Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The New Police

Many police departments are using a different approach in "diverse communities" (that's code for "where a lot of niggers hang out).

There's a lot less violence and gunplay when white pussy is readily available to black boys and black men. Police are providing that pussy, and so we salute the men in blue!


  1. That's a very good idea to provide white pussies in "diverse communities" to relieve the sexual and social tensions.

    In Europe, where we have a lot of refugees coming from Africa and Middle east, many women, sometimes with their girls, and students take time to go to their camps to help the refugees having good time.

    1. Yes, that's happening all over Europe. This wave of migration is bringing us too many african men. They need money, so they have decided to sell themselves. If you want their cock, you've to pay. ..and few days ago in Camaiore (Lucca, Italy), the local people spotted a continual coming and going of cars near to the camp. The news went viral, so a troupe of journalists went there in order to gather some information. They interviewed some men and women who were spottend heading the camp off-camera. but the audio was ON. Well, they told the truth: "we are here just to try the BIG BAMBOO

  2. I've felt inspired by this. Instead of white cops employing undercover hos (what good is that; if they're undercover, WE can't see what's going on) all police women should become the BBC Pussy Patrol* or seek other employment.

    Policemen proudly carry their Glocks.
    Police womens' badge: "I Love Black Cocks."
    Policemen regularly bust Black Yeggs;
    Police women instead, spread their legs.
    Policemen put black bulls away,
    police women want a roll in the hay.
    Policemen arrest for driving while black,
    police women say, use my crack.
    Policemen say, "I found this coke,"
    police women say, "You need a stroke."
    Policemen say, "You stole this truck,"
    Police women say, "I really wanna fuck."
    Policemen say, "Gonna lock you up,"
    police women say, "Nigga, knock me up."

    *a high standards outfit requiring, inter alia, 6 months of daily Nigger gangbangs as part of the diversity training.

    -- bbc turbine

  3. Great idea! Nothing keeps a nigga busier or happier than when they are Fucking the shit out our white women. It keeps the Black Daddies, The Black Bulls and The Young Black Bucks happy, off the street and out of trouble. I'm sure there are a lot of white woman, young and old more than willing to volunteer their time to help rehabilitate these poor underprivileged and Overly Hung Black Thugs get their Nut Off.... I mean get their lives back on the right track. And just think how great it will be on "bring you wife and daughter to work day." I'm sure it will be a great learning experience for the white police officers. They will realize that the Huge thing in the Black Thugs pants that they see or feel isn't always a gun or a weapon. It is just a Big Black Cock!! Although, The Black Cock is always loaded and ready to shoot.

  4. this is True my Ex-wife live in Germany and they are a huge flux of black refugees she took them with her to give head to as many as they could handle. That was a mistake they were separated and our daughters where repeatedly raped for several days my wife was fucked until she passed out. the girls were kept and used over and over again. finally they were able to leave and come home. Wife said the girls were scared at first but started to enjoy it. Only left because they were too sore to take it anymore. But they plan to go back as much as they can.

  5. We have taken a lot of black, African refugees in the last few years here in lilly- white Minnesota as well. We call ourselves immigrant rich, but we know the truth here. Most of the migrants are 80% males that are looking for a companion, and a female to reproduce with. The schools have been desegregated and it is mandatory for young females to take classes on tolerance to sexual aggression. The young, blue eyed vanilla princesses are being targeted by the droves. Black babies are being born to white girls everywhere in my small town. I have come to accept and even encourage it in young white girls. I'm not sure if I am doing the right thing. Any white males...please comment.