Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Ugly" Niggers

Are some niggers ugly? It depends on your perspective, of course. The bottom line, though, is that even "ugly" niggers get plenty of white pussy and they more than deserve it.

John E. Depth is certainly not a pretty nigger, but would you  watch him fuck this sexy white slut? Do you have any doubt that she was soaked before he slammed his big black dick in her?


  1. Looks OK to me; he may not be pretty, but he's got a great body, huge balls and a big black cock. While the ass fucking pic is exciting, he should pump some of the copious semen from his huge 'nads to where it can stake his claim.

    -- bbc turbine

    1. I agree body, cock, balls... looks like he has everything every white girls craves.

  2. We need to see more ugly fat black guys, or some toothless black dudes fucking these hot white pussies!!

  3. he is not ugly. he is in great shape. has a six pack and stamina and of course: a big black cock.

    his scene with holly wellin belong to alltime IR classics

    same goes for the white bitch on the photos
    her name is aline
    and she did so many scenes with nigs.

    one of my all time faves:

    I love black dick #3 (Scene 3) with chelsea rae

    this vid is so fucking hot and hilarious.
    if someone deserves the title "black cock whore"
    then it's definitely aline.

    in the video chelsea introduces aline to black dick.
    aline tells chelsea that there is no black where she lives and chelsea wanna help out.

    it's such a masterpiece.

  4. It doesn't matter if he is ugly. Look at this great body, at this beautiful cock.... I want it in my mouth, in my vagina, pleaaaase !!!

  5. ugly maybe but even an ugly blk guy can get a white hottie

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