Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Strap That Bitch

Prince was in the mood to cage his bitch, so he did. Then she pissed him off so he got out the strap. Deviant Hardcore, indeed.

Verica James is let out of the cage, but the strap lets her know Prince is in no mood for her shit. The big nigger is clearly out of control and scary, and Verica knows she has to behave herself. Prince is already hot, literally and figuratively.

 Prince lifts up his bitch and grunts like a fucking animal. With her perfect tits right in his face, he chokes her. This is a go to jail move in real life, so it's cool to see Prince get to act out his feelings.

Prince continues to knock Verica around, yanking at her hair. He left on his hoodie, so now he's hot, and the sweat is pouring down his face. It's a good move to not mop it up, because we get to see a fucking nigger out of control. Verica is such a nigger lover, you know she likes the smell.

When Prince starts slamming her cunt, there's no mercy. This isn't a romantic scene. Fuck that. Prince is a fucking nigger taking what's his.

More dripping sweat from our nigger who's found da pussy.

This is as close as we get to romance -- a Prince kiss while he sweats on this fucking bitch and threatens to choke her.

That is how yuo slame a fucking whore, and this is right before Prince busted on her face and threw her slut ass back into the cage.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Beat His Fucking Ass

Before and after you fuck her, Rico.  Rico knows that faggot wants to get closer and closer to his nigger dick, and he ain't havin it LOL

This is typical Rico Strong, showing off what a thug he can be. What a nigger.

Patrick is bringing back a great blog of the past, and slowly uploading his old clips at

I highly recommend you check out this excellent blog to see amateurs in action -- white girl after white girl getting blacked while they're cheating on their husband, their bf, or because they're just plain nigger loving sluts.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Getting Lucky

How lucky to be married to a fine white woman and watch her get fucked by a big black muscular bull with a cock you can only dream of....

Fuck her, nigger. Fuck her good.

Does Makeup Matter?

Makeup can always be reapplied, but there's no sense in living if you can't take those huge loads of black jizz when they're available.

She looks beautiful covered in nigger cum, doesn't she? Being "ok with it" means you're happy to lick it up off her face like a good cuck bitch.

You Get Cucked

You sad, simple, pathetic whiteboi bitch.

Look at your girl. She knows what a nigger can do.

Is She Crying?

Fuck no. When niggers bust on your face, there's never enough.

She wants more.

Kylie Jenner BLACKED

Great news in entertainment -- Kylie Jenner has been knocked up by Travis Scott! OF COURSE Travis is a NIGGER!

Such a beautiful girl, and we wouldn't want to see her with anyone BUT a black boy. We wouldn't want to think of her full white lips on ANY cock but a big black cock. We wouldn't want to think of anyone fucking her BUT a badass muthafuckin nigger!

Travis got the hair and the tatts, and I'll bet Kylie also loves those big nigger lips on her tight young pussy....right before Travis slams his hot loads of black jizz in her pussy.

So such great news when we found out Kylie is pregnant. It's amazing what happens when you grow up in a household where every one of your sisters is fucking niggers, marrying niggers, and getting knocked up by niggers.

Whether Travis stays with her or not, she gets a fine black baby out of this and Travis can rely on a few bucks from the Jenner/Kardashian wallet. I'm happy for Kylie, but I'm also happy for this nigger.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ultimate Prom

This makes a great wallpaper for your computer. Could these white girls look any happier than to be going to prom with a handsome nigger boy?

Serving Her King

This big bull nigger knows he's a winner.


The tribute isn't for lovely white slut Jessica -- it's for two of the greatest porn niggers of all time, Jack Napier and Wesley Pipes.

Niggers come and go in porn, and there will always be another Negro to step in and fuck a white bitch in some IR porn. However, superstars like Jack and Wes are rare, and both are sorely missed in the business, both by these white hoes and by those of us who appreciate niggers and their porn superiority.

Jack showed up with his wild Afro hair or wearing a tossel cap, knowing that looking like a nigger was hot for these cunts. They also knew his rep off camera. He was mildly aggressive on cam, but was known to get very rough off camera -- knocking the shit out of sluts and slapping them around. If the cunt got bruised and marked up, she deserved it....she also got that big black Jack dick. The ladies knew what they were getting with Jack, so don't feel sorry that he choked them out.

Wesley always showed up ready to play his prison thug nigger, and he did it so well. Of course, that got the white pussy all wet and juicy lol. These fucking whores can't resist a real nigger. Wes had "real nigger" written all over him, and he knew not only what the white sluts wanted, but what his fans wanted to see.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

His New Bitch

Jax smiles a lot in his vids, but once in a while he gets that look of a fucking out-of-control animal -- and that's when he does his best work.

Your daughter got what she wanted and deserved.

Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy Diesel owns another one. What an amazing nigger.

Location, Location, Location

This is where a nigger's cock belongs.

Curt your toes, you sexy fucking cunt. You know you love it.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Another Breeding

Teen Adria Rae gets a big beautiful creampie from Rob Piper.

How adorable is this white girl? There's not a nigger alive who wouldn't want the chance to breed her, and she certainly seems up for the task. This is one happy white girl -- and I hope her daddy s proud of her.

Adria is definitely beautiful enough for BLACKED, and I can only imagine how many fucking niggers wanted a piece of this. From the smile on her face, this isn't the first time a nigger has slammed her tight young cunt and flooded it. Her dad is probably happy that at least she didn't get knocked up in high school.

She looks so at home with a nigger. It'd be a shame to waste that pussy and not knock her up.

In Trouble

She may be in trouble, but don't feel sorry for her.

If you're doing porn and you go interracial, there's a good chance something like this will happen. Niggers take over.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cum Inside Me

Nicole Aniston is so fucking beautiful, and that makes her perfect for IR porn and another new bull, the tatted Jason Luv.

Nicole two-fists a black dick as well as any slut in the business, and she gives Jason those loving eyes that make him think he's the only nigger for her. These two are a great match, and the chemistry between them is palpable.

I expected the usual facial at the end, but when I heard Nicole say "Cum inside me," I was hopeful that's what we'd get. Lucky for Jason, Nicole and for us, that's what we got.

This big tatted nigger busted in her and clearly loved it. Why wouldn't he love such a perfect pussy on such a gorgeous whore? As for Nicole, she repeated "cum inside me" many times....enough times to make me thinks she wanted to be bred.

Abigail Mac gets BLACKED by Davin

A NIGGAS RULE visitor suggested this BLACKED vid to me, mentioning Davin as a new bull.

I have to say, this is a fine fucking nigger who deserves more work in the industry, and a lot more white pussy. As you can see, Davin is a big bull, and sexy Abigail seems to really be into him. Maybe it's his animal look. So many white girls love that nigger look, and Abigail loves this big gorilla.

She goes long periods staring at Davin, never taking her eyes off him, knowing that's the way to get a nigger to fuck even harder -- and Davin does, slamming her cunt til she moans with joy. In the end, he delivers her a very nice thick load of black jizz, and this nigger loving slut laps it up.

Angela White Is A Fucking SLUT

This porn bitch should have SLUT permanently tattooes on her forehead. Angela White is perfect for interracial porn -- so hungry for big nigger dick it's unreal. Prince and Isaiah do this cunt good. As I watched the vid, I think I said "What a fucking whore" out loud about a dozen times.

First we see that these niggers are hard before they even get started on her. Seconds later, Isaiah goes for her pussy --as all the best nigs do. Prince gets his choke move in, and she's such a slut I really wanted him to squeeze harder. That's followed by Angela getting her holes filled, including a double penetration that she takes easily. As I said, what a fucking SLUT!