Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nigger Moe And Piper

You've probably seen this video with Piper Perri and Moe Johnston, but how fucking awesome is this gif?

Look at this motherfucking nigger just RAILING this tiny white bitch! Sexy, hot, erotic, powerful -- just complete Black Man Dominance!

Prince, Sean, And A Whore

What a lucky fucking whore she is!

I love that they're all dressed, and yet my whiteboi cock is rock hard at the thought of this gorgeous white bitch getting all that black dick from these gorilla niggers! She wants the Silverback black hands around her fucking throat, and she wants Sean's big coon hand on her phat sexy ass!

Beautiful Couple

A gorgeous blond and a hot nigger -- what more can you ask for?

I love the way she's holding on to this coon, and the way she's clearly opening up her body to him. And how can you not notice that his big black dick is already growing in his sweatpants? What a BBC she's gonna get!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Sexy Abella Takes Two

The blond and beautiful Abella Danger never gets enough -- black dick, that is. She's a fucking whore who always gives her all, and she knows that two niggers are better than one.

How good does she look, and how hot does she look with those two outstanding nigger dicks in her holes? She knows what a lucky bitch she is, and it's great seeing coons get the fine white pussy they deserve.

Spread those legs, sexy Abella! It's time for the porch monkeys to get what they want!

As usual, our niggers messed her makeup when they busted on her face and down her throat, but so what? She's happy.

What Would You Do?

If you walked into your kitchen and saw your daughter sucking this nigger and fucking this nigger, how would you react? What would you do?

The Nigger In All Of Us

Jack Napier and Shane Diesel are SUPREME niggers -- they know who they are, the nigger in them is always there, and they're proud of it. They make us wish we whitebois could have some of that confidence, that swag, that big black dick.

In this classic vid, Jack and Shane fucked white whore Riley Reid in some bathroom -- do niggers really need a bed? They spit-roasted the bitch and treated her like fucking white trash, which is what she is. And look at Riley's face -- you think she minds Daddy Shane wrecking her?

Daddy is his usual self -- feeding his big beautiful coon dick to the white slut while enjoying himself and being so fucking cool it's unreal.

Jack shows signs here of the nigger he was in real life in his treatment of white girls. Jack could be a rough and tough motherfucker, and most people have heard how he smacked around white bitches. Leya Falcon confirmed to me that Jack used to beat her -- and that she loved it. When he dumped her, she took it hard and really missed that nigger's hand whacking her fucking slut face.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Every Young White Girl In America

This is what happens all over America, to every white girl who gets near a black boy.

Amazing sexy girl with an amazing nigger to take what's rightfully his.

Joss Fucks A French Whore

If anyone knows who this sexy French slut is, let me know. Joss Lescaf plays her boss who takes her home for a nightcap, and since he's a nigger, has some pussy instead.

Look how smooth this motherfucker is.

Joss' big black hand starts traveling -- and why not? The bitch is smiling, leaning into him, and seems pretty open to some good BBC.

Sometimes these sexyfine white bitches like to pretend they're like slave owners, making the nigger perform for them. Little does this slut know that it's really Joss in charge of her and her pussy. Truth is, a nigger like Joss will ALWAYS be in fucking control.

You think she wants her pussy eaten? Look at those legs spread wide open and those pussy lips open for some Negro tongue.

Nobody eats white pussy like a fucking nigger.

Time for the hot bitch to get on her slut knees and suck. What a fucking whore.

Jesus Christ, look at the body on her. Fucking perfect -- and that is why she belongs with black men.

Hot screen cap with this hoe in her fuck me pumps while Joss stretches her out and doggs out her sweet juicy white pussy.

You think this cunt knows how lucky she is? Goddamn right.

Nigger Joss  finished off with a big hot load all over her beautiful tits.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Porn Star Emily Salazar EXPOSED As A Black Cock SLUT!

I have to thank ANONYMOUS for this entry. Emily Salazar -- a high school teacher -- was outed as a whore for black cock! She's done a ton of porn and prefers niggers, which means she knows the real deal.

Check out the story of where she was discovered, how her students handled knowing she fucks niggers, and more! Word is that her white husband does a lot of the camera work for her website -- probably another cuckboi who loves seeing his beautiful wife get niggerfied!

Emily Salazar Scandal! White bitch fired for being a bangbang nigger lover slut! WHAT A HOT BODY! So sexy and her husband is some wimp. Good god!


Watch her movies!

