Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Nigger Kiss Of The Day

Wish I had an explanation for it, but I have no idea why I love pictures of niggers kissing white girls so much. Here we have nigger Moe ready to dig in to Riley's slut mouth.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Another Breeding

White girl. Married. Needs a good fuck. Husband calls a nigger. She gets bred.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Quiz Of The Day: Which Nigger?

Which nigger do you think can do the most damage to this white slut?

Name that nigger in the front row, middle row, or back row.

Pizza Delivery Is Here!

I like this pic. Sure, the white slut is older, but she's clearly a fucking whore who will let anyone in the door when she orders pizza.

Luckily for her, pizza delivery boy is a nigger, and that coon looks more than eager to get some white pussy as a tip. Look at his smile -- that motherfucker's probably already getting hard. We all know what niggers are like when they get near a white woman LOL


A picture of pure sexuality and beauty.

This young white girl is so fucking beautiful and sexy, resulting in a black dick that could not be harder. She's in heaven riding that big hard beautiful nigger dick.

Very Pregnant

Doesn't matter who knocked her up. If she's fucking niggers this far into her pregnancy, she won't stop fucking niggers after she pops out the kid.

How beautiful is she, by the way? It's why she deserves a prime black bull to load up her cunt.

Serving Your King

Hubby is at work, and your Black King drops over for a visit -- which means it's time to serve.

THIS is how to treat a nigger!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Cheerleader & Coach

Yourm. daughter had been a cheerleader for 3 years, but she never spent so much time at practice before this year.

Of course, it might be that a black coach was hired for the football team. Quite a few of the white girls on the cheer team were interested, but the coach isn't a dumb nigger -- he went for the 18 year old so he wouldn't get in trouble.

Clearly the motherfucker didn't have to force this white girl into anything -- she wanted his big black dick. Another nigger scores!

Hot Couple

Just something very hot about this IR couple. She's a fine white girl with perfect tits, and I'm guessing her ass is damn good, too. He's a fine ass looking nigger.

I'd love to watch him fuck her.


How much do white women love big black cock? How much do they love getting fucked by a nigger?

That Special Moment For Shane

I've actually discussed this photo with Shane Diesel.

After I told him it was one of my favorites, he told me that it shows the very moment when he blasted into this white girl. He told me her pussy was so tight and so good that he forgot they were filming and that "right before I busted in her, I told her I wanted to breed her."

Is she a lucky nigger lover or what?

Another Wesley Tribute

This pic of Wesley Pipe is a tribute to all he was as an interracial porn icon.

This phat ass white bitch is getting the fuck of her life from a real nigger. Wesley KNOWS he's a goddamn motherfucking NIGGER and he plays it to the hilt! This wasn't just some badass thug persona for the cam -- that was the real Wes talking ghetto, mistreating whitebois, making girls call him a nigger, giving the finger to every fucking hater out there, and more.

In this pic, Wes goes even further and puts in his gold grill. Is that a thug nigger move or what? He knows it pisses off the racists, but he doesn't care, because he knows he picks up as many white sluts and cuck fans to make up for it.


Here you can see Big Black Wesley pretending he cares for this white bitch, rubbing her knocked up belly with his big black hand. He's wearing a huge gold chain that so many thug niggers like to show off with.

Wesley is proud of fucking this pregnant white slut, and he makes sure the camera guy catches his beautiful black cock invading her perfect cunt. Of course, Wes is also proud of being a nigger, so he gives his full Negro face to the camera -- making sure his gold grin is shown while he sneers like a motherfucking boss.

I have so much respect for this fucking nigger.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Black Control

If you can't see how this big bull nigger is controlling this young white slut, you must be blind.

Seeing this nigger plow and slam this bitch should give you proof that you cannot compete with these amazing coons. This fucking whore knows how lucky she is.

Getting Your Pussy Ready

I think this blond whore knows who's soon to arrive, so she's getting her tight shaved pussy ready for him -- ready for that big fucking nigger who will fill up her cunt the way she loves.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Knocked Up Whores

If a white whore gets knocked up, and if that white whore loves black dick, she will not be able to forego that black dick during her pregnancy.

Niggers will fuck her until her black bastard baby is born.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Slut Facials

Don't these whores look beautiful all covered in hot black seed? Only a bunch of niggers acting like out-of-control thugs can bust on a bitch like this and make her look and feel good!

Melissa The Whore

Never heard of this site before --   The nigger is lighter skinned than most blacks, but the body is so covered with tatts I had to give him to you blog followers.

He was good and rough with this fucking slut labelled only as "Melissa." Should've been "Melissa the slut who the nigger doesn't care about." He smacked her around, called her a slut, and fucked her like he didn't care if he ruined her.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Monday, December 3, 2018

Nigger Kiss Of The Day THROWBACK

Two interracial icons are featured in our NIGGER KISS OF THE DAY -- Super Porn Slut JANET MASON and Thug Nigger Extraordinaire WESLEY PIPES.

I love this duo because Janet set herself up as a "classy" nigger lover -- whatever the fuck that is LOL. That bitch would act prim and proper, but she'd spread her legs for any and every nigger who crossed her path. She especially loved young buck coons fucking her in front of her husband.

The contrast between her and Thug Nigger Wesley couldn't be more stark. Wesley LOVED being the nigger he was on cam. He didn't give a fuck about being ghetto and in fact played it up in his videos, loving the chance to play a thief or a criminal already in jail.

So it is absolutely FIRE to get these two together -- the saint and the sinner. I can't imagine how wet Janet's pussy is when Wesley gets his big nigger lips on hers. I guarantee her husband Steve was jacking it as he watched these two.

Wesley was more of a fucker than a kisser in his vids, but he laid into Janet, who was known for her long, romantic kisses with niggers.

Even when the clothes come off, this motherfucking thug is still licking those sweet white lips.

 Here Wes gives his full Thug Nigger face to the camera. Hehe What an amazing fucking nigger.

Yes, Rico Strong is also in the video. I'm a Rico fan, but sorry, Rico -- you're on the outside in this video.