Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, August 27, 2017

When You Get Home

When you get home, if you find your daughter on the couch sitting like this with a nigger, it's already too late to have any kind of talk with her.

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This nigger? Body language tells you he knows he owns her pussy already. Dad has no say.


  1. My daughter fucks only nigger cocks, and has never had a white dick except mine and her uncles. We all love to pass her around on poker night, especially the part when she sucks that big nigger dick!

  2. You know the reality is ur wife has already been fucked out in the bedroom, ur son is the other room cleaning up a bull and this young buck is just getting ready to get started

    1. TO make ends meet I had to rent our two of our rooms to two black guys.. I know my son has been cleaning his GF up when they are done fucking her. I over heard this going on about 3am when I woke to get water. It was summer so no school and his GF stayed the night and I am sure her parents didn't know. And I know hes' been blowing them the nights she is not here.

  3. what exactly can an average white father say in this case? but maybe stare at her perfect, amazing legs