Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Monday, January 31, 2011

Nigger Rape? Looks Like She's Asking For It

You do not want to make a nigger angry. You do not want to piss him off, and this shows what can happen to you if you do.

Go ahead and take that nigger to court when you cry rape, using this photo as evidence. While you cry rape, the judge and jury will see a white slut who's asking for it -- a fucking whore who deserved to get pounded by a big black cock while a nigger choked the fuck out of her.

I just hope he knocked the bitch up.

Public Schools Are A Breeding Ground

Who said things aren't good in our public schools?

All you need is a mixed student body. Let the white geeks keep the SAT scores high, while the cheerleaders and athletes do what they do best: FUCK.

Of course, with a mixed student body, you're gonna get a lot of black dick in white pussy. Has there ever been a cheerleader who wasn't fucked by a nigger at some point? And has there ever been a black jock who hasn't slammed some cheerleader pussy before graduating?

This nigger had to get off before the team left for the game. Bitch got tapped -- not that she resisted, mind you. Yeah, the coach knew. He smacked that nigger on the ass as he boarded the bus and said, "Nigga, finish up. We got to leave for the muthafuckin game. Bust that nut in yo bitch."

Anywhere Is Good

A nigger can get sucked of anywhere. There's always a white bitch to gag on his big black dick.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vacation Time

Cindy Lee is on vacation with her white boyfriend. She thought she was having a good time until his bruh showed up, when they started partying even harder. Brent was alone, so Cindy Lee invited him to spend time with her and her bf. She didn't expect to feel so good when Brent got close for this photo, or that her pussy would get so wet. She also didn't expect Brent to grab her ass before they broke apart.

Hours later, she didn't expect her bf to high-five Brent while he pounded his big black dick into her tight sweet pussy, or to hear him yell "Dump your load into this fuckin black cock whore."

Cindy Lee learned a lot about her bf on that vacation.

Invited Over To Play

Some middle-aged white bitches stay in good shape. This one invited over the delivery boy to play basketball on her husband's backyard court. Her husband's at work, of course. Is this what happens when whitebois don't pay enough attention to their women?

She hasn't seen the boy's black dick yet, but she knows it's big and she knows he'll give it to her. He's a nigger, after all.

She wore her fuck-me pumps just for Tyrese. She's hoping that gets her an extra nigger load or two.

Katie Cox & Her Cuck Husband Rick Barcode

Rick loves pimping out his whore wife to niggers, and the only pay he needs is to see her filled up with hot black seed. The niggers get a check and that slut's pussy.

Rick knows how to treat a nigger, too. He'll wait on him and serve him, knowing that nigger can do things to his wife's cunt that he never can.

Rick also loves tasting Katie's sweet wet pussy after a nigger's been in it.

Nothing gets Rick off like watching a nigger pound Katie's holes and treat her like the fucking black cock slut she is.

She Knows What She Wants

And it's not her wimpass husband.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pro Bodybuilder Rodney St. Cloud

Pro bodybuilder Rodney St. Cloud is not only a great musclestud, but he also earns cash through his website. He started off taking pics in jeans and workout gear....leading to showing his big thick bulge...leading to dick pics....leading to jack off vids....

and now putting what we really want on video: seeing his 11" ebony fuckpole slam a fine white bitch. What white girl wouldn't dream of this big nigger fucking her?

The Best Sluts

The best white sluts know they have one job: to function as cumdumps for every nigger who wants to drop a load.

And let's face it, it's a win-win. The horny motherfuckin nigger gets to unload that hot black seed, and the white bitch gets filled up in one of her slut holes.

Sometimes the nigger will even let her choose the hole she gets filled.

Every Mall Should Have One

Coach Jackson & The Cheerleaders

Coach Jackson knows that school spirit is important, and it helps to make his football team play even better and harder. So, he takes a personal interest in choosing the cheerleader team through tryouts and workouts and more.

Coach Jackson also insists on personal interviews with all the girls, and he must be doing something right, because the team's been winning awards since he got involved. Some trouble is brewing, though: even  though  the school is 40% black, none of  the cheerleaders are black, and the negro girls at school are pissed off.

Coach J insists he chooses the best talent and doesn't discriminate. The girls on the team support him and would do anything for him.

Weekend Nigger Kiss

A great way to start the weekend? Seeing a fine white girl kiss a fine black boy.

