Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Gorilla Ricky Overpowers Casey Calvert

How lucky is this white bitch? Casey Calvert is in seventh heaven as she gets her pretty pink pussy pounded by Ricky Johnson, a nigger who gets as much pussy as anyone in porn.

Kissing A Nigger In Public

It's Kira Queen, and damn, she looks fine as she's ready to kiss this nigger boy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Rome Manhandles A Fucking Black Cock Whore

Black Payback strikes again with angry nigger Rome doing his thing to some skanky white bitch.

It's beautiful watching him spit on the fucking cunt.

The Power Of The Black Bull

This fine ass blonde picked herself a good one, and you know she's getting the fuck of her life.

You know her husband is in the corner, maniacally beating off as he watches this big fucking nigger annihilate his wife's pussy.

The Seeding

It's a perfect Wednesday in someone's house....

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Daddy Shane Request

Princess A has a thing for Daddy Shane. I mean, what true IR fan doesn't? You all know how great I think this nigger is. Full Gorilla Mode here, right after he made her call him a nigger.

I would pay to watch Daddy Shane play with a white pussy this way. Is that a Boss Nigger or what?

Niggers Take Over

You think your fucking loser white bf or hubby makes a difference if a nigger wants to get at your bitch? LOL

Your Car Smells Funny

Except to those of us who like knowing there was a nigger around.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Ava Addams Gets Blacked By Ricky Johnson

This nigger is busy, and now he won't stop even if he's worried about getting caught by someone in another room! Ava Addams is the lucky fucking whore who slobbers over Ricky's BBC and spreads her legs like the slut she is.

Ricky's big black dick looks so good in her mouth.

That's it, baby -- kiss that nigger's dick and look him in the eyes to let him know you love it.

Not that you can miss Ava's huge, beautiful tits, but Ricky fucks them so we can love what she's got.

Yeah, this coon is in charge.

IR vids with Ricky make sure to get in a couple shots of his booty  during the fuck scenes, as Ricky is known for his black ass as well as his amazing black cock.

Two perfectly-built porn stars. Jesus Christ, this is good shit!

Fuck her, Ricky! She loves that nigger dick!

You think Ricky likes digging into this bitch's cunt?

What every white girl needs.

My whiteboi dick loves these next few screencaps. No one fucks like a nigger.

Feeding the whore some delicious Negro Jizz from a perfect Coon Cock.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Niggers In Public

They have no problem hitting on white bitches anyplace, anywhere, anytime.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Alexis Crystal's Gangbang

Alexis Crystal is so fine and so good with a bunch of niggers. I don't know who these coons are, but they're perfect fucking niggers for this scene, offering a lot of big black cock for this fucking whore.

Abella Danger & Ricky Johnson

Hope you guys like Ricky Johnson, because I have a few of these Digital Playground vids with him and different sluts. Fortunately, Ricky is a nigger who always comes through and is paired with sluts worthy of him and his big black cock.

Here you see Ricky right after he left the room with his Negro gf who wouldn't put out. Like all niggers, Ricky is horny, so you can't blame him when his black cock starts to throb as he sees slut Abella Danger. Look closely and you'll see Ricky's big bulging nig dick in his jeans. Face it, when niggers are in the vicinity of white pussy, that BBC grows.

Does Abella care about her Negro friend in the other room? Fuck no. She's a whore and she lets Ricky J know she wants him and that he can get it.

See? I told you Ricky was ready. He's full blown hard when Abella pulls his amazing dick out of his jeans and starts to suck like the hungry whore she is.

Ricky decides he might stay awhile. Look at the beautiful tits on her.

Abella is such a good cocksucker, and we also get to appreciate the work Ricky's done to build himself into fineass chocolate magic hehe

 Kiss that nigger dick, whore.

I love the Black Ownership when a coon like Ricky gets to lick a slut's pussy and ass.

An amazing couple, bith with beautiful bodies. And no, Ricky's black ass will not be ignored!

I'm down for Abella getting knocked up and having Ricky's baby.

So awesome to watch sexy Abella ride that big hard coon dick. Her ass never looked finer.

AB is a happy fucking slut.

One thing I noticed about Ricky J in porn: he spends more time looking at his own black cock than he does looking into the slut's eyes. It just shows what it is for a nigger like him to get one fine white whore after another -- and the greatness he KNOWS he provides.

Another screencap where you can see Ricky watching his coon cock slam a bitch. Is he a selfish nigger? No. I think he knows his worth.

Abella is happy to take Ricky's delicious load of black seed down her throat and all over her fucking slut face.