Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, March 29, 2020

A New Site For Niggers Fucking White Bitches?

Don't know how long iSMASHEDXXX.COM has been around, but I enjoyed this video because the niggers are such fucking niggers.

They show up wearing their chains which they never take off, and only a fucking nigger would show up like these 3 and wear their shades. It might be to hide them from the glare of this ugly fucking white bitch they use.

Not sure if the lighting works, keeping the coons in shadow while lighting up this fat bitch with the wrecked hair and roots and ugly fucking face.

Can you blame these monkeys for chimping out on this tattoed mess? Holy FUCK, look at her face. They really should've smacked the shit out of her while they fucked her just because she's so fugly.

Push her skank head down and make her gag.

I'm glad the niggers got off, but they were far superior to this fat fucking hot. She is so lucky to get that hot nig jizz all over her cunt.

Hannah Says "Fuck"

What white girl WOULDN'T say "FUCK" when being plowed by a massive fucking gorilla nigger like Davin King?

Jesus Christ, what a fucking ape.

Blast Her Fucking Face

She's just doing her job. The reward? The best dessert she'll ever get.

Business World Niggers

I always enjoy seeing niggers play professionals in business, and that's usually accompanied by a white whore feeling up his big thick black cock through his dress slacks.

All niggers deserve to be appreciated like this. I think she knows how big and beautiful Joss' cock is.

Just Out Of Jail

Tarik was released from jail because of the coronavirus concerns. The virus has def put a lot more niggers on the street.

Tarik went right over to Joanna's house to let her know he was out. Ten minutes later, the nigger was slamming her pussy.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Friday, March 27, 2020

Badass Nigger Friday

More badass niggers for you faggots and cuckbois and bitches who love the saggers and bad boys.

Accept It, Whiteboi Bitch

Your wife is a fucking cum dump for niggers. Time to accept it and make something good happen because of it.

Your Wife Is At Home

She's under lock-in because of the coronavirus.

But no one told these niggers to stay home (not that they'd listen) and no one told her not to answer the front door when boons call.

Nigger Kiss Of The Day

Freddy Gong absolutely SWALLOWS this hot fucking bitch with his big thick nigger lips!

Intentional Or Not

Impossible to know if this married whore is intentionally showing off her wedding ring or is just in pure pleasure mode.

She could be trying to turn on this fucking nigger even more or humiliating her worthless loser hubby.

Security Camera

Steff's dad set up security cameras around their house, but spent more for a 4K cam around the pool when his daughter started going out with niggers.

At least he gets to know who his slut daughter is fucking and sucking, right?

It's A Couples Friday!

So which of these interracial couples appeals to you? And why?

Are there some white girls who look especially good getting with black boys? And are there some niggers you think deserve fine white pussy more than others? The photos are numbered for easy reference.
                                                                     COUPLE 1

                                                                         COUPLE 2

                                                                    COUPLE 3

                                                                      COUPLE 4


                                                                     COUPLE 6
                                                        NIGGER BF IS ON THE LEFT

                                                                          COUPLE 7

                                                                      COUPLE 8

                                                                    COUPLE 9

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Alena Croft Is A Gangbang Whore

If there's a bigger fucking whore in IR porn than Alena Croft, I don't know who it is. What a cumdump skank slut!

Dogfart rented out this empty warehouse, invited a dozen+ niggers for white pussy, and set the bitch loose. So amazing to see all these porn niggers in one place, talking shit and never shutting up -- just being the fucking niggers they are, in other words.

It was cool that they let these ghetto gangstas dress as they wanted to dress and leave their clothes on while they fucked this bitch. Niggers in hoodies always works hehe  And look at that slut's happy face.

The boons were ready to wait their turn while Alena did her usual good head jobs.

Mr. Blaccwood in the red hoodie is fucking amazing -- just owning everything about being a real thug NIGGER. I don't know who that skinny coon is next to him -- maybe it's just some nigger off the street.

Mr. Blaccwood gets a lot of screen time, and it's deserved. He made dat pussy swole!

Tatted Coon specimen Eddie Jaye is always so smooth and suave -- he knew how much this fucking cunt wanted his big black cock.

It was great seeing all these black hands go in on this bitch -- grabbing her, feeling her, groping her -- just like the fucking niggers they are. All animals without control. They see a white girl and it's over.

Alena does some dick measuring, as if we don't know that chimps have big dicks.

As good as the vid is, I wasn't crazy about the ending -- they have all the niggers bust their loads into a funnel that's shoved up Alena's fat phat ass. It sounds more interesting and hotter than it is.

I'd rather some of these motherfuckers bust in her cunt and the rest blast their hot Negro Jizz all over her fucking slut face.

The New Normal

What else does she need?

More Spring Break, Bitches!

While niggers are rightly called out for being so bold and aggressive, people should drop the "white girls are innocent and niggers are rapists" act.

This is spring break. Sure, the coons are there for a good time, and that means lots of white pussy. But you should also check out the way these bitches are dressed, their body language, and how the use their hands.

No, the girls aren't "asking for it" because they're wearing tiny bikinis, but they know they're partying with horny fucking niggers, right? Case Closed. Both are leaning right into these shirtless Negroes, and both are hands on.

I do appreciate the confidence and swag from these niggers. As usual, it's A+.

Also notice the nigger in the middle and what he does with his hands hehe

Yes, what that nigger doesn't have in good looks he makes up for with those nig hands that go anywhere he pleases -- and this white bitch would never deny him.