Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Twitter Couple Kaitlyn & Her Boy ***UPDATE*** 3/19/16

  ***UPDATE***  Kaitlyn just announced today:    "SINGLE"

This one fooled me, because I thought they'd last longer. Her tweets a a little vague, but it sounds like her nigger bf couldn't keep his hands off other white girls LOL. I want to ask her what the fuck she expected.

Don't worry about either of them. He'll use his nigger ways and easily get another white girl or three, and the word's out on Kait enough that black boys will be all over her. She'll be "exclusive" real soon.

Lots of Twitter couples from Texas lately. Here's Kait and her black bf, together 4 months.

She's really, really proud of dating a black boy, and is very vocal about how much she likes it on Twitter. They love spending time together and clearly love getting their hands on each other.

Her parents have to know they're fucking, solely by seeing the pics of that nigger putting his hands all over her ass. She does have a fine, full booty, and being a typical nigger, he loves ass. From this first picture, I think he loves the white pussy, too.

Hands in his pockets to hide his throbbing black dick?

Lots of bedroom time for these two. Look at them. Why shouldn't they fuck?

Again, more evidence that niggers love white girl's asses.

Kait says she loves her bf's full black lips. Isn't that what every nigger lover says?

I think she loves it when this cocky fucking nigger grabs her ass.

On her boy's lap, no doubt feeling his hard black dick poking her. They're never far from
some good IR sex.

The night they met. Sorry, Mom and Dad, you can't stop this. She was meant to give this nigger boy anything he wanted.


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