Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Why Niggers KNOW They Rule

Niggers get white girls like this every day. So why shouldn't they know that they fucking rule???

She's So Tiny

And I just want to watch him fuck her.

Cheating On The Quarantine

Both of these white sluts are married -- but to loser whitebois. The quarantine has gone on so long, and they couldn't hold out any longer, and met with their nigger bfs over the weekend.

Love it that this one dressed up like a hooker to please her man, who doesn't even need to undress to get her going. From the looks of his throbbing bulge, he is a typical nigger with a big, thick black dick. Lucky bitch.

Right for the pussy. Goddamn these niggers are good.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Prince Is Always Ready

Especially when the porn slut is a real whore like Abella Danger. It is so good to see this fucking ape enjoying himself.

Daddy Diesel Gives And Receives

So many white girls have had the privilege of this iconic nigger at their pussy, licking and eating away like the hungry coon he is.

Of course, you can't blame Shane if he then wants some good head from the sexy bitch who knows how to suck some big nigger dick.

Jamarkus And Lamar Are Coming Over

And they have a lesson for whitebois.

Happy Braces Bitch

I don't know if it's true that nigger cum on braces is a good feeling.

Memorial Day 2020

So good to get back to normalcy a little on Memorial Day weekend.

The Same Family

These girls aren't sisters, but they are from the same family. Isn't it great when the entire family ends up with niggers? All of these girls are so much better off with these fucking niggers, and we all know it.

Stupid Fucking Beta Whiteboi

If you take your gf to a bar where there are niggers, you might want to think twice before leaving her side to get some drinks. When you get back, you might find that a nigger has taken your seat. Even worse, the boon boy might have his hands all over her -- and neither he or your now slut gf will notice you're even fucking there.

A Nigger's First Move

It's always for the pussy, isn't it? And you know that pussy is already warm and wet for him. She clearly doesn't mind.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Gone For Holiday Weekend

Hey, blog followers, I'll be gone for the holiday weekend, but will be back before you know it. Just don't want you to think I deserted you guys and sluts!

Be safe, take care, and keep on appreciating niggers and the sluts they fuck!

Jax Visits Athena May

Athena May is so young she still has her braces -- but that never stopped a nigger like Jax Slayher. As soon as he gets to her house (I guess her dad is already beating off), she jumps into his arms to kiss him. Good move, whore.

Athena smiles so we can see her braces and know how young she is -- and that we'll all wonder how long she's been fucking niggers and giving them head. She sure looks comfortable on Jax's huge coon cock.

So hot watching this big ape lick Athena's fine, fine pussy.

When I saw her face as Jax logged her with his magnificent Negro fuckpole, I knew he wasn't her first nigger. This is right before he unloaded in her.

Then we get a closeup of that pussy made only for big, beautiful black cock. She's bred.

But is Jax done? FUCK NO! He fucks this young slut AGAIN!

Yes, Jax unloads in this fucking whore a second time -- I think the odds that she's knocked up are very good! Jax's face tells the story.

Best of all, it's not just a little dribble load, either -- it's worthy of a big fucking ape like Jax. Jesus Christ, what a fucking NIGGER!

White Trash

This nigger can def do better than this white piece of ass trash, but her hubby is also paying him -- so why not take the money and the free pussy?

Thug Notes

LOL As if this nigger needs notes.  Niggers are so on top of their game.

Modern Black World

No, niggers don't have to go chasing after white girls -- they're already out there and thirsty for nigger boys and nigger men. This bitch? She wants black dick so bad!

Badass Nigger Friday

I need help if you want this Friday collection to continue, blog followers -- I'm running low LOL  I need you sluts and faggots to send me pics you find of any nigger you think is badass. (Granted, that's most of them).

#1 Sagging nigger with a gun. This boy won't stop and is an excellent fucking nigger.

#2 Fuck home schooling! Niggers gotta nigger!

#3 Designer nig

#4 Why shouldn't black rappers show it off? They love the adulation and attention when they show off that black ass and even that nigger bulge.

#5 Nigger must be sweating. Young white sluts are in the front row begging for some big black dick.

#6 Both of these boys are Grade A Motherfucking Niggers

In The Fall

Let's get back to young black athletes showing off their young white girlfriends. If you think this is only a friendship, you don't know body language and you don't know niggers.

She Is A Fucking Cum Dump

And you don't even get to fuck her any more. Why would she need you when she has this fucking nigger?

When Niggers Fuck

Doesn't matter if it's in public or private -- the bitch is getting it. Look at this fucking slut hehe If she wasn't one before, she is now. Does she want the nigger to stop? Who fucking cares?