Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Punching a Bitch

If a nigger punched a slut this way, he'd go right to jail. It's so unfair.


  1. that's why niggers don't any take chances with white sluts like that blonde teen white slut drexel ! after the gang of niggers had finished with her it was straight to the swamp for gator feeding time !

  2. I dated black guys growing up and almost all of them would smack me and hit me and would not hide from anyone. I was whored out to all of his friend and any black strangers. It's what turns me on to black men. I want to have daughters so they can experience the same thing.

    1. I raised my daughter to specifically date black guys and you are correct they will not hold back.The first time she talked back to him he slapped her quickly it only took a few times.. of that and she obey's When he says something. he wanted to share her with all of his friends he had over she told him absolutely not he slapped the piss out of her in front of them I could hear them laughing and when they all fucked her they was all slapping her and degrading her luckily school was out so she had plenty of time to heal. she talked back one other time letting his younger brother fuck her and he took her to a park that is in the middle some abandon area mostly thugs and gangs go there and he cuffed her dropped her pants and told her he will be back in the morning. She finally learn not to say shit when he tells her to do something.

    2. You didn't manage to raise your daughter very well! She would have been happy to obey him without talking back and to be shared with his friends. Many white teen girls would be happy to take her place.

    3. My daughter started dating a nigger and about one month into their relation ship she came home with a black eye. I asked her what happened. She said her boy friend told her to have sex with 5 of his friends. I said what did you do? My daughter said she got a black eye and sex with his 5 fiends. I called her a good girl, then went to my room and masturbated.

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