Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Friday, July 21, 2017

Nigger Kiss Of The Day -- And More

Rob Piper is dating some white girl and makes a move on her hot mother who "just can't stop him." Notice the rings as she cheats on her lameass white husband.

As a nigger who deserves a fine slut like Brandi Love, Rob gets her to service his big hard black dick, fuck her hot married pussy, and feed her his thick nigger load. The bitch swallowed it all like a good cunt.

Cocky Niggers

On a porn set, niggers know who rules. Bitch knows how lucky she is.

What He Told Her

Prince was unhappy with all the yelling this slut was doing on set, so he covered her mouth and said "Take it. That's what you're here for."

Another nigger in action.

Who Are These Guys?

So these two African American men show up at this white guy's house. Who are they? Choose from the options below:

A) Bill collectors
B) Grass cutters who need a break from the heat
C) Niggers who broke in the white guy's house and are threatening him
D) Escapees from the local prison who are looking to hide out for a few days
E) Niggers who are there to fuck the white guy's wife in front of him
F) Niggers hired to kill the dumb fucking whiteboi

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Do Niggers Move Too Fast?

Maybe. Their hands start reaching for the goodies immediately.

But look at Brooklyn. These white girls are fucking sluts for niggers, and seeing her reach for those big black dicks is proof. So why shouldn't these niggers dick her down?

Looks to me like the niggers have turned another fine white bitch.

Wrong Turn

Susie took a wrong turn down a back alley because she was so engrossed in her music. When she was confronted, she was stunned she'd turned down an alley where niggers hang out.

Friends had told her to avoid that alley because of so many niggers there at all hours for various reasons, from looking for trouble to scoring drugs to wanting some white pussy.

Thankfully, she got over her fear and shyness and gave in to all that big black dick.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Is It Rude?

Is it rude when niggers on a porn set start pawing and grabbing and pulling on the "white talent"?

LOL Dude, she's a fucking WHORE. These niggers smell pussy and they can do whatever they want to her.

Kagney has been ruined before, so she'll get over it -- and then spread her legs for the next black bull she sees.

The New Police

Many police departments are using a different approach in "diverse communities" (that's code for "where a lot of niggers hang out).

There's a lot less violence and gunplay when white pussy is readily available to black boys and black men. Police are providing that pussy, and so we salute the men in blue!

Beat His White Ass

Sometimes, niggers have to go a little further to get the pussy they want.

This fine piece was with her bf, so what do you do? You kick his bitch ass and beat hum to a fucking pulp. Make him bleed and tell him he's a worthless fucking faggot.

Before you know it, he's standing on the side and watching you use his girl -- not that she's resisting. Every nigger punch he took got her pussy wetter.

Jax Wasn't Happy

Jax Slayer wasn't happy with the suck skills of the slut they gave him on the porn site, so the big bull nigger decided to help out a bitch. You better believe the whore improved.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Pool Time With Niggers!all

Yes, your daughter had a pool party, and all her girlfriends were told to invite a swimming buddy.
It was a royal flush, because all 5 of the girls invited niggers.The neighborhood was going crazy, of course. Some of them expected to be robbed, and others expected to be shot. The truth is, those nigger boys were there for the pussy.

This move alone let the boys feel those warm, juicy pussies up against their necks. Fucking is guaranteed. The pic was taken by the dad of the girl in the middle. Dad was boned up bigtime thinking of all those cute white girls getting fucked by niggers.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Nigger Independence Day

Happy Nigger Independence Day to all black boys and black bulls!

Whether it's your wife, your daughter, or your gf, she knows that a nigger gains his independence every time a white girl spreads her legs for a black bull or gets on her knees like the slut in this photo.

This fucking whore would suck that nigger off right on the beach -- and that's what we love to see: white bitches doing what they were born to do and niggers accepting it all. The other nigs standing around? We can only hope they get her next.

Niggers are fucking amazing, and they can have it all. We just can't compete with these fucking niggers.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Nigger Kiss Of The Day

Harmoni Kalifornia with some young tatted nigger thug. Deep, passionate kisses.

Bonus #1 below is Harmoni on her knees sucking that big black dick. Bonus #2 shows you that nigger's long stroke.

Bonus #3: Even though I wanted him to creampie this fucking whore, I loved it when he pulled out and busted on her cunt face -- because he knows what a fucking slut she is. Fucking nigger drenches her.

Niki Snow & Lowtru

Yes, this nigger's name is Lowtru. He's doing well in porn because he's the type of black guy who might show up to fuck your daughter. A little thug/street look gets a lot of white pussy.whore

Nik is a slut who knows how to suck dick, and she gives him some good head. Best of all is when Lowtru unloads in this fucking whore, filling up her cunt with hot nigger jizz.

Is she knocked up? Lowtru doesn't care. Nigger walked right out. High Five to that motherfucker.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Nigger DFW Knight Scores Again

DFW Knight gets with as many white married women as any nigger. He really knows how to romance these fine bitches before always moving in to kill with that creampie.

These motherfucking niggers always win.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Joss LeCaff And Lily Rader

Lily is not only fine, she's a real trooper for taking that enormous nigger dick on Joss.

Sean Michaels And Whore

Gotta hand it to Sean Michaels. The motherfucking nigger is older, but he can still get it. These white bitches can't say no.

And look at her fucking sad whiteboi husband. What a pathetic POS. A nigger like Sean doesn't even know the fag is there LOL

Daddy Shane & Kate England

Coming up soon in BULL FOR HIRE 4.

Nigger Daddy Shane has a new hit on his hands. Kate is fucking beautiful, and she wants this nigger more than life -- and Shane is the bull to give it to her.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Ultimate Degradation

Make the fuckin bitch eat your black ass.

Could This Be Your Daughter?

Forget for a moment that this is a still from IR porn. Just imagine rounding the corner to your home and seeing this buff nigger with your pretty young daughter.

What would you do?