Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Stereotypes Are True

Sometimes we get tired of hearing stereotype IR stories about black athletes getting all the white cheerleaders. The truth is, that's a stereotype because it's based on so much truth.

If a high school has a football or basketball team with niggers, it's close to a lock that a white cheerleader is  getting with one of those niggers. Whitebois can talk about these girls and call them stuck up, or even call them bitches because they've gone black.

The truth is that these girls are some of the finest in the school, and it's only natural they'd be attracted to the finest boys in the school -- the niggers.


Can you ever be surprised when you see two beautiful and sexy white girls like these hanging with niggers? Why the FUCK would these ladies want loser cuck whitebois when they can have the power and swag of two fine chocolate men?

Look at these black boys -- they can take these sluts to places they've never been with their minds, their bodies, and their big black dicks. And if white dad has any intention of stopping this, he's far too late.

Congrats to niggers everywhere for making this happen.

When Your Wife's Pussy Needs Something

A nigger can get it done.

Iced Out Whitebois

Love this pic because the loser whitebois are iced out LOL. The fucking worthless cucks are puched to the background while our gang of niggers gets in front next to the white sluts.

From the smiles on their faces, these girls don't mind at all, and hopefully those niggers took full advantage of the pussy.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Yep, He's A Nigger

Damn, girl, I knew you liked black boys, but nobody told me you went full-on NIGGER!
Fucking awesome.

She's Got It Bad

And why wouldn't she, with that amazing and beautiful nigger dick?

Some Girls

Actually, I'd say "All girls."

Lucky Bitch

How can she NOT have an orgasm? Jesus Christ.

The Only Way

Bred by a nigger. Just goddamn perfect.

DP That Bitch!

Fuck her holes and make her love it. She says "Oh My God" because she knows no one can fuck her like a nigger.

Or should I say two niggers.

Sharing Party

All it takes is one white slut and a bunch of niggers.

As A Cuck Watches

How amazing to play with yourself while a nigger fucks your girl.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Fat Ass Slut

You might think that fat white bitches can't get guys, but that's far from true.

Niggers like this one appreciate a fat bitch, knowing they can fuck her as hard as they want and do anything they want to do to her. This whore can take a pounding!

Sandra Soul Reaches Her Limit

Actually, I don't think this fucking whore has any limits. No matter what Mike Chapman did to her, she smiled as if she wanted more.

And yeah, THAT'S how you excite a nigger like Mike Chapman. I don't know what the thermostat in that room was set at, but the Negro was sweating! You can see it all over his black body and dripping from his face. So cool when niggers get into it like this, and I wanted to see that cunt licking it up.

HER LIMIT doesn't try to prettify the sex. If her makeup runs, it runs. If the nigger sweats, he sweats. It's raw and animalistic, and that's how niggers FUCK.

Lift her legs up like she's a fucking rag doll, Mike!

Mike went apeshit when he fucked slut Sandra, and got so turned on that he spit on the bitch.

A smiling cunt lets the nigger know he's winning.

A fucking whore and a fucking nigger god.

An out of control coon in a vid shoot is a good thing.

Ghetto gravy for a sexy slut from the nigger who took her down.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Natasha Teen Gets The Mike Chapman Treatment

Since you guys liked the Mike Chapman vid, thought I'd treat you to another one with this sexy bitch named "Natasha Teen." LOL These sluts choose the dumbest names.

These stupid fucking whores sign up for HER LIMIT, so why shouldn't Mike give it to them hard and rough. I like his professorial talk with them, when he all but ends up calling them fucking sluts.

This bitch does everything Mr. Chapman tells her to do, and he responds by being the nigger he is. That ape face on him got her pussy all soaked.

She's a perfect sexy lil whore, isn't she? Perfect posture when she's sucking some delicious Negro cock.

Fuck the whore's mouth, Mike!

Looking up at Mike like he's a god, because Natasha has been sucking that beautiful black cock.

While she's sucking like a fuckin pro, Mike squeezes his thighs to smash her cunt head.  This nigger gets off on trashing these sluts.

Yeah, it's a beautiful pussy, but why not fuck her in the ass?

Aw.....look how messed up her makeup is LOL Fucking SLUT. Yeah, it made Mike's nigger dick even harder.

Ready for her Slut Feeding.

Take it, Natasha, you cum sucking CUNT!

Haven't seen this closing shot for a while -- a nigger kissing a bitch after she's taken his load. But how about the CONFIDENCE and SUPREME KING MODE of this motherfucking nigger?

Jesus Christ.

Nigger Dick Of The Day

Big thick and hard -- it's gotta be a nigger dick!

Aborted In Time

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mike Chapman Ruins Stella Cox

Gotta admit it -- Mike Chapman is a fucking BOSS. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of good IR porn because I haven't discovered this amazing motherfucking nigger until now!

Mike's HER LIMIT vids are exciting and hot and intense. These fucking sluts (many of them foreign) sign up for the lecture and abuse, and they get it. This stuff is actually much better than Black Payback, in my opinion. Mike doesn't slap the girls around enough or as hard as I'd like to see, but he's much more intense and into it all.

Mike is so fucking self-confident he meets sexy hot Stella in the nude with his big black dick staring right at her.

The kiss of a nigger.

Stella is so turned on by this fucking ape that she can't stop playing with herself, furiously. Nigger Mike already knows he owns her.

Beautiful bitch gets fucked. What an ass on this slut!

That's it, Mike -- show her who's boss.

A little frightened? LOL You think this nigger gives a shit, you fucking whore? My whiteboi cock was BONED watching this, thinking of how far this nigger might go!

Beautiful white girls need to know the power of a Gorilla Nigger Man.

Mike handles this bitch in ways that show she's just a fucktoy to him, just a piece of ass.

While you check out this big nigger hand all over her face, check out Mike's face in the corner -- the fucking coon is pissed!

Wreck the slut's makeup.

She's a cunt and this ape knows it.

The gift of slut tongue.

Bitch is getting wrecked. Her makeup is hilariously ruined.

Cry, you fucking CUNT.

Mike really wanted to set her down, I think. Look at how the nigger is already sweating.

White girls love sweaty niggers.

Nigger Mike shoved Stella's own fist in her fucking mouth. Destroy the bitch.

Want to go swimming, whore?

Mike pushes her slut face into the pool, and it's fucking amazing.

I wanted Mike's big beautiful black dick in her while he drowned her.

Do you like it, bitch? Do you love it?

Like it or not, Stella gets it again from this amazing fucking nigger man.

Mike is getting angry, and it's incredible to watch. Black Bull, I'd love to watch you treat a white slut like this!

Who the fuck rules???

Now our resident nigger shoves his own fist down her fucking pussy throat.

Time for some ghetto gravy. Mistreated or not, Stella wants it.

Feed on that bigger jizz, you fucking slut.