Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Good Friend Shane

I'm lucky to be good friends with Shane Diesel, an icon of IR porn, a good guy, and a great nigger.

Shane does a lot of porn, but the good news is that he gets even more white pussy OFF camera.


  1. So, her bf managed to get the tossed ring to surmount the soda bottle neck at the ring toss carny booth at the county fair. This got him a top-shelf prize and she demanded the bbc -- an all-day chocolate sucker. Very likely the bbc will be surmounting her cunt and asshole all-night to boot (actually booty).

    It's called ya can't win for loosin', but at least he got a fapping video.

    -- bbc turbine

  2. No doubt! This big dumbo ear nigger is one of the most popular porn dudes for more then a decade. The real amazement is this nigger gets paid off camera too. No shock that people pay money to see him fuck on film but that is not the end.

    Guys willingly pay him to fuck their women, faggots pay him good money to suck his big cock or get sodomized by him, sissy husbands pay real big money to see their wives get fucked in front of them by Shane Diesel! That nigger fucks off camera but not always for free.

    Between the couples paying him for sex, all the gay for pay income from queers and the fact his 9 to 5 job is being a famous porn star who gets huge fees to fuck on camera adds up to the fact this nigger is rolling. The only item bigger then Shane Diesel's cock is... HIS BANK ROLL.

    1. You make some good points, but you're off on some stuff.

      When Shane fucks off camera, he almost ALWAYS makes money. Husbands and bfs pay him to fuck their white girls. Some watch, some clean up. All beat off knowing the King is fucking their partner. They LOVE it when Shane seeds that pussy and some of them even want Shane to breed her.

      Cucks and faggots pay Shane, but they don't suck his dick or get their asses fucked. I wouldn't give a shit if Shane did's his business...but the truth is the truth. Shane's a good businessman, and takes the cuck and fag money.

      Is he using them? Yeah -- but they use him. too, to get off. Why shouldn't he take their money? He has Twitter followers who play up to him, he calls them fags or sissy bitches, and they send him money. Good for him.

      Finally, you can call Shane "this big dumbo ear nigger" but he'd laugh in your face and then fuck your gf right in front of you. You think he cares that some people don't like his looks? LMAO.

      Shane gets more white pussy than anyone I know. THAT'S what matters. He's one amazing nigger.

    2. I believe dude who posted first. This 2016 so no shame with gay giving money to suck porn star dick. Shane do that who say no?

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