Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

White Reparations

Every nigger deserves them.

Every motherfucking nigger.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

When You Get Home

When you get home, if you find your daughter on the couch sitting like this with a nigger, it's already too late to have any kind of talk with her.

Look at her -- she wants to climb all over that nigger, and I guarantee you her pussy is wet. She is beautiful, so you can be proud of that. I personally love seeing young nigger bucks get the finest white girls.

This nigger? Body language tells you he knows he owns her pussy already. Dad has no say.

White Girls Love Dredds

I'm seeing more and more white girls hanging with niggers who have dredds. I guess they like the full-blown black culture, and it's something else that separates niggers from whitebois.

She's Saying No?


This whore has no idea how close she is to getting gang raped.

When A Bitch Misbehaves

Fuck her, choke, her, then feed her. Niggers know the drill. This fucking slut signed on to be a piece of ass, and that's exactly what she got. She didn't even ask what niggers she'd be working with -- as long as they were black, she was cool

And if you think these niggers gave a shit about her, you don't know niggers.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bitch Kept In Place

Sometimes a nigger knows he has to not only fuck the white slut, but keep her bitch ass in place.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Another Fuck You From Niggers

Niggers are always winning, and they never let a moment go by when they can flip off a whiteboi and tell him to go fuck himself.

Rico and Moe needed no direction for this shot. Fucking amazing niggers.

Smile For The Camera

You cocksucking nigger loving bitch.

What Real Passion Requires

It requires a nigger.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Piper and Dredd

Piper Perri and Dredd -- the tiniest little white whore and one of the biggest dicked niggers around!

Again we have another nigger who is called ugly by a lot of people....but it doesn't matter. Look at his motherfucking dick! And Piper is willing to try it all, which you can see by how much of that BBC Dredd slams into her tight little cunt.

She sucks his load down good, but I admit I wanted him to breed her.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Nigger Sean Speaks!

Had a great DM conversation with Sean Michaels after I sent him a message about hiss new vid with Cadence Lux (the whore below). Sean (whose real name is Andre) must have been in a good mood, because he's not responded to my previous messages.

I love talking to white whores who fuck black guys, but I also love talking to niggers, especially porn legends like Sean Michaels. I realize everyone doesn't enjoy his work -- he's not a pretty nigger -- but that might be part of the reason I like him. He always comes across as a nigger....with nigger looks and nigger swag.

I praised his decades in the business, and really laid it on about what a superstar he is and that he should keep going. I let him know that I noticed all his  "typical Sean Michaels" stuff -- from the glasses, to showing up in dress clothes. He said they're both trademarks, and the studios want him to do that and that he likes it....sets him apart.

I love getting these black bulls to open up, and it's fascinating. I tried not to come across as some cuck or a faggot....didn't want to scare him off. Instead, I used Cadence and this new video as talking points as we messaged.

I wanted to say "You are just a fucking legend and an amazing fucking nigger," but I didn't LOL I concentrated on how cool and collected he was as this young slut climbed on him. He said he likes Cadence because "she's a nasty little whore" and most enjoys blonds who are ready for anything.

I told him the young ones really seem to like him....he loved hearing that. So I told him he should do a series where he fucks white girls as soon as they're legal. He just laughed, so I assume he gets plenty of young white pussy. Like I said, amazing fucking nigger. Sean said the young ones in general really like to kiss, so he tries to own them that way early on, and said they're not innocent things -- it takes very little time before they're reaching for his dick.

He also talked about the young ones liking it harder and rougher, and the studios have let him do some of that in the past few years...choke moves, rough and sloppy kissing, hair pulling. I told him my favorite move of his was when he smacks a bitch hard on the ass. He sent a smiling emoji back.

The Cadence Lux vid has all of Sean's trademarks -- the ones I've mentioned plus she gives him great head, takes a good hard fucking, and squirts when he handles her pussy.

As a bonus, Sean stays in his dress shirt and tie through most of the video. As you can see below, he started sweating like a nigger, so they captured it on camera and didn't towel him off. Like I said, we got a real nigger here.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Dumb Fucking Cuck

First, niggers beat up the fucking whiteboi cuck. Then they make him watch while you destroy his slut gf.

Out of control niggers? You decide.

It Doesn't Matter

It doesn't matter who the nigger is. Look at her face -- she'll never get it any better.

Yes, she's a beautiful, vital, sexual girl, but it's the nigger who seals the deal.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Whiteboi Beatdown

You go, Dogfart! Can't wait to see this whiteboi beatdown as niggers Rico and Isaiah beat and kick the fuck out of some loser whiteboi while his fine white gf Kate England sits in the car.

Just niggers acting like niggers, which Kate finds incredibly hot, and she ends up where she always does -- on her slut knees sucking black dick and with her legs spread like a typical black cock whore.

Of course, loser whiteboi blows his own load when he sees Kate get her nigger creampie.

That's Why!

Niggers put that glow on her skin.

Jamal & Annie: The Wedding Album

Jamal and Annie married on the beach -- which they love -- and also wanted their photographer to get some great shots for their wedding album.

Things got passionate, and when Annie moved her hand to Jamal's crotch, things got really passionate. The photog knew he had something special with this beautiful white girl and handsome nigger.

Jamal followed up by moving his hands to her warm, wet pussy. That just made her want his big black cock even more. Annie wanted that last photos for their private collection, but Jamal said "Fuck it. Let them all see it."

White Guy On Set

Love these publicity shots for interracial vids. The white guy is always treated like a bitch and told to stay on the outside of the shot.

Meanwhile, the fine white girl gets to stand near all the niggers and feel her pussy getting wet because of their looks, their smell, and their big black cocks.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Playing to Nigger Stereotypes

Studios like Bangbros and Dogfart don't give a fuck and play to nigger stereotypes all the time. They're fortunate in finding niggers who have no problem playing criminals, drug addicts, thugs, and gangstas for the sake of a storyline.

Prince is one such nigger.

In this vid, he dresses up like a burglar to get at this white girl who's at home with her clueless daddy. Prince wants to rob the white people, but is captivated by ass -- like a typical nigger.

Here we see the masked nigger creeping up on the dumb blond bitch. In your head, you're wondering, "Is this huge motherfucker going to rape her?" We all know (or think we know) what any nigger would do in this situation. 

What good is a movie like this unless the fucking thug nigger grabs the white girl from behond and scares the shit out of her? Prince uses all of his black power and strength to put a hold on this cunt. Notice her waste of space father who notices nothing. Another dumb fucking whiteboi.

Prince is already sweating under his mask and clothes, which works well. A sweaty nigger always looks good with a white girl.

Dumb white dad still has no clue when Prince is shoving his big black cock down her slut throat. Prince is always rough with white bitches, but he seems especially turned on here, playing the thug criminal in a white neighborhood. 

Yes, niggers are all the same.