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Contact her pals, her family, her school and others and expose this dirty whore! Make her ashamed and wanting to flee or kill herself. Another mudshark (hot one) exposed!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ricky & Nella

Ricky Johnson & Nella in a video from X-Art, which I'm not familiar with. As long as they're making IR porn, I'll watch.

Nice contrast with these two -- Nella so sexily fair and Ricky a perfect caramel color with his nigger braids. Tbh, some slut messaged me and asked for more Ricky, saying she finds him so hot since he went to the went to the new hairstyle and embraced the nigger in him. She also said she loves his ass LOL

This vid isn't rough or wild or nasty, but these two have a lot of chemistry and are clearly happy about fucking each other.

Ricky is a coon who knows how to romance a bitch. I love it that this young nigger gets so much young white pussy. As soon as he sat her down he moved to her pussy. Beautiful. I guess you can appreciate that fine black ass on Ricky in this pic that my lady friend mentioned to me.

Nella spreads so well, offering herself up to the Negro. Ricky takes the pussy he deserves.

Goddamn, Ricky, she loves dat dick! Fuck her, bro! I hope Nella's daddy is happy she's getting such a well-built nigger boy to fuck her.

Nella has a pretty damn fine white girl ass, doesn't she? No wonder Ricky's big black dick is boned so fucking hard.

Slam it in her, bro! Give her dat Ricky damn dick!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Karma Rx Blowbang

Some white girls in porn look fresh and sweet. On the other hand, you have a girl you just look at and think "What a fucking SLUT. Get that WHORE some dick!"

What better way to treat a whore than to throw her to a bunch of niggers? At first, we see a manageable 6 nigs. A slut worth anything can definitely handle 6 spooks.

It was good seeing "new niggers" -- ones I hadn't seen much before, or at all. They eagerly pawed at this cunt.

Karma didn't wait long. Three minutes into the video and the slut was on her knees eagerly sucking some boon dick. I personally loved it that she was forced to show off her body, but all the niggers had to do was to pull out their awesome nig dicks.

And then MORE niggers showed up -- which was fine by me LOL. At one point, Rico Strong appears among the no-name Negroes. He gets sucked for a bit then leaves. LOL Who fucking directed this thing? Doesn't matter -- there were enough fucking niggers there to finish the cunt.

It got louder and louder (as so many interracial gangbangs do when you get niggers woulnd up and in thug mode), and this was a great moment. She was eating at a Gorilla Buffet!

Before the end, every nigger -- 13 in all -- busted on this fucking slut's face and down her fucking whore throat. Her face was covered and she loved it.

Suck it down, you nigger loving whore!

Louie Wrecked Your Daughter

So you lost control of your pretty daughter long, long ago. She stopped listening to you and did her own thing.

So right after high school graduation, she goes away for "a break," which lasts longer than that. The next thing you know, a friend sends you a copy of a video because he thinks the girl in the video is your daughter. It is.

And she's being fucked by a nigger. Get her, Louie.

While the big black gorilla digs into her pussy, your daughter holds on and takes it all. She looks at the camera as if to give you a "FUCK YOU" for being the lousy fucking dad you were.

 Does it hurt? Who fucking cares -- certainly not this nigger. Looks like a lucky bitch to me.

 Be proud of your little girl. Every new white porn slut doesn't get to star in a major IR studio and make a video for Blacked RAW, plus get an amazing nigger like Louie to fuck her.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Playin' Wit It

Look how happy Joss is -- don't you just love it?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Nigger Dick Of The Day

The bitch is Sloan Harper. The nigger is Jax Slayher.

Jesus Christ.

Cuck Destruction

Another example of how a nigger wins.

Fuck a whiteboi's wife right in front of the cuck and make him watch. Of course, this fucking cuck looks as if he likes being there.

The degradation really starts when the nigger pulls our of his slut wife and busts a hot thick load all over the cuck's fucking face. Notice the white wife laughing at her hubbt being treated like a fag.

Uh oh. Just how humiliating is this? Now the cuck is licking up that nigger load.

Clean up that pussy, bitch! Wifey looks satisfied, probably because she got fucked by that glorious black meat.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Joss Feeds Another White Cunt

While this sexy white bitch looks at Joss Lescaf with pure lust, she spreads her legs wide to invite Joss into her tight juicy cunt.

Props to this fucking nigger for getting so much good and fine white pussy!

Squirting Pussy

No whiteboi can make a bitch squirt like a nigger can. This fucking whore was so horny for this Negro and his huge hard black cock that she squirted like a firehose!