swagger walking around nude in the shower and us whitebois on the team, all we wanted to do was get out of there and put cloths on. Thanks again jockboy and thank you bringing Black Cock to the world. Another white man that has accepted that Black Cock is Superior, little t

  4. little t, once again, thanks! Another great post showing you fully understand why niggers are taking control!