Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Saturday, December 29, 2018

How Much?

How much do we love this? Jesus Christ.

Nigger Kiss Of The Day

I love this pic, not only because the white girl is giving the capped nigger a deep, soulful kiss, but because she's also willing to be pawed over and felt up -- in other words, she's willing to be a fucking whore.

I guarantee you her legs are spread and one or both of these coons have a hand between her legs and on her pussy. She doesn't bat an eye when the nig pulls her top down, knowing she's doing what she wants to do while she gives these Negroes what they want and shows them a good time.

Whore Emily Austin & Davin King

Queen of Spades whore Emily Austin looks so good in her vid with big bull nigger Davin King. She wears her QoS tatt like a badge of honor -- I'm sure she attracts so many black men it's fucking ridiculous, and I'm sure she spreads her legs for all of them like the fucking slut she is.

Emily is a fine blond bitch who knows how to take a big black dick and ride it hard. I loved it that Davin creampied her. I thought she'd get a load on her face at the end, but was so fucking happy when that big nigger unloaded in her cunt.

And yeah, I admit I'm a Davin King fan because he's such a fucking BEAST. Any black cock is good in a fine white bitch, but sometimes I need to see a huge fucking nigger who looks like an animal get that white pussy! Davin has been called an ape and a gorilla, and to me those are compliments. He's an anazing fucking nigger.

Here's the vid if you want to watch it:

This is the arrival of Big Nigger Davin. Emily wrapped her arms around him and I loved the way his big black hands covered her ass cheeks.

Davin turned her around, and like every nigger, he went for her pussy. I know the bitch was wet and ready.

Big Nig got in a couple kisses, although the vid is more about sex than romance. Here you get an idea of how big this fucking ape is and how bone hard he was before his jeans even came off. Niggers like King have no control and don't want to tame their big hard ebony fuckpoles.

Try as she might, Emily can only get so much of that enormous coon cock in her mouth. Here she's almost gagging, yet look how much more of that BBC is left for her to hold on to.

Another kiss and we see Emily ready to serve her King and give herself to him.

Both porn stars move and fuck effortlessly, with few words spoken between them. That big beautiful black cock fits perfectly in her tight cunt, and Emily feels good with no pain.

I love this servile position that Emily takes, making Davin know he's in charge and is her King. Although it might have been cool to hear some dialogue, the lack of it adds to the idea of DK being a fucking gorilla. Do animals need to speak? They don't.

Brotha Lovers made sure to get a couple closeups of Emily's QoS tatt, as if we needed a reminder of what a fucking whore she is.

Legs up, bitch! Emily gladly throws 'em up so that Davin can take her.

Davin starts piledriving the bitch, and his massive nigger body is on top of her. If she was near suffocating, she never moaned about it as that big black ass took some long strokes.

This is the moment when Davin slammed his load of black seed into Emily's sweet white cunt. Isn't this what he deserved? Isn't it what every nigger deserves?

And yes -- we do get to see the results of an incredible breeding. Davin loaded her up with all the hot nigger jizz he could blast into her. The result? A happy Emily.

Black Property

Fine white ass belongs to black boys.

Niggers know how to take care of it.

Time For A Threesome

Get in position, cuckboi.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Negroes Who sag

I have to laugh when I read online complaints about niggers who sag and show off their asses, or when I hear some older white person at the mall saying some nigger should pull up his pants.

The truth is that fine white bitches like this one LIKES that Coon Sag -- they

LOVE niggers who show off their beautiful black asses.

And listen, you dumbass racist white people: the more you bitch about niggers who sag, the more they're gonna sag and the more black ass they're gonna show. It's a big FUCK YOU to you and your racist fucking ways.

Once A Dream

This used to be a dream and a hope -- now it's reality.

They're all yours, boys. Do it the Black Man Way.

Nigger Cock, Anyone?

Niggers Only for this bitch.

Nigger Balls

White girls love them. Niggers love white tongue on them.

