Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Friday, October 19, 2018

No Good Slut

This white girl is just another fucking slut. She doesn't even know this nigger. He smiled at her and she got in his car with no worries about being raped or abducted.

Niggers make her pussy wet, don't you know. So this motherfucking coon drove to the Wawa for a drink and got some good head instead. Why should a nigger turn this down?


The warmth of a white pussy. This is Nigger Ownership.

Can I Watch?

I want to watch them fuck.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

White Girl Fucking

I think we can all agree she loves coon dick.

Jill Kassidy Fucks A New Nigger

I know some of you guys hate BLACKED and find it boring, but this vid is notable because Jill Kassidy looks hot  -- very Riley Reid-like in appearance -- and her co-star is a nigger I haven't seen before.

Great skin contrast, because this Negro is darker than most in porn, and he's also a big motherfucker. I love the way Jill eyefucks this coon throughout the vid. She clearly loves big nigger dick.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Married, With Children

Both of these women are married to white guys and have kids with them. They're bored. Naturally, that leads them to Negro Land.

I think we can all agree that nigger dick seems to make them happy.

Bathroom Time

White girls LOVE taking photos in their bathrooms with their nigger boyfriends.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Nigger Athletes & White Cheerleaders

No doubt that a very high number of white cheerleaders end up with a nigger on their football team.
Here we see perfect examples of very pretty girls who can't resist that dark chocolate. The coons sure do well.

I know you're gasping at the first picture -- that is one big motherfucking Negro boy, and he must destroy that little girl every time he fucks her with his big black dick. Her girlfriends think she's really lucky.

Big Lips For Big Tits

Good to see a black boy with typical Negro features getting a fine white girl. That wide nose and those big nigger lips must attract this slut.

Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine the nigger babies these two would have?

Jesus Christ.

In Her

She wants it in her. Fuck that black seed deep in her cunt, nigger.

Young Slut

This young white bitch knows what she wants, and it isn't whitebois. Fucking little whore is showing a lot of attitude, and she's found the nigger to give her what she wants.

This kind of girl pops out 3 or 4 nigger babies, minimum. All different baby daddies.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Tits And Bulge

Her tits are the star, of course, but it's also impossible to not notice another nigger who can't control his dick. This motherfucker can't even take a photo without boning up.

Maybe that's why this bitch is smiling.

Former Blog Fave Brittany

Just found this photo of Brittany, obviously from her high school years when she was dating one nigger after another. I don't think I posted this one before. If I did, it's worth a repeat.

I don't know where this nigger fell in line as far as being with Brit, but body language tells me that this wasn't during an innocent phase (if one ever existed). Brittany does look happy, and I appreciate the strong, confident look on the coon's face.

Mantle Additions Coming

Soooo many photos of white kids on the mantle. Looks like we'll be changing that up a bit.

Only Nigga Dick

The lighting's not great, so it's hard to see this coon, but you can tell he's a black boy who deserves some good white pussy. Enter white girls....

Sweet, Sweet Pussy

You regular blog followers know how fond I am of niggers who go right for the pussy.

This is ownership, brah.

Bringing Jamal Home

So imagine if your daughter takes her black bf home with her -- and he looks like Jamal.

You're looking out of your kitchen window and you're speechless. Not only is it a nigger, but it's a nigger with hair like dat. It's a nigger with no shirt on. It's a nigger grabbing your sweet adorable daughter everywhere.

You have so many questions, including this: Why is my dick so goddamn hard?

Bang Her Hard

Get a bitch and pull down her pants. Fuck her hard. That's how niggers roll.

This motherfucking ape doesn't care if she's ruined for good. Neither do I.