When a nigger opens his mouth and slips his tongue into that girl's mouth, it's instant wet pussy time.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Cuck's Place

So your wife needs more than you. What did you expect, you tiny-dicked limp-dicked douchebag? You want her to be happy, you get her a real man: you get her a NIGGER.

You have a lot to smile about, so stop pouting like a bitch. Your wife looks very happy -- and she certainly dressed for the occasion. She's wearing her wedding and engagement rings, so that's a positive for you.

You should also congratulate yourself for finding her one black bull of a nigger. Muscular and good-looking, this nigger not only knows how to fuck, he knows how to make love.

Watch and enjoy, cuck.

Stupid Fucking White Slut

But that's exactly what that nigger wants -- for her daddy to find out her cunt was used and abused by a big thick hard nigger dick. It's payback time for every white man who looked at him as less than a human being....he'll show her daddy just how a nigger does bizness!

The End Of Innocence

Beautiful white girl. Beautiful black dick. A nigger acting like a nigger. This is what you end up with.

So Young To Be Knocked Up

Yeah, she's young, but she thought about it for awhile. She noticed that niggers paid extra attention to the girls they got pregnant, and she wanted some of that attention.

She heard that black bulls love to fuck pregnant women, especially when they've been black bred, and she wanted to be one of those women. So what if she's still in high school?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did You Have Your Nigger Baby Yet?

This slut has no problem advertising the fact that she was knocked up by a nigger -- and that her pussy wasn't just a rental.

Nigger Porn Star Richard Mann

Richard Mann is a nigger who never fails to come through, whether he's being paid or not. He especially loves to show off his fucking prowess in front of whiteboi cucks, who can't believe the size and girth of his big black dick or the way he pounds a white pussy.

Yeah, this is one lucky white bitch.

I Love Oreos

Sexy blond girl found herself a good seat at the basketball game.

Sitting right next to those fine niggers, she must be feeling the heat of their bodies, and she's definitely gotta be feeling that attitude and swag. Notice the nice mouth on her. Should be perfect for sucking nigger dick.

Question Of The Day

When you see a nigger, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Do you become afraid, wondering if he's going to pull a gun on you? Do you think you'll get mugged and robbed?

Do you look at his crotch to again reinforce your knowledge that his dick is bigger than yours?

Do you wonder how many white girls he's fucked and bred?

Do you picture him with your girlfriend or your wife? If so, what is he doing with her/to her?

Public Schools Do Good Work

So you think public schools are failing? Actually, good work is going on there, and students -- especially white girls -- are getting quite an education.

This young slut has learned to take a negro load quite well, and quite often. She should, since she's been practicing for years. She attended a K-8 school, and her first black cock was from an 8th grader; of course, she was a good bit younger, but she handled it well. She actually felt honored that an 8th grade nigger wanted her.

Since then, she's been sucking all the black dick she can get, including the janitorial staff and the asst. principal.

Of course, since it's a public school, plenty of the student body is comprised of niggers doing good work. Fuck the state assessment tests -- let those niggers do what they do best.

A Husband's Discovery

If you think this nigger is apologizing, or asking for permission, you are one stupid white boy.

Look at this thug nigger's face. Look at his eyes. He's takin care of bizness, asshole. That means he cannot and will not be stopped. And face it, your slut wife wants it bad. She's wearing her fuck-me pumps and spreading her legs like she's open for business.

Bareback That Bitch

The great thing is that it takes a nigger only a few minutes to recover -- then he can invade another white pussy and breed it .

Condoms are for white boys.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

White Slut FEAR

Sooner or later, every white girl learns that it doesn't pay to show fear to a nigger. That nigger will take it out on her pussy and ass, and he will not relent until destruction ensues. It's as close to rape as you can get, and you're likely to get bred, because that nigger will fill you up and call you a fucking whore while he does it.

Fucking Whore

Prom Girls

You'd think these white girls would want to go to the prom looking all fresh and clean, and not smelling like sweaty nigger.

But you'd be wrong.

Nigger attraction is just too strong, and these girls know it. Besides, their boyfriends better get used to that hot nigger smell.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Give It To Her HARD

What If He Showed Up?

What would you do if this nigger showed up at your door and asked if your teenage daughter was at home?

Buttons for Daughters

White dads like to give their daughters these buttons to wear.

How do you think that makes niggers feel? And what do they do about it?


And while she sucks, Mr. Marcus can invade her ass with his big nigger dick.

This bitch loves being used.

