Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Working With And For Niggers

This beautiful blond is happy to work at a black-owned company, and she's moving up rapidly in the ranks.

Her Negro boss is on the left and an assistant manager is on the right. Both of them are well-educated niggers, They've faced some criticism for hiring blonds like this (who black women employed there call sluts) but that doesn't stop them. They hire these sexy blondes and then pose with them for pictures.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Another Cheerleader Slut

Judging by the comments you guys leave, you clearly love cheerleaders getting fucked by niggers, so here's another one.

Nat Turnher doesn't even let this bitch put down her pom pom before he reaches for her fucking pussy, which is probably already soaked at the sight of him.

Who knew that cheerleaders got so tatted up?

I love her blond hair. I love her tits. I love the way Nigger Nat is going after her.

Great shot of Nat eating her pretty pink pussy. You can also see the marks on her ass from when Nat smacked it.

He'll keep eating, you keep sucking, slut.

It's what they all want. Cry and you'll get it harder.

A little tiny white girl and a big gorilla nigger. Sounds about right.

Nat got in a good workout. Always good to see a nigger sweat and work for that pussy!

Daddy Shane Brings Her Home

Back in the day, Shane Diesel did a lot of great "Your Daughter Is Fucking A Nigga" videos. I loved the way this nigger controlled it all -- making her talk about how upset her dad would be, making her call his dick "nigger dick," enjoying every minute of the bitch while he got paid.

Sarah Vandella Plays Blind

Another hilarious setup with Rob Piper meeting blond and blind Sarah Vandella, who wants a black man because of his attitude and skin texture. Yeah, sure, bitch.

Sarah does play blind for the whole video, but some scenes are fucking funny as hell, because she goes cross-eyed. I have no clue who taught her how to "act blind." Good thing she has a hot slut's body that's perfect for a nigger like Rob.

Most hysterical? This blind bitch wears GLASSES.

The glasses come off because the nigger wants to kiss some more.

Sarah has great tits. I'm always glad when a nigger is treated to a good whore body in these vids.

Oh, look, the blind slut found that big black cock!

Blond blind girls suck good.

Rob isn't blind.  He knew right where that pussy was, even if Sarah looks dazed.

That big thick Negro tongue makes Ms. Vandella happy.

Bend over, you fucking whore.

Sarah was so happy to take all that black seed on her tits. She does have grreat boobs, but I'd rather have seen Rob bust his load all over her surprised face. We do get to see Rob being treated like a King here.

Look at this fucking cunt's face LOL

Sarah acting as if life is confusing her. No Oscar nomination coming, but she had sex with a nigger. That's even better.

Thank You Mr. Bull

ALWAYS thank the black bull for what that nigger brings to your slut's hungry white pussy.

Let hubby pay the bills. He should also pay every nigger who fucks this bitch.

Your Wife's Black Bull

You can't compete, you fucking whiteboi cuck.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Your Cheerleader Daughter

You should be so proud of your cheerleader daughter, Mom and Dad! We're not surprised that she's into niggers, but how did you know she liked older niggers like Sean Michaels?

Sean is 61 years old -- yeah, you heard right. That motherfucker has been at this for decades, and he's STILL getting young white pussy. THAT makes him an icon and one impressive motherfucking nigger!

Honestly, I love watching this coon get that young white pussy and getting it soaked! Negro Sean does like using his big lips on these young sluts!

Believe it, her cunt is already wet.

Not a great screencap -- hard to see Sean because the nigger is so black, but it's always good seeing him go after that fine white ass on a bitch.

Sometimes the young ones just gotta get some of that old nigger man!

Like most vids, Sean puts his big monkey lips on the whore's tits.

She didn't even see that big black cock yet -- but you can tell the nigger is already fully hard as she grabs it like the fucking black cock slut she is.

The old man's still got it. Niggers at 61 are better than loser whitebois at 21.

Ride that black dick, you fucking bitch! I loved the way Sean coached her and brought her along, and gave her orders as to what to do next. She listened every time, just like a good fucking WHORE.
She rode his BBC so good.

So kind to her, and so fatherly -- yet Sean still found it in him  to put the choke move on her. So great when a nigger remembers his roots.

Good Catch

It's a whiteboi's dream.

Nigger Couple Of The Day

This young IR couple is just fucking perfect. I'd love to have such a beautiful stacked daughter who found herself such an outstanding black boy. I can only imagine how he takes care of her pussy with his big thick lips and that big nigger dick.

Young But Ready

She's already been warned to be careful with those braces wen she gets her slut teen mouth on that big black cock.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Gorilla Niggers Love White Sluts

Abigail Mac is a fine, sexy, beautiful slut. She's also perfect for a big nigger like Davin King, who never met a white pussy that couldn't be conquered.

So cool seeing those big coon hands all over Abigail, moving between her legs, as niggers almost always do. No wonder Abigail looks like she's having a fucking orgasm.

This is what the fucking nigger was doing before the towel was removed. Dads, this is what happens when your daughters start going out with nigger boys. It's never just going out -- it's always reaching for da pussy!

Big, thick, fat hard black cock gits perfectly in this hot slut's mouth as Davin pushed her goddamn head on it.

That's a lot of fucking Negro back for a white bitch to hold on to LOL

Kisses from your nigger! Look how MASSIVE this fucking animal is next to tiny Abigail. Destroy her, Davin, and make her shove her face up your black ass!

JesusFuckingChrist. I'm ready to bust a load.

She wants the nigger's dick.

Eye contact always works with a fucking animal.

Gorgeous Abigail taking care of her man like a good fucking slut. Lick those big black balls, baby!

You tell me -- does this look like a fucking gorilla is pounding her cunt or what?

Davin doesn't say much in the vid -- just grunting and moaning as he fucks her, like a fucking animal.

She loves it.

More gorilla action. Before the thrust....

And completing the thrust. A perfect nigger (like Davin) always completes the action.

Time for some good, thick, hot Nigger Protein.

And even MORE black cum!

And clean off that perfect nig dickhead, you fucking whore!