NYE Preview

This same scene will be played out all over on New Year's Eve -- fine and sexy blond girls dancing together. Before long, the niggers move in and move on them.

Is there a future here? Probably not. The coons look a little thuggish, and might live in a different world than these blond sluts. Still, my money's on these niggers to get the goods.

Oh, Baby, You Gettin' It

Notice the look on her face and in her eyes, and the way she brushes back her hair -- as if to invite this young Negro boy even closer.

Of course, Jamal already has her pushed against the wall, and there's no doubt in my mind but that his throbbing black dick is already pushed up on her.

She's def gettin' it, but so is this nigger.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Everybody Wins

Jesus Christ

I should have said JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST.

Nig Stomp

She knows she's a piece of shit, and she's ok being treated like one.

Feeling Like A Whore

Her big tits were hungry for some big black hands on them.

Luckily, she got that and a whole lot more. This big bull nigger slammed her fucking wet pussy and made her day!

See that stroke, whitebois? You can't do it.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Just Beautiful

Any white man would be happy to see his girlfriend or wife taken like this.

Cheeleaders Going Black

So you think it's just a tale that white cheerleaders end up with black boys? LOL

Find me a pretty white cheerleader, and I'll show you pics of her with her black boyfriend, who's probably on the team. These niggers know that winning the game is good, and that includes getting the white girl.

Controlling Your Bitch

A nigger like Rob Piper never found that a struggle.

Lineup For White Pussy

There isn't a white girl alive who wouldn't look good with any one of these sweaty niggers.

The confidence and attitude alone will get that pussy wet.

No Blame To Place

Another white girl taking selfies in the bathroom with a black boy.

Sorry, but you just can't blame any nigger who takes advantage of the situation. She's wearing a crop top, so her tits are right there to grab. She sits on the vanity with her legs spread, like she's offering up her warm, wet pussy. What's a Negro to do?

This nigger is off to a good start in a life of getting white girls.


They're just friends. You taught your daughter to be friends with people of all colors.

For some reason, though, she's been hanging around with a lot of black boys lately.

Who She Really Wants

It's not her lameass husband LOL

Some whiteboi cucks like to stay involved, getting their cocks sucked while their wives take the nigger's big dick. Some wives play like they love it, but this hotwife clearly is bored with the little dick she was sucking and clearly enjoying the big black dick slamming her white pussy.

We all know why. One look at that nigger and you know who the bigger and better man is.

Where Dey At?

I have no idea, but this many nigger boys in a room is a party for white girls!

This cute bitch is all ready to get pushed down on her knees.

Please Fuck

I want to see these two fuck. I want to watch them.

There's nothing incredible about her, and I see hotter white girls every day. But sitting next to this big bull nigger? Man, she's perfect for a good hard black dick fuck. She's tiny, but has those big tits that would look good with his big thick lips on them.

Her face is perfect for a huge load of coon cum -- she'd look so beautiful. More than anything, though, I want to see her face as he fucks her, his massive Negro body on top of her as he piledrives his beautiful nigger dick into her tight white cunt.

Punish That Pussy!

THIS is how you punish a pussy!!!

Look at these fucking niggers ATTACK those white sluts!!! It's why niggers are KINGS of all white pussy!!! All that big black dick and the coon sweat, too! No wonder we got some happy bitches!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Your Fat Slutty Daughter

You told your fat daughter that dressing like a slut would get her in trouble. Still, she persisted.

So you decided to teach her a lesson. Or, rather, your black friends will teach her a lesson.

Don't worry about her. You can't tell, but her pussy is already wet. These niggers will take care of her.

Catching That Nigger

When you get home early from work and catch a nigger fucking your wife....

Friday, December 21, 2018

Night Out With The Coons

Niggers always find the prettiest white girls when they're out on the prowl.

College Study Break

Your little girl is enjoying herself at college.

They Just Met

I want her daddy to see this pic -- see her looking like a white trash slut, on a nigger's lap while he's reaching for dat wet pussy.

FUCK The White Race

Spit on that fucking cunt.