She Needs More

You think this slut is ever satisfied? Bring on the niggers!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Eat It All, You Fucking Slut

Niggers love to shoot their big loads all over a white girl's face....great way to mark their territory. But then the bitch has work to do if she wants to avoid getting slapped. She gotta do some nigger cock cleaning and suck every drop of nigger jizz out of that big beautiful black dick. I don't think this young beauty is complaining, though.

And looking into his eyes like that, she nay make that nigger cum again.


So young, so blond, so pretty. So right for a big, thick, black dick. So perfect for a nigger.

Stars Love It

Even Mel Gibson loves watching a white girl get raped by a hot nigger.


Niggers love showing whitebois that they own the finest white bitches. He's just getting started.

Cuckolds Love It

Gotta love a cuck who knows his future wife is gonna get that hot black seed over and over.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Loser On The Left

Why would she want that white boy when she can have that nigger? She just met him and already she's humping his leg. Next stop? Black Cock Whore.

Hot Bitch

Mmm Mmm Good

Daddy told me I'd like how this tastes.

Antonio Cromartie - NY Jets

Some niggers just know what their purpose in life is.

Antonio Cromartie of the NY Jets has 9 nigger kids with 8 different women.  Now who doesn't think this nigger deserves a high-five? A couple of the women are black, but the rest are white -- as if anyone had to tell you that.

Antonio leaves his hot black seed wherever he goes. Potent stuff! Rock on, motherfucker!

Photo Time

You just can't take the thug out of a nigger.

Girlfriend's wearing a nice, pretty dress, even if it is too short, but her nigger boyfriend showed up with his black asss hangin' out of his sagging jeans, an oversized jersey, thick gold chain, and diamond earrings, all set off by a backwards cap.

The photog questioned him, but he said "Motherfucker, this is the way I roll. You know I look good, bitch. Take the goddamn picture 'fore I cut you."

This pic had to be cropped, because he slid his nigger fingers up her sweet white pussy.

Is It Miller Time?

You might think it's Miller Time, but it's not.

It's NIGGER TIME.  This sexy motherfucker is gonna let your little girl know what a big black dick is all about. So you go on and entertain your guests. It's time for a nigger to do his work.

We Want to Watch

The crowd cheers a nigger on. As if the bull needs encouraging.

Friday, January 21, 2011

To The Whiteboi

"Fuck you, whiteboi. You best get your bitch ass out of here before I beat the fuck outta you. I'm fuckin your daughter and there ain't a goddamn thing you can do 'bout it. Her pussy is mine, faggot."

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

So Mr. LaMar Jones, high school guidance counselor, is invited to Ginny's house for dinner and conversation. He has a lot of ideas about Ginny's future, and even wants her to work in his office during her study halls and after school.

Mr. Jones knows a lot about scholarships, and Ginny's mom and dad are happy to have him over. LaMar has already thanked them for the invitation, but when they go to the kitchen, he makes sure he gives Ginny a proper thank you, too.

Your Daddy Saw You

So was that nigger fucking you in the driveway? Time to tell the truth and stop with the attitude looks. You're awfully young to be giving those nasty looks, you little bitch. What's that fucking nigger teaching you?

What She Does Best

Don't you love it? A nigger doesn't even have to undress to get a white girl to suck his big nigger dick.

This fucking whore will undress and do whatever that nigger tells her to do. She can't resist his nigger scent, his thick nigger dick, or his hot nigger jizz. This is the kind of slut a black stud slaps around before he nuts on her face and makes her eat it.

Niggers Love Young White Girls

Growing up, a nigger discovers white girls at a very young age, and it doesn't take that motherfucker long before he knows exactly what to do to get a young white girl on his dick.

Mom and dad protected this little blond princess when she was at home, but now it's freshman year in college. Within the first month, niggers were hitting on her all over campus. They didn't have to hit hard.

Maybe this nigger will have to drop out during his first year, but before then, he'll hit as much white pussy as he can. In fact, he knew this blond girl for about 20 minutes before she opened her legs for him at a frat party. He fingered her sweet pussy and moments later was fucking her in the bathroom.

Happy New Year

It's New Year's Eve, and when Auld Lang Syne plays, you just have to give your husband's best friend a kiss. Now who's lovin this more -- you or the nigger?

Slut Knows What She Wants

Sexy white girl knows the real deal -- as she calls it "mandingo cock."

Face it, bitch, you want a nigger to fuck you. You're spreading your legs so a nigger tears your sweet white pussy up.