Can't Beat These Motherfuckers

Can't Beat These Motherfuckers
Another Nigger Loving White Bitch

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Thicc Ryan Keely Gets Fucked

Big thick and beautiful Ryan Keely gets the nigger of her dreams in Jax Slayher. Ryan hits the streets to look for someone....and who do you think she attracts when she's dressed this way?

                 NIGGERS OF COURSE!!!

So happy when my bruh Jax went for the pussy. I never want that fucking nigger to change.

I've gotten a bunch of messages from you cucks and fags about Jax -- I hear you. I know you like the nigger hehe. I also know you white dads dream of Jax grabbing your daughter's pussy like this.

Yes, big bodied Ryan loves that Adonis body on the Negro.

Jax is happy being services by a fucking slut like Keely.

Smell that big, dark, beautiful black dick, baby. So may blog followers would love to be in your place.

Fuck her tits.

Big tits, big nig dick. Sounds good.

Girls with an ass like this NEVER have to fo without a gorilla.

As big as her ass is, Jax's hands look fucking ENORMOUS on  dat ass.  What a fucking nigger.

Acrobatic pose of two beautiful people.

Jax is fucking her hard, and all she can do is smile. And what a gorgeous pussy...mmmmm.

Jax bounces dat black booty -- his perfect black ass -- to fuck his bitch.

Does she know how lucky she is?

Get it in there, Slayher! Then BUST!!!

Yes -- Jax blasted a HUGE load of coon cum up this whore's pussy. Is she bred? I fucking hope so -- this nigger should be making babies all over the goddamn place.

Must felt so good to get that load in her.

There was A LOT of cum from that glorious Jax dong!

The fine ass whore was fucked by one of THE finest porn niggers of all time.

Latina Slut Dayana Gomez Takes On Two Niggers

Joachim Kessef and Black Prince are the niggers who take on this spic slut named Dayana Gomez.

Are any of you fans of these whores shoving stuff in their holes? I'm not, but to each his own. I kept yelling, "Bring on the niggers!"

Nice to see this cunt take on two dark jungle boys.

I think this slut has gone black before.

Is there any hole this bitch won't give up?

Yes, Legal Porno admires phat and thick black asses, too.

Shoving toys up her cunt has opened this bitch up for two big nigger dicks.

Beautiful pussy on this spic bitch.

Jesus Christ -- whatta gaping hole!  Yes, we have a WHORE here!

She's a piece of ass and nothing more.

Time for some delicious ghetto gravy.

Can you taste that nigger cum?

Cute braces on this bitch.

Not her best cam shot, but fuck it -- she's only a hole to these big niggers anyway.  Joachim and the Black Prince are more than capable of white trashing this fucking cunt.

Kiss that beautiful black dick, you lucky bitch.

And now for Black Prince's load, which was even bigger. These fucking niggers are so fucking amazing every time.

Bitch is sucking it down.

You're almost done, whore.

Dayana is a good slut, but she's no actress. The stupid fucking cunt looks at the camera instead of just cleaning off those big nigger dicks like a good tramp whore.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Jewelz Blu Gets The Dick She Deserves

Why is her name Jewelz Blu? Why, because she has fucking blue hair! It makes her stand out in a sea of porn sluts, but I don't know how long she can play the blue hair game. I hated it at first, but did get used to it, and she has a bangin' body.

Fortunately, hair color didn't matter to Pressure the Entertainer, one of THE most impressive motherfucking niggers to go into IR porn in a while. I got carried away taking screenshots again LOL

Yeah, the hair is blue.

Any white girls you know turning down a nigger who looks like this?

Blue wears a blue dress, cut perfectly for a Negro's hand to slide right up to dat pussy.

When Coon Boy meets Whore Girl.

Making out in public -- where they should.

Fuck her right there, Pressure.

Look at this fucking whore pushing her entire pelvic area towards this nigger -- and we say the gorillas are the thirsty ones?

Back at home, Pressure gets to feel that fine blue girl ASS.

I fucking love it when white girls jump on a nigger this way, wrapping their legs around him because they want it so fucking bad. This girl is a great whore.

Pretty white pussy, pretty black ass.

Does Pressure like to sag or what? LOL

Yeah, she drippin'.

FINALLY, Jewelz gets some good black cock.

Serving and servicing a pretty fucking amazing nigger.

Tongue it, baby girl.

Lovin this slut's pussy.

Look at the smile on Blu's face -- I think she likes that big beautiful black dick and the man who's slamming it in her cunt.

Blu's tits look good, and I wish her fucking hand wasn't covering that perfect pussy.

Speaking of perfect, how about that symmetry and ass on Pressure? Jesus Christ. You fucking faggots must be losing it LOL

Ride it, you sexy whore.

Like she's on a horse. Or a fucking gorilla.

We whitebois are always jealous of nigger asses.

Bury it in her, Pressure. Fuck that bitch hard.

Her cunt is beautiful, so I'm glad she had a great looking nigger to fuck her.

Jewelz poses.  LOL Honey, you're a fucking porn star, not Jennifer Lawrence.

Who wants this framed and put up in their bedroom?

The Drill.

Both of these beautiful people got all hot and sweaty -- and kept on fucking.

Can you tell by her face that Pressure is fucking her good?

Time to go Ape Shit.

Suck it until he busts.

Blu looks even more beautiful with hot thick nigger jizz on her mouth and tongue.

The fucking whore cleans off the cock of probably the finest fucking nigger she'll ever have.

And how does Blacked Raw end it all? By telling the fucking slut to worship that nigger's body.

Yes, we need the white sluts in these IR videos, but it's about time that the fucking niggers got their due. Studios like Blacked make that happen, letting us know just how much niggers improve our lives.