Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Jerk Off Time For Dad

Dad knew his little girl was going to the dance with a nigger -- he just didn't know how black the motherfucker would be!

Knock Her Up

It's always NBS -- Nigger Breeding Season

Little niglets everywhere? Sounds good to me.

She's On The Team

Fucking nigger loving slut -- she took on the new coon on his first day of work.

Be Careful, Whitebois

Niggers will beat your ass.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Ginebra Bellucci Gets Niggerfied

Time for Joss Lescaf to get some fine young white pussy. Ginebra works for him, but what goos is being a boss unless you can fuck the sluts who work for you?

Ginebra takes her notes out to Joss, but he seems more interested in her pussy. One reason I'm a big Joss fan is because that fucking nigger goes right for the pussy. Yeah, look in her eyes, give her a kiss -- but finger that pretty pink cunt!

Love this cap. Beautiful white girl in pure ecstasy while a nigger like Joss makes sure she smells him and feels him. Every white bitch should experience this.

On her knees sucking some prime coon cock.

Ginebra liked that big black cockhead on Joss, and he couldn't stop running his Negro hands all over her fine ass body.

Yeah, she likes niggers. Look at her fucking face as Joss gives her pussy and ass some good monkey tongue.

Little white girl stretches out good, doesn't she?

She may be little, but Ginebra loves it up the ass, and we all know niggers love to fuck white bitches in the ass.

Her pussy stretches, but so does her beautiful white ass, and she's lucky to have a nigger like Joss pounding her.

Niggers love to be in control, and one way to do so is to bust a hot fucking load all over a cunt's face.

Yeah, she's niggerfied, all right.

Of course, the bitch works for him, so why shouldn't Joss make her clean off his big black cock when he's done shooting on her face? It's a great NPM -- NIGGER POWER MOVE.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Kendra Spade Gets Princed

Prince is such a great nigger, and he really knows how to treat a fucking slut, making her crawl over to him while he spreads on a couch and owns it like a Nigger Boss.

The motherfucker keeps his trademark boots on, which these cunts love. Prince loves these subservient whores who call him "Daddy."

Fucking cunt loves taking care of Daddy Prince, who's in excellent shape and ready to take down some pussy!

Once Prince starts to drill that Kendra cunt, he starts to sweat. When a nigger like Prince sweats, he's enjoying himself, which is what we all want. Fuck her harder, Prince.

Kendra was in some pain, but do you think she got Prince to take it easy on her by calling him Daddy? LOL Fuck no -- he just smalled her pussy harder and asked her if she wanted it. What else would you expect from this fucking nigger?

Still on her slut knees where she belongs, Kendra licks some big black balls filled with hot black seed. Prince is looking very much like a gorilla in this pic, a real animal.

Feeding the bitch. It's a Prince Y specialty.

Clean it off, slut.

The end of the video is hilarious, because after Prince shoots down her cocksucking throat, he tells her to get on her knees again so he can fuck her again.

Kendra knows there's cum on his dick and she's also worried that he has another load in him to bust up her pussy, so she yells, "But Daddy, I don't want to get pregnant!"

Prince doesn't give a fuck and shoves his big black dick right in her cunt. Why? Because he's a fucking nigger and he doesn't have to care what this bitch wants.  He needs to get off again, and that's what matters.

The Look And The Pussy

Kyler gives the look every nigger should get and gives up the pussy every nigger deserves.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

His Property

Always good to mark your territory and your property.

This bitch loves it. What a fucking whore. She deserves to be abused by niggers.

Is She?

Is she already fucking niggers?

Their Depraved Fucktoy

If she's depraved, she got their on her own.

The bitch is smiling and happy to be with two shirtless niggers who are definitely going to have some of her.

For Faggot Johnny

Thought I'd try to make my blog follower Johnny happy. He's a fag who loves thug niggers who sag and wear ball caps like this.

Johnny, you'll have to let us know if this is the kind of thug nigger you like.

Silence Her Mind

All she knows is black dick. That's all she needs to know.

Daddy Shane Does The Pussy Reach

A nigger knows how to give a white pussy a treat.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Sean Michaels Turns 61

This video celebrates the 61st birthday of Sean Michaels, black pornstar extraordinaire. Here Sean learns he's going to get a gift for his birthday -- a white slut named Lisey Sweet. As usual, Sean is dressed up for the occasion. This nigger is always smooth!

The foreign white guy brings in the fucking whore by her hair. She looks ridiculous in a bikini, colored stripe socks, and heart shaped sunglasses, but it's a signal that it's just another dumbass bimbo who will be taken down like trash by Nigger Daddy Sean.

Sean is a grateful motherfucking coon, isn't he? I think he wants that pussy!

It's great to see such a fine upstanding Negro like Sean Michaels get a nice present for his birthday. The bitch looks ready to be niggerfied!

It's just the beginning of Sean showing her what fucking trash she is, and he shoves a heart shaped dildo up her ass.

The celebration is going well!

Time to get some of those big thick nigger lips on her, Sean! Always good to see Sean's baboon lips on a white bitch!

Sean's dick is out when Lisey's tits are out! At 61, Sean has the hard dick of a much younger nigger. This motherfucker hasn't lost a step!

Presents all around -- her ass, Sean's big hard black dick.

Time to suck, you fucking whore!

The cunt looks stupid in those sunglasses, which is partly the point so Sean can degrade her. He even wears the sunglasses while he fucks her.

How better to degrade the fucking whore than to make her lick some Sean Michaels black ass?

Let's get a closeup of Lisey eating some nigger ass so we can also see her engagement ring, probably given to her by some loser whiteboi.

Sean even gets the dumb fucking bitch to lick cake and icing out of his black ass! I give Sean Michaels the credit for popularizing the "eat my black ass" move in IR porn.

Yeah, I think this cunt loves big black dick, and Daddy Sean def has one.

Big black hands on a white slut's phat ass -- this is good shit.

I only wish that Sean had smacked her ass hard.

Sean shuts the bitch up while he fucks her LOL What a dumb fucking cunt.

Black don't crack? It's true. Sean def doesn't look like a 61 year old nigger!

Sean busts a load on Cunt Lisey's hairy pussy. She looks satisfied enough. What's important is that Sean had a great